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If I Am Guilty, So Is Jawaharlal Nehru: Arundhati Roy

India’s award-winning writer and activist reminds the world of India’s international commitments to the people of Kashmir, commitments that India is trying to bury today under the boots of half-million soldiers in the Kashmir Valley.

Speech In Urdu By Kashmir Freedom Leader

Kashmiri freedom leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani raises the slogan of Free Kashmir in the heart of Indian capital, where Indian officials invited him to seek ways to end the anti-India liberation movement in the Indian-occupied territory.

‘Kashmir For Boeing’, Says India’s Arundhati Roy In New York Times

Forget the Obama-Singh hug, here is the truth about the biggest two-way blackmail in world diplomacy in recent history: Kashmir for Boeing.

Saffron Media: India’s TV Channels Helped Hindu Extremists Physically Attack Arundhati Roy

A prominent Indian journalist and rights advocate accuses Indian media of calling Roy a ‘traitor’ and sending outdoor broadcasting vans to Roy’s residence ahead of the Hindu mob, thereby becoming an accessory to a criminal attack.

If Arundhati Roy Is Jailed Or Killed

A Hindu extremist political party has attacked the house of renowned Indian novelist Arundhati Roy. Her crime? Speaking up for the rights of the people of Kashmir who are facing the wrath of a million-man army. India is risking a lot by letting its extremists harass this Indian lady.

THE GUARDIAN: Arundhati Roy And Kashmir’s Struggle For Justice

The Guardian newspaper of Britian publishes this insightful report about Indian state terrorism in occupied Kashmir. It is probably the first report of its kind on what India is exactly doing in the occupied region. It is also a sign of how the Am-Brit media, which long shielded Indian from negative media exposure, is beginning to see through India’s Iron Curtain over Kashmir.

Indian Extremists Endangering The Life Of Arundhati Roy Over Kashmir Remarks

She is a minority Christian defending minority Kashmiris. This has infuriated Hindu zealots. But now mainstream India media is inflaming passions against her, creating an air of intimidation and fear. This is dangerous in a religious boiling pot like India. World opinion must ask India to stop the lynching cabal and hold it responsible for her safety.

Arundhati Roy Destroys India’s Kashmir Position

Arundhati Roy enjoys more credibility than India’s government or military. Her analysis on India’s occupation of Kashmir has exposed what the Indian military, politicians and media have been hiding for decades: the collective Indian crimes against Kashmiris.

Pulling Fingernails Won’t Turn Kashmiris Into Indians, Pleads Arundhati Roy

India’s most famous novelist meets with the husband and brother of two Kashmiri women raped and killed by Indian Army soldiers. All major Indian newspapers warn Roy of imminent arrest on sedition charges.