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Demonizing Pakistan

Demonizing Pakistan

Ironically, in an effort to demonise Pakistan and Pakistanis, they have also conveniently forgotten that none of the 9/11 terrorists were Pakistani or had lived in Pakistan. But such sensitive details are lost on a US Administration that effectively is following the Bush policies on Pakistan.

In US: A Second Successful Bomb You Didn’t Hear About

America’s apologists in Pakistan and PR experts working for the US State Department and US Embassy in Islamabad are now inundating Pakistani newspapers with fake letters and planted articles spinning Mrs. Clinton’s disastrous threat of war against Pakistan. Apart from the serious question marks on US intelligence performance in the case of the Times Square terror attempt, it has been clearly established that the US government launched an orchestrated media campaign against Pakistan to exploit the incident for political and strategic gains. Here is the story of another failed car bomb, but this time a real car bomb and not the Mickey-Mouse-clock-and-firecracker version in New York City. This one was parked in front of a Mosque in Florida. Since it involves domestic American extremists and terrorists, you didn’t hear about it in the media. Or did you?

US-Pakistan: Too Many Coincidences

Saudi Arabia, (most 9/11 hijackers), Jordan (Maj. Nidal, Jordanian), Niger (Abdulmutallab), or Afghanistan (Zazi’s origin) were not threatened. Why Pakistan, America? Americans turning against Pakistan again, the arrest of a Pakistani spy on the eve of renewed Pak-India dialogue, the Times Square bomb a day after reports suggested an Israeli-executed false flag operation on US soil, the role of an Israeli-American citizen in linking the NY scare to Pakistan, and how the US media resurrected Baitullah Mehsud from the dead, are all these coincidences? Maybe it is true after all that CIA did airlift TTP terrorists from Waziristan on the eve of Pakistani military operation.

The Faisal Shahzad Puzzle: Why Is Pakistan’s Civil-Military Leadership Silent?

Why did our Ambassador to Washington maintain a strange silence in the immediate aftermath instead of seeking access to Faisal Shahzad? Why did Foreign Minister Qureshi link Shahzad to drone attacks and accept Pakistan’s guilt without evidence? Why Pakistan’s civilian and military leaderships are not questioning the US intent?

Some Of My Best Friends Are Pakistanis

SAN DIEGO, US–Pakistani-Americans need to increase their involvement in American society and politics. Call up your local schools and churches, invite your neighbors to your home, all that good stuff, support Pakistani-American and other Muslim candidates for public office; insist on meetings with existing officeholders, especially hose you consider hostile to Muslims or Pakistan; and support and expand the lobbying work of Pakistani groups. Get in the American public’s face, as fellow Americans, and help us all begin having a more honest conversation about Pakistan

Times Square, NY: A Muslim Saved Lives, But You Won’t Hear It On US Media

WASHINGTON, D.C.—One Muslim tried to bomb Times Square. But another Muslim, from Senegal, is the hero who averted a disaster by his quick action. Isn’t that news? It is. But you won’t hear it in the US media because the organized demonization campaign by vested interests in Washington seeks to convince US public opinion that Washington should launch and expand a war inside Pakistan.

What CIA ‘Analysts’ Are Doing In Kohat And FATA?

What CIA ‘Analysts’ Are Doing In Kohat And FATA?

Remember how US was desperate for visas and US media leaks decried ‘harassment’ from Pakistan? Our government capitulated as usual and that’s how tens and probably hundreds of CIA ‘analysts’ entered Pakistan recently. Blackwater’s twin sister DynCorp is also here, precisely 9 kilometers away from Pakistan’s most important nuclear buildings. The new F-16s coming to Pakistan will come with US ‘supervisors’ who will ensure we don’t ‘misuse’ the planes. Who in Islamabad is playing this cruel joke with our nation?

North Waziristan: Beware Killing Pakistanis To Appease A Fickle Ally

North Waziristan: Beware Killing Pakistanis To Appease A Fickle Ally

KARACHI, Pakistan—Unfortunately, pro-US elements in the Pakistani media and government have launched a campaign to push the Pakistani military into a debacle in North Waziristan, where Pakistan will again be fighting its own citizens. The biggest beneficiary will be TTP and other groups that are being supported by Pakistan’s enemies on Afghan soil.

Is Madhuri Gupta Christina Palmer?

Christina Palmer has long tortured Indian officials. Writing for a Pakistani newspaper from New Delhi, she has raised eyebrows both in Islamabad and New Delhi by leaking sensitive information about Indian military and intelligence to Pakistan’s Daily Mail. She did this during the past two years. Indian police and intelligence have been searching for her within New Delhi’s community of foreign correspondents. But to no avail. Then comes Madhuri Gupta, a journalism specialist who was based in Islamabad’s Indian high commission for the past two years. Apart from passing on information to ISI, has Madhuri also been writing for a Pakistani newspaper under the pen name Christina Palmer?

Pakistani Nation And Military Remeber Martyrs


Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani saluting after laying floral wreath at Shuhada Monument during Youm-e-Shuhada Ceremony held at Shuhada Monument, General Headquarter on Friday. (30-4-2010)- Photo ISPR


Friday, 30 April, 2010.
RAWALPINDI, Pakistan–To pay homage to the supreme sacrifices rendered by its Shuhada [martyrs], Pakistan Army celebrated Yaum-e-Shuhada [Day of Martyrs] today. Ceremonies were [...]