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Who In Pakistan Is Responsible For CIA Drones?

Who In Pakistan Is Responsible For CIA Drones?

Who should be held responsible: retired General Pervez Musharraf, President Asif Ali Zardari or COAS Gen. Ashfaque Parvez Kayani? They can’t shun their responsibility for the rise in CIA drone attacks in Pakistan in the past three years and someone will have to become answerable in front of the Pakistani nation.

Iran Now Convinced Pakistan Allowed Covert CIA Ops Against It

Foreign Minister Qureshi angered Turkey and Iran, and gave a concession to Washington for free. He forgot that his logic can be used against Pakistan—his American friends say India is not a threat, so why the Pakistani nukes?

Pakistan Should Have Postponed The Third Round Of US Talks

Pakistan Should Have Postponed The Third Round Of US Talks

Forget the Clinton-Qureshi talks. Remember the Talbott-Shamshad strategic dialogue in 1998? The declared aim was better bilateral relations but in reality the talks were a cover for US ideas on how Pakistan should maintain its nuclear weapons. The Americans have a long history of saying one thing and meaning something else. US wants Pakistan Army to launch North Waziristan war to isolate Pakistan from Afghan Taliban and future US-Taliban contacts could exclude Pakistan.

India Desperate For A Photo Op, Pakistan Shouldn’t Give It

A desperate India is cooking up another ruse: It wants Pakistan to send its foreign minister to shake hands with his Indian counterpart in New York so that New Delhi could demoralize Kashmiri protesters and tell them Pakistan approves of Indian genocide in Kashmir. Islamabad must not give this photo-op to New Delhi. Instead, it should exploit Indian desperation in occupied Kashmir.

Flooded Pakistan’s Royal Minister In New York

To the shock and surprise of the entire nation, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the foreign minister of this unfortunate country spent as many as $20,000 from the national kitty during his stay in a luxury hotel in New York City.

Indian Money Tainted With Kashmiri Blood

To accept petty Indian money at a time when the Kashmiri youth have risen afresh against the Indian occupation and are being killed on a daily basis, and at a time when India is targeting Pakistan on false charges again on a regular basis, is a shame for the entire nation.

Pakistani Parliament Accuses Gates Of Anti-Pakistanism, Sign Of Mood Change In Islamabad

Pakistani Parliament Accuses Gates Of Anti-Pakistanism, Sign Of Mood Change In Islamabad

The move underscores the changing mood in Pakistan after the latest anti-Pakistan tirades in the United States. Pakistan has been the target of the worst demonization campaign since 2004. This campaign has almost exclusively been waged by US officials, think tanks and the media, with some of the negative coverage coming from pro-US politicians and media outlets in countries such as Britain.

Indian Government Pulled Own Foreign Minister’s Leg

A nexus of Indian government, military, intelligence and Hindu extremist and terror groups is violently opposed to peace in Pakistan and Kashmir

Time For Pakistan To Exit War On Terror

Already, since 9/11 Pakistan has suffered losses of over $ 43 billion. Even more critical, it has lost 3000 civilians, and 2,550 security personnel as well as over 7000 citizens injured. And no one has tallied up the costs to the environment and the social structures of the country.

زرداری : ایک حادثاتی رہنما

امریکہ اور برطانیہ نے اپنی مرضی کے پاکستانی رہنماﺅں کا انتخاب کیوں کیا، اور وہ ایسے کون سے کام ہیں جو محترمہ بے نظیربھٹوزرداری شہید، اور جناب سابق صدر سے نہیں نکلوائے جاسکتے تھے۔ غور کیجیے، اور سر دھنیے، اس کے سوا پاکستانی کر بھی کیا سکتے ہیں۔ لگتا ہے کہ 6 ستمبر 2008 بھی سنہ 1965 کی طرح ہی ایک یوم دفاع کا تقاضہ کررہا ہے۔ مگر اس مرتبہ دفاع پاکستان کی اخلاقی اور نظریاتی سرحدوں کا ہے، جن کے بغیر پاکستان کوئی ٹھوس حیثیت نہیں رکھتا۔

The Faisal Shahzad Puzzle: Why Is Pakistan’s Civil-Military Leadership Silent?

Why did our Ambassador to Washington maintain a strange silence in the immediate aftermath instead of seeking access to Faisal Shahzad? Why did Foreign Minister Qureshi link Shahzad to drone attacks and accept Pakistan’s guilt without evidence? Why Pakistan’s civilian and military leaderships are not questioning the US intent?