NRO And Musharraf’s Apology

Posted by Shams Z. Abbas on Oct 2nd, 2010

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Saturday, 2 October 2010.


LAHORE, Pakistan—Former President Musharraf has tendered an apology to the nation for accepting the advice of his politicians to invoke the NRO and withdraw corruption cases against Benazir Bhutto as demanded by her. Although the ultimate responsibility remains his, Benazir Bhutto is equally culpable. But, as Head of the State, it is appropriate that he has accepted the mistake.

Remembering that, ‘Forgiveness is the economy of the heart. Forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.(Hannah Moore)’, we now should leave this debate behind and move forward with the prosecution of the NRO beneficiaries.

President Zardari and his cohorts are trying to wriggle their way out either by tampering with the NAB law through an ordinance or hiding behind the Law of Immunity. Sadly, some known lawyers, e.g. Aitizaz Ahsan, etc. defend these beneficiaries on grounds of immunity.

To an ordinary mind, Article 248 of the constitution, Clause 1 and 2 must be read in conjunction. There is no question of immunity for personal acts committed before the assumption of power by the President. As such, defense on grounds of immunity, in the case, is the worst kind of intellectual and moral corruption. This is as bad as the invocation of the NRO itself.

Lawyers who were supposed to be torch bearers of the Rule of Law movement are not expected to think tangentially for party interest at the cost of ethics [Mr. Ahsan, for example, is a PPP member]. They should remain focused on a single point agenda, namely there can be no compromise in the implementation of the Rule of Law. Towards that end, I feel the Courts have shown sufficient restraint and it is time to expedite all cases including the Air Marshal Asghar Khan petition known as the Mehrangate scandal. There may also be a review of the setting-aside of Nawaz’s conviction in the Musharraf plane hijacking case. It should not be perceived as a reward to Nawaz for his help in the restoration of the judges. Alternately, Nawaz Sharif may similarly seek an apology from the people of Pakistan.

Further, I think as Gen. Musharraf has now come before the nation and spoken his mind on the issue, all others should come out clean. Self or party interest should not reign supreme.

A fine example has been set by Senator Raza Rabbani [PPP] who walked out of the assembly and sided with the opposition when the newly promulgated NAB Ordinance for butchering accountability for all times was discussed. Ifthikhar Husain Gilani, Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbasi and others are also setting fine examples which can bring about a change in the ways of the PPP which has been hijacked by the most controversial people Pakistani politics has known. This is the way for helping democracy to survive.


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3 Responses for “NRO And Musharraf’s Apology”

  1. Tariq says:

    Mush is in league with western values, his parties name is only a cover, and it doesnt fit its kufr agenda.
    Pakistanis may well be cheated yet again, the democratic system is a backdoor through which the kufr virus infects and exploits the Ummah. Its rigged election system will only trick them into participating..
    You dont really have a choice, its the same old recurring nightmare, choose from kufr this or kufr that, they are all the same, to partner with the western capitalist crusade.
    So voting will not make an iota of difference – it will be the same values that drive whoever wins. Pakistanis will lose out again.

    007 Mush is gonna cheat the pakistani voters, we all know the zamindars give the ordinary man orders who to vote for. 007 Mushs unforgivable acts have invited in the USUK to launch an undeclared war inside pakistan, how can he be trusted after his treacherous wrecking spree last time.

    Mushs’ hero is the british-dog kamal ata turk ( i dont want to call him mustapha) who finally destroyed the Islamic State in Turkey. He worships SECULARISM, which is of course completely anti-Islamic, and western. Mush wants to copy these KUFR values in pakistan, he said so himself. His all pakistan muslim league have been given their inside job orders.

    It will mean serving PORK and ALCOHOL, and undressing our sisters and daughters, just as in Turkey today. It will mean permanent enslavement to KUFR. We dont want Mush and his inside job crusade, he can stay with his real friends the Qadiannis, the british, and the US.

    What Pakistan needs is anti-kufr-virus system, it needs the establishment of sincere leadership and government. For Muslims, this means Islamic State with a khaleefah, who will represent Islam on the world stage, and muslims. Inshallah

  2. kashif says:

    Musharraf deserves a Death penalty.

  3. Ishfaq says:

    I wonder how long the Pakistani People can allow this mockery from every side! May be 60 years more! May be it is too late .


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