Pakistan Set For Extradition Request For Two Indian Terrorists

Posted by Web Editor on Jan 22nd, 2011

Pakistan Set For Extradition Request For Two Indian Terrorists

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Pakistan Set For Extradition Request For Two Indian Terrorists

The two, one Hindu clergyman and the other a serving officer of the Indian military intelligence, killed more than 60 Pakistani goodwill visitors who were on a peace mission to India in 2007.

THE DAILY MAIL | Saturday | 22 January 2011

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The Pakistan government is all set to demand handing over of at least two prime accused of Samjhota Express train terror attack, well placed official sources revealed to The Daily Mail in Islamabad.

The sources said that Pakistan has decided to launch a formal demand to New Delhi for handing over of prime accused Swami Aseemanad and Lieutenant Colonel Srikanth Purohit.

The sources say that since Swami has confessed his crime and Colonel Purohit was proven guilty by the slain Joint Commissioner of Mumbai’s Police’s Anti Terrorism Squad Hemant Karkare, there appears to be no reason for Pakistan not to seek the custody of the two terrorists for further interrogation.

“They are proven guilty of killing around 70 Pakistani nationals. One of them has been proven guilty through his own confessional statement and the other was convicted by India’s own official investigations, conducted by India’s ATS team, therefore I don’t think that India should have any objection in handing over the killers of Pakistanis to Pakistani officials”, a Pakistani official said.

On the Pakistani probe into Mumbai attacks, the official said none of the accused by India has been proven guilty in a Pakistani court due to lack of evidence.  Ajmal Kassab is the only person convicted in the attack by an Indian court. But he denies involvement and says his confession was taken under duress.

The case of the Indian terrorists involved in killing Pakistanis is different, the official explained.

It is important to recall that the attack on 60 Pakistanis, including women, children and elderly, occurred much before the Mumbai attacks. Indian terrorism in this case is premeditated.

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4 Responses for “Pakistan Set For Extradition Request For Two Indian Terrorists”

  1. tariq says:

    The west has buried this of course, nobody has heard of 18/02 hindu terrorist attack
    we should internationalize it., somehow it could be linked to mumbai. Compare that to (inside job) mumbai attack which receives so much attention.

  2. Ali Masoud Abbasi says:

    We all know, like the back of our hands, what our (so-called) Pakistan Political leadership amounts to. Like a chance one snow-flake would have in blazing hell, if they wish to ask the Indians to hand over these two criminals, our purported leadership would not be allowed by their zionist masters to think of it again.

    It would be a just and honourable deed for considerate Pakistanis to take this demand to United Nations Organisation and press hard to extradite all involved in the murder of more than sixty innocent Pakistani brothers and sisters.

  3. farzan says:

    i dnt think that PPPs traitors have the courage or will 2to do this unless Pak army intervenes…


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