Haqqani: Treat Pakistanis Like ‘Rug-Sellers’, Horny Shy Woman

Posted by Web Editor on Dec 10th, 2010

Haqqani: Treat Pakistanis Like ‘Rug-Sellers’, Horny Shy Woman

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… And this is Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States. Of course, most Pakistanis know his reality. They call him, ‘America’s envoy to our Washington embassy.’ 

Last year, Pakistani legislators ripped him apart during Parliament debates when key clauses on Pakistani military in the controversial Kerry-Lugar-Berman bill matched his recommendations on how to deal with Paksitan’s military and intelligence.  The book was deemed anti-Pakistan and anti-Pak military. The clauses in the US Congressional bill were meant to allow pro-US individuals in the Pakistani government control the military and intelligence and use them for American interests. Some Pakistani legislators suspected Amb. Haqqani was pushing his own anti-Pakistan agenda in Washington.

Here, renowned Pakistani commentator Talat Hussain quotes a passage from Bob Woodward’s book, Obama’s Wars, where Ambassador Haqqani is quoted giving advice on Pakistan to US officials.

Woodward says Mr. Haqqani told US officials that Pakistanis are ‘rug sellers’ who start high in a bargain and accept peanuts in the end. In another quote, Mr. Haqqani says Pakistan is like a shy woman that wants to have sex but wants some material things first.

Talat Hussain ends his commentary by saying with ambassadors like Mr. Haqqani, Pakistan has enough damage done to its vital interests without the need for leaks from US diplomatic cables.

6 Responses for “Haqqani: Treat Pakistanis Like ‘Rug-Sellers’, Horny Shy Woman”

  1. Simple Pakistani says:

    I am not a fan of Husain Haqqani, but this is biased journalism. Talat hussain is taking words out of context. I also read this book. Especially the last paragraph (regarding th woman) Talat has left out the last two senteces. And without those last two sentences the who story changes.

    And as usual, pakistani started cursing without even reading the book. No wonder everyone (mullahs and politicians) can get pakistani all pumped up. TYPICAL..

  2. true_blue_pakistani says:

    I think the Pakistani ambassador to america was referring to himself (rug seller) and his wife(shy girl).

  3. Saeed Iqbal says:

    I was an advert on your website. Pakistani Girls in UAE from www.************.com.
    Are you also running a dating service parallel to this site :)

  4. zaheer says:

    when he comes to pakistan, hand him over to taliban or Allah Ditta.***hole.

  5. Muhammad Amir says:

    Allah’s wrath on Hussein Haqqani and his masters.

  6. ISHQ says:

    Mr. Hussain Haqqani!
    May Allah’s wrath be upon you if you dont abandon this traitor-ship of yours. Dont you realize? They’re gonna kill you, man! Your American pals are gonna kill you after framing you in a child abuse case! Wake up, man, Wake up! Smell the coffee, it might seem as if everything’s fine. Its not.

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