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Leaked Photos Of China’s Stealth Fighter

China’s J-20 stealth fighter made its first public test flight on Tuesday, completing a 15 minute test run over an airfield near the southwestern city of Chengdu in Sichuan province.

How To Save America From The Abyss

The near assassination of US politician Gabrielle Giffords shows how extremism and violence in America threaten to poison world peace in 21st century. This is the time to ask America to act. Forget Sudan and Afghanistan. Time to save America.

Wikileaks Leak About India, Israel And Afghanistan

Wikileaks Leak About India, Israel And Afghanistan

US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks show the mistrust US officials harbor toward Indian leaders. The former Indian army chief Gen. Kapoor is described by one cable as ‘incomptenet combat leader’ with ‘unrealistic war doctrines’. The current Indian army chief is dubbed as ‘egotist’ and ’self-obsessed’. Privately, US diplomats admit Karzai has allowed India and Iran to expand intelligence presence inside his country. Israeli spy chiefs are accused of raising assassination teams and drawing up war plans against Iran.

China’s Premier To Address Pakistan Parliament

Pakistan and China expected to launch a strategic dialogue. Gwadar’s management might be transferred to a Chinese company to revive the strategic project.

How To Milk America: India’s Experience

From day one India has played rough against Pakistan. Now it is playing with fire by assuming that it is at par with China. Let’s hope for sanity to prevail in Chanakyapuri.

Obama’s India Visit Aimed To Counter Pakistan And China

Obama’s India Visit Aimed To Counter Pakistan And China

President Obama’s endorsement did more than offer verbal support to India’s longstanding ambition for a seat at the big table. It confirmed that Washington is now embarked on a strategy to prop up India as a counterweight to China’s growing political and economic power.

China’s Ambassador To Pakistan: Asia Needs A New Security Concept

China’s ambassador to Islamabad calls for a new security regime in Asia and pledges ‘unselfish and unconditional’ support to Pakistan on the eve of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to Beijing. Equally important is Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s announcement today of a proposal to Pakistan to establish a permanent mechanism for structured dialogue between Pakistan and China. The paper released by Ambassador Liu Jian in Islamabad, and published by Project For Pakistan In 21st Century, dwells at length on China’s policy outlook on Pakistan, the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea, and border disputes in Asia.

A Stunner: Guangzhou Asian Games 2010

The ceremony was a stunner, living up to the high standards of organizing international events that China has become synonymous with.

Is Xi China’s New President?

With the coming change of guard in Beijing, this is the time for Islamabad to reorient its relationship with its most enduring ally.

China’s President Hugs A Fallen Portuguese Cavalryman, Charms Europe

A small gesture by the Chinese president in the heart of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, won him the admiration of people throughout Europe. Mr. Hu was inspecting the guard of honor when a cavalryman of the Portuguese National Republican Guard fell of the horse. Mr. Hu left his protocol and leaped to see if the man was needed help.

China Plans Fifth Nuclear Reactor For Pakistan

China Plans Fifth Nuclear Reactor For Pakistan

Ignoring unwarranted US meddling, China and Pakistan are going ahead with a fifth nuclear reactor for civilian uses in Pakistan. Discussions are underway for a breakthrough: a one-gigawatt nuclear reactor. The Sino-Pak civil nuclear cooperation will go a long way in resolving Pakistan’s acute energy shortfall, thereby helping stabilize Pakistan economically and politically.

Pakistan Navy Inducts Advanced Chinese Anti-Submarine Helicopters

Supplied by China, the helicopter is configured to carry torpedoes and is fitted with state-of-the-art pulse compression radar, low frequency dipping sonar, radar warning receiver and Doppler navigation system.

Pakistan: A Convict Does Not Deserve Nobel

Pakistan says Nobel Prize for peace for the year 2010 went to a convict who did not deserve it. Islamabad lauded China’s contribution to world prosperity and peace and condemned the ‘politicization’ of the award and using to meddle in other nations’ internal affairs.

A ‘Nobel’ Mob Ambush, Chicago Style

A ‘Nobel’ Mob Ambush, Chicago Style

The Nobel for Peace 2010 should be seen for what it is: a cheap, below-the-belt political hit disguised as a peace award. Guess who was going nuts watching China and Europe getting closer just before this spoiler was thrown?

Chinese Army Doctors Treat Pakistan Helicopter Crash Survivors

China’s aid to Pakistan after the historic floods of 2010 is a landmark event in politics and strategy. For the first time, military helicopters of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) were sighted across Pakistani skies, shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistani military in helping flood victims. It’s also the first time PLA participated in a humanitarian mission outside China.