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How To Milk America: India’s Experience

From day one India has played rough against Pakistan. Now it is playing with fire by assuming that it is at par with China. Let’s hope for sanity to prevail in Chanakyapuri.

Who In Pakistan Is Responsible For CIA Drones?

Who In Pakistan Is Responsible For CIA Drones?

Who should be held responsible: retired General Pervez Musharraf, President Asif Ali Zardari or COAS Gen. Ashfaque Parvez Kayani? They can’t shun their responsibility for the rise in CIA drone attacks in Pakistan in the past three years and someone will have to become answerable in front of the Pakistani nation.

Dvija Jee On Obama’s Visit To India

Dvija Jee joins us to provide his exclusive perspective on India’s policy options and superpower ambitions. Today, he debutes with President Obama’s visit to India.

Political Cartoons

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The Ugly Indian In Kashmir

There’s a downside to images of Indian soldiers terrorizing unarmed Kashmiris. It’s creating a new identity: The Ugly Indian.