Congo’s Children With Pakistan’s Founder

Posted by Web Editor on Feb 17th, 2011

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Congo’s Children With Pakistan’s Founder

Pakistani Blue Helmets In The African Nation

MUHAMMAD USMAN | Thursday | 17 February 2011 | Pakistani Blue Helmets In Congo

KINSHASA, Congo—I am serving with the UN mission in Democratic Republic of Congo. The contribution of Pakistani civilians and military in this country under the UN has earned a lot of respect for Pakistan. I have attached a recent photograph of JINNAH PUBLIC SCHOOL here in Bukavu which is the capital city of South Kivu Province. The school is named after the leader of the Pakistan Independence Movement, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The school was established by Pakistan Army officers and soldiers as a gift to the people of Congo.

Pakistani Blue Helmets in Congo are earning respect and honor for Pakistan through service to humanity.

The effort is acknowledged by the people of this war-torn country in Central Africa.

The school is more commonly known here as the Jinnah School.

The students here sing the Pakistani national anthem every year during their annual function at Jinnah School. When I saw this scene for the first time, I had tears in my eyes.

More than 4000 Pakistani civilians and soldiers are serving in DR Congo under United Nations. One of the main missions of the Pakistani contingent is WHAMS, Winning of the Hearts And Minds through activities like the Jinnah School.

We all are grateful for the nation’s support and that of Pakistanis like you at this forum.

The writer is a Pakistani Blue Helmet in Congo-Kinshasa.

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6 Responses for “Congo’s Children With Pakistan’s Founder”

  1. Phannay Khan says:

    Jinnah we are proud of You…..

    • Irfan Hussein says:

      Unfortunately, Jinnah would not say the same of you.

  2. Yasir Khan says:

    Dear All,
    I belong to FATA and know the value of education. A good job done by anyone, anywhere in the world must be appreciated (that too by Pakistanis). They are projecting the soft image of Pakistan and we must honour our people (peacekeepers). Establishment of Public School in South Waziristan and Sui in recent past is also a job well done. WE MUST SEE THE GLASS HALF FULL INSTEAD OF HALF EMPTY. Long live Pakistan.

  3. Naveed says:

    Pakistan Zindabad and Pakistan Forces Zindabad

  4. Ali says:

    Zindabad Pakistan Zindabad Quaid Azam.

  5. Asfund says:

    hats off n thnx 2 pak army i m so proud


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