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World Athlete Lost It In India Because Of Filth

This is what India hides behind claims of being a superpower aspirant: the world’s biggest concentration of disease while spending billions on weapons.

India: World’s Biggest Banana Republic

Between the two official slogans ‘India Shining’ and ‘India Rising’, no one noticed India’s slavish mindset behind the Commonwealth Games debacle.

Was It Wrong To Say Indian Govt. Patronized Sex During Commonwealth Games?

Not at all. And the best part is that this was the first international sporting event ever where the host government encouraged sex among visiting players as an official policy.

India Games: Forget Shoddy Bedrooms, How About Sex?

Indian officials have come up with a novel idea to deflect foreign athletes’ attention from the filthy conditions at their accommodations in New Delhi. The great idea is high-class sex. ‘Escort’ agents are calling girls from other cities to New Delhi in the hopes of raking in dollars from thousands of foreign delegates to the games. India is hoping to project itself as a new destination for high-class adult entertainment while hoping the athletes would have better things to do than criticize India’s shabby arrangements.