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$2,000 For A Dead Afghan Child, $100,000 For Any American Who Died Killing It

$2,000 For A Dead Afghan Child, $100,000 For Any American Who Died Killing ItBy JAY JANSON Opednews
Tuesday, 30 June 2009.

NEW YORK CITY—After Obama apologized for the strike which the Afghan government claimed killed well over a hundred ordinary country folk, came the report that the families of those killed, and subsequent Afghani dead falling in [...]

Washington Puts Pressure On India, Which Is Good, But CIA Is Killing Pro-Pakistan Tribesmen


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan— While Indians are extremely sensitive about US involvement in Kashmir dispute, they are equally upset over rising US pressure to contain their anti-Pakistan activities in Afghanistan which are causing great concern and anger in Pakistan. Pakistan has now a legitimate excuse that it needs to first take out those assets of TTP who are fighting Pakistan rather than those who are attacking NATO and US forces in Afghanistan. Under the US umbrella, multiple secret services including RAW and Mossad are heavily active in Afghanistan working to send terrorists in Pakistan. In a clear attempt which can be classified as betrayal, US is now desperate to divert Pakistan’s attention from south Waziristan and from Baitullah. US drones have attacked an allied commander of Pakistan, Haji Gul Bahadur, in the northern region forcing him to turn his guns against Pakistan in anger. Is CIA a rogue agency working outside the interests of Washington?