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The Reform Agenda: Time Ripe For A Major Push

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—If you follow the everyday details of Pakistani politics you’ll never find solutions to Pakistan’s long term problems.  Our deformed politics have always been a clash of the titans, egos and personalities, not agendas, issues, and ideas.
The only party in Pakistan today that has a real agenda for the country’s future is the military-guided [...]

We Need a Cold, Not Warm, Peace With India

We Need a Cold, Not Warm, Peace With India
Tuesday, 7 December 2004.
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The Egyptian-Israeli model of Cold Peace, based on partial trade and low-intensity friendship, is the best policy Islamabad can adopt toward New Delhi.  Once Kashmir is resolved, Pakistan and India need to disengage themselves from each other for sometime, maybe a [...]

Bremer & Saddam

LAHORE, Pakistan—After ending his landmark press conference where he told a jubilant media “We got ‘em,” L. Paul Bremer went back to see Saddam Hussein in prison. Bremer’s upbeat message in front of the cameras contrasted sharply with his humble tone in the private meeting with the captured Iraqi president, according to a high level [...]