Pakistan: A Convict Does Not Deserve Nobel

Posted by Web Editor on Oct 16th, 2010

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President of United States received a well-deserved Nobel for Peace

Another case of well-earned Nobel for Peace ...

Pakistan says Nobel Prize for peace for the year 2010 went to a convict who did not deserve it. Islamabad lauded China’s contribution to world prosperity and peace and condemned the ‘politicization’ of the award and using to meddle in other nations’ internal affairs.


SPECIAL REPORT | Friday, 15 October 2010.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Pakistan joined Russia, China and other counties today in condemning the decision to award Nobel Prize for Peace to a Chinese convict.

Pakistan Foreign Office issued a detailed press release Friday explaining the nation’s position on the issue. It came after wide public condemnation in Pakistan for this year’s choice. The Nobel for Peace is awarded by a Norwegian Committee in Oslo.

“Pakistan is surprised and deeply perturbed” over the award, said the Pakistan Foreign Office. “This decision runs contrary to the established principles for the award of the Prize and therefore cannot but be seen to be detracting from the prestige associated with this award.”

China has said that Liu Xiaobo is a convicted criminal and the honor is equivalent of “encouraging crime.”

Pakistan said Liu was sentenced under Chinese law and “has done nothing that could possibly qualify him” for the award.

“The politicization of the Nobel Peace Prize for the purposes of interference in the domestic of affairs of states is not only contrary to the recognized principles of inter-state conduct, but also a negation of the underlying spirit conceived by the founder of the prize,” said the statement.

The foreign ministry also praised China for “upholding the principles and norms of international law, humanity and civilized conduct.” “China has made bold strides on the road to socio-economic development,” it said and added “the spirit of humanity that imbues the Chinese civilization is a shining example to the rest of the world,” said the Pakistani statement.


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