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SAARC: A Trojan horse?

This forum’s strengths and weaknesses make India stronger and Pakistan weaker. Cooperation with India is welcome, on our terms.
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan— Here’s the case against SAARC: An organization whose success is dependent on two of the seven members while the rest are negligible is really not worth becoming Pakistan’s prime focus of foreign policy. What’s worse [...]

Change the Rupee Into Riyal, or Dinar

LAHORE—Pakistan’s suave envoy to Washington has discovered a bitter geographic truth that continues to escape our foreign policy community: That the Indian subcontinent – get ready for this one – is, well, Indian.
It is not a ‘Pak-Indo’ subcontinent or ‘Pakistan and India subcontinent’. It’s just Indian, pure and simple. It has been [...]

Democracy vs. History: Erecting a Shiite Iraq

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan–The American occupation in Iraq is feeling the heat these days from the least expected corner: the Iraqi Shiites.
Iraq?s Shiite community leaders, mostly former Iranian exiles, cooperated with the Anglo-American invasion of their country. Now they are flexing their muscles before Uncle Sam and demanding their due reward: the government of Iraq.
Washington [...]