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Saudi Flood Aid To Pakistan: First, Largest, Not Politicized

With more than $120 million sent in cash, the first 3-day international telethon to raise funds, and 30 major air relief shipments to land in Pakistan in what is the largest air bridge in support of flood victims, Saudi response was better than any other nation.

Indian Opportunism: Delhi Is Worsening Pakistan Disaster By Flooding Our Rivers

Indian Opportunism: Delhi Is Worsening Pakistan Disaster By Flooding Our Rivers

Indian opportunism knows no bounds and the Indians are already exploiting Pakistan’s misfortunes as a result of the flood devastation – especially in the agricultural sector. Already the markets in the cities are filled with Indian vegetables and one needs to ask how these are coming in? Have we removed all restrictions on Indian trade through Wagah?

Flooded Pakistan’s Royal Minister In New York

To the shock and surprise of the entire nation, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the foreign minister of this unfortunate country spent as many as $20,000 from the national kitty during his stay in a luxury hotel in New York City.

پاک فوج زنده باد

یہ بات درست ہے کہ ماضی میں فوجی جرنیلوں کے اقدامات کی بدولت فوج کی عوام میں مقبولیت کو شدید نقصان پہنچا، لیکن دہشت گردی کے خلاف جنگ اور سیلاب کی موجودہ صورتحال میں فوج کا اہم اور فعال کردار ماضی کی تلخیوں کو کم کرنے میں کارآمد ثابت ہوگا۔ اس بات میں کوئی دو رائے نہیں کہ پاکستانی عوام پر آنے والے اس کڑے وقت میں جمہوری حکومت کی طرف سے غیر ذمہ دارانہ رویہ کے بعد صرف پاک فوج ہی وہ ادارہ نظر آتا ہے جو متاثرین کی عملی مدد میں پیش پیش ہے۔ یہی وجہ ہے کہ اب عوام کی اکثریت مدد کے لیے اپنے منتخب کردہ MNA یا MPA کے انتظار کے بجائے جس ادارے کی طرف دیکھ رہی ہے، وہ ہے پاک فوج۔

Indian Money Tainted With Kashmiri Blood

To accept petty Indian money at a time when the Kashmiri youth have risen afresh against the Indian occupation and are being killed on a daily basis, and at a time when India is targeting Pakistan on false charges again on a regular basis, is a shame for the entire nation.

Get Out Of Kashmir, India

Worried Indian diplomats sneaked behind the curtains of the windows at the building of the Consulate General of India in this Canadian city as Kashmiris, Pakistanis, and Sikhs gathered across the street, drawing the attention of the Canadian media and public to an important idea whose time has come: an end to the Indian occupation of Kashmir.

India Causes Fresh Pakistan Floods

India Causes Fresh Pakistan Floods

While Pakistani foreign minister and his government were busy accepting Indian aid for Pakistani flood victims, New Delhi released a massive 18,000 cusec feet of water from a dam in Indian-occupied Kashmir into Pakistan, prompting fresh fears of floods in the plains of Punjab and Sindh.

Who Really Controls Shahbaz Air Base?

Who Really Controls Shahbaz Air Base?

Pakistan Air Force arranged a hurriedly organized media tour yesterday to prove that the base is not under US control. But this does not appear to be the whole truth.According, Pakistani newspaper Daily Times claimed on 10 March 2004 that the airbase was under US control, “with an inner ring of facilities off-limits to Pakistan’s military,” according to the paper. But in August 2010, there is credible information that new special residential barracks for US personnel have been constructed. Unfortunately, Pakistan has accepted to house US personnel who will ensure the country’s doesn’t ‘misuse’ the new F-16s. So despite PAF’s – and US Embassy’s – sharp reaction, it is clear there is some merit to the statement of Federal Health Secretary Kamran Lashari that US presence at the base is preventing using the base for flood relief operations.

Where Are Pakistan’s Millionaire Politicians?

While the world’s rich dole out money to help Pakistan’s flood victims, Pakistan’s filthy rich politicians refuse to budge. See who is paying what.

Check Indian, Afghan Dams For Floods In Pakistan

It’s not as if the clouds dodged borders and focused on Pakistan only. Pakistan’s water flows from Indian-occupied Kashmir and from US-occupied Afghanistan. A natural deluge should have shown some spillover effect into Indian and Afghan regions adjoining Pakistan. It is interesting that a second and a third wave of floods is expected in Pakistan when there’s no rain to justify it. Where is the water coming from? Here’s a perspective by Mr. Zaid Hamid, a security analyst at BrassTacks, and Ms. Gulpari Mehsud, a researcher at

India Expected To Raise Tension With Pakistan During Commonwealth Games

Pakistani analysts are worried that New Delhi might resort to false flag operations or a mock terror threat to sidetrack media attention from the mess surrounding the games. In all probability, India could use one of the many Hindu terror groups to mount attacks that would be blamed on Pakistan. India has seen a mushrooming of Hindu terror groups over the past decade.

Pakistani Media Supporting The Wrong Democrats

This episode is important because it shows once again the basic structural flaws in the Pakistani political system and the Pakistani democracy which lead this system to repeatedly crash and throw the country back to square one, wasting precious time that we don’t have.

Pakistani Democracy Has Drowned In The Floods

These politicians have no idea as to how to solve the problems of the country. Moreover, these secular democrats have no popular domestic support and are dependent upon the patronage of their Western masters.

It’s Official: Zardari’s UK Visit Was Private

His spokespeople kept insisting the visit was for official business. But the truth comes from the supposed hosts. They’re saying we never asked him to come.

You Dare Not Insult Britain, Mr. Zardari

Mr. Zardari is launching his son’s political career from England. London is the ‘safe haven’ where Pakistani politicians come to stash their loot and plot mayhem back home. Bilawal might need to seek refuge in London [or in France, Dubai and New York City, where his dad owns properties, lucky him]. Do Pakistanis really believe their president will take Mr. Cameron to task?