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How To Milk America: India’s Experience

From day one India has played rough against Pakistan. Now it is playing with fire by assuming that it is at par with China. Let’s hope for sanity to prevail in Chanakyapuri.

Obama’s India Visit Aimed To Counter Pakistan And China

Obama’s India Visit Aimed To Counter Pakistan And China

President Obama’s endorsement did more than offer verbal support to India’s longstanding ambition for a seat at the big table. It confirmed that Washington is now embarked on a strategy to prop up India as a counterweight to China’s growing political and economic power.

China’s Ambassador To Pakistan: Asia Needs A New Security Concept

China’s ambassador to Islamabad calls for a new security regime in Asia and pledges ‘unselfish and unconditional’ support to Pakistan on the eve of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to Beijing. Equally important is Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s announcement today of a proposal to Pakistan to establish a permanent mechanism for structured dialogue between Pakistan and China. The paper released by Ambassador Liu Jian in Islamabad, and published by Project For Pakistan In 21st Century, dwells at length on China’s policy outlook on Pakistan, the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea, and border disputes in Asia.

‘Kashmir For Boeing’, Says India’s Arundhati Roy In New York Times

Forget the Obama-Singh hug, here is the truth about the biggest two-way blackmail in world diplomacy in recent history: Kashmir for Boeing.

McGandhi? India Now Closer To McDonald’s Than To Mahatma Gandhi

Today, Gandhi’s nation is teeming with Hindu extremist groups and the state is armed to the teeth with latest weapons, while most Indians remain poor. Gandhi admirers forget that he was assassinated by the Indians themselves.

Dvija Jee: How India Stopped Obama From Raising Kashmir

Once again, wily Indian officials succeed in stopping Mr. Obama from raising the Kashmir dispute with Pakistan. But how did they do it? Here is a sarcastic and satirical take from our own resident expert on Indian affairs: Dvija Jee.

Obama Ticks Off Half Of India Over Pakistan

Typical of its small mindset that contradicts its claims to superpower status, India made Obama’s first day of the visit about Pakistan instead of it being about India. And it flatly lost.

Dvija Jee On Obama’s Visit To India

Dvija Jee joins us to provide his exclusive perspective on India’s policy options and superpower ambitions. Today, he debutes with President Obama’s visit to India.

A Visit To India, A Lollypop To Pakistan

A Visit To India, A Lollypop To Pakistan

What part of ‘Kabul-Delhi-but-not-Islamabad’ that Pakistani officials don’t understand? You can visit India every quarter, Mr. Obama, but coming next door without dropping by is an insult. Period. $64 billion in Pakistanis losses, 5000 dead and a generation of Pakistani children orphaned by America’s war. Pakistani officials visiting Washington without talking about this do not represent the views of the Pakistani nation.

4500 People Worldwide Petition Obama To Intervene In Kashmir

Obama in New Delhi can say six things: Stop military action against civilians in Kashmir, withdraw soldiers from towns and villages, dismantle bunkers, watch towers and barricades, release prisoners, end shoot-at-sight orders, and restore basic rights of Kashmiris to move and assemble.