جاگ پاکستان جاگ ریلی

Posted by Web Editor on Feb 2nd, 2011

جاگ پاکستان جاگ ریلی

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جاگ پاکستان جاگ ریلی


DATE: 3 Feb 2011, Thursday

TIME: 2pm sharp, 

VENUE: where the 3 Pakistanis were killed by American Blackwater  

Mazang Chowk or Qurtuba Chowk

We will rally toward the American Consulate and protest against 

The American Terrorism In PAKISTAN

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6 Responses for “جاگ پاکستان جاگ ریلی”

  1. Arjmand Iqbal says:

    Raymond Davis is a spy and terrorist disguised . Now trying to workout his diplomatic status back dated in connivence with Pakistan’s so called leadership.

  2. Ali Masoud Abbasi says:

    Please do not forget that there are far too many so-called Pakistani ‘Traitors’ on America’s pay-roll and they will behave like a faithful dog to work for their masters and hinder the course of justice. Would it not be advisable to form a reliable committee of competent persons to monitor the Police investigations.

    Let this be a sound slap on the face of the pompus terrorists who have sentenced
    Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, simply for her crime of being a Muslim. However, as Pakistanis we should treat this demented zionist agent very kindly and help him to receive not more than 185 years for each Murder, that amounts to ONLY 555 years imprisionment in Lahore, after that let his employers deal with him as they consider appropriate. Personally, I could tolerate a dog being buried in Pakistan, but NOT these third class half animals, so his body should be despatched to wherever he came from but his clans have to pay for all removal expenses.

  3. Irfan Hussein says:

    There were not three murders. This assumes that the three were deliberately killed and premeditation was involved. Raymond Davis has claimed it was self-defense that killed the first two. And the third death resulted in an accident where the person was killed by a US consulate vehicle. Whether these deaths were murders (which I doubt), will be determined by the police investigation and resulting court case, assuming Raymond DAvis has diplomatic immunity, which i suspect he has.

    Second, Raymond Davis is not Blackwater. He’s from Hyperion Protective Services and is contracted to the US Department of State and posted to the US Consulate in Lahore.

  4. Zinda Dil Aadmi says:

    Badmaash America
    Urdu Book
    Do you want to know how evil Badmaash America is ?
    Read the above Urdu E-Book and see for yourself.
    America & Britain both, are the biggest terrorists of the world and peace will only emerge into reality in the world, once these two congenital terrorists are totally & permanently subdued.

    Raymond Davis is a Blackwater terrorist

    Regarding the murder of 3 innocent Pakistanis in Lahore by the American Blackwater terrorist, Raymond Davis, read more than 20 Urdu articles here :

    • Kassem Hyatt says:

      If Pakistan is a sovereign country, we will not allow meddling in its affairs by another country. All CIA and Blackwater agents operating in Pakistan must be disarmed immediately. Davis must pay for his trigger happy crimes against innocent Pakistanis. Rahman Malik must answer for allowing Blackwater and XE into Pakistan along with their weapons.

      • irfan hussein says:

        Unfortunately, Pakistan is not a sovereign country since its “leaders”– civilian and military– gave carte blanche to these operatives like Raymond Davis. They should pay, no doubt, but the appropriate people need to be punished.

        This being said, Interior Minister Malik is the least culpable. He didn’t make the deal with the US, he didn’t issue the visas. In fact, every Pakistani should be asking why the foreign office is so silent on this issue, deflecting all questions, and saying let justice take its course. They know what Raymond Davis status actually is. They know he has diplomatic immunity, but avoiding embarassment if he reveals it.

        Nevertheless, was a crime committed? Who knows. The so-called innocent Pakistanis Davis shot in self-defense, so he says, were not so innocent. They were low level criminals who were armed. They robbed fellow Pakistanis earlier, and had FIR reported against them. So him shooting them could be an act of self-defense. Only the police inviestigation can prove this out, and a court hearing, if things go that far. Nevertheless, if the Pakistani law is to apply to him, it should be all of it, not some of it as some people want.


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