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Is Israel Running The Pakistani Taliban?

Pakistan is important. For years, the “CIA” and other intelligence organizations have been in Balochistan sneaking in and out of Iran blowing things up. How much of that is CIA and how much is Mossad, nobody knows for sure. This is another terrorist organization, called the “Jundallah.” Like the PKK in Turkey and the Tehrik-i-Taliban, the terrorist group making life in Pakistan a living hell, the Jundallah get all the money, weapons, training, transportation and maybe more, much more, they need to fight covert wars against the targets of Tel Aviv.

To Pakistan’s Martyrs

All Pakistanis must be told this a hundred times: There is no sectarian clash in Pakistan but there are attempts being made to create one. The martyrs in Quetta, Karachi and Lahore over the past 3 days are OUR martyrs. It is important to avenge the blood of our brothers who died there by understanding the game and keep Pakistanis united.

Quetta Attack: The Responsibility Of Jundullah, Afghanistan And The Organizers

Quetta Attack: The Responsibility Of Jundullah, Afghanistan And The Organizers

Iran has seen attacks on Shia mosques by elements claiming to be Sunnis. But there are no Sunni sectarian groups in Iran. The terrorists who have been attacking Iranian targets are based in US-controlled Afghanistan claiming to represent Sunnis. The attacks in Quetta today and in Karachi and Lahore on Wednesday share the same origin as the attacks in Iran: they are masterminded by terrorists who hide on the border with Afghanistan and have links to foreign intelligence agencies based there.

Indian Money Tainted With Kashmiri Blood

To accept petty Indian money at a time when the Kashmiri youth have risen afresh against the Indian occupation and are being killed on a daily basis, and at a time when India is targeting Pakistan on false charges again on a regular basis, is a shame for the entire nation.

India Expected To Raise Tension With Pakistan During Commonwealth Games

Pakistani analysts are worried that New Delhi might resort to false flag operations or a mock terror threat to sidetrack media attention from the mess surrounding the games. In all probability, India could use one of the many Hindu terror groups to mount attacks that would be blamed on Pakistan. India has seen a mushrooming of Hindu terror groups over the past decade.

You Dare Not Insult Britain, Mr. Zardari

Mr. Zardari is launching his son’s political career from England. London is the ‘safe haven’ where Pakistani politicians come to stash their loot and plot mayhem back home. Bilawal might need to seek refuge in London [or in France, Dubai and New York City, where his dad owns properties, lucky him]. Do Pakistanis really believe their president will take Mr. Cameron to task?

Indian Commonwealth Games: Corruption, Missed Deadlines & Security Risks

Meant to showcase India as a world class sporting venue, the Commonwealth Games could end up being an unforgettable embarrassment for the country given the shoddy build-up which has turned host city Delhi into a giant construction site. Tons and tons of rubble are piled on pavements as civic agencies race against time to finish the so-called beautification drive, while the Games’ venues present an equally grim picture of unkept promises that were made when the hosting rights were won amid much fanfare in 2003.

ISI Tops 10 Best Intelligence Agencies In The World

Topping the Top Ten? “ISI for sure,’ says Gren, “No double agents, no agent ever caught on camera, the lowest budget but still affective. In war with 6 big intelligence agencies of the world. ISI has even countered MOSSAD in the 1980s and late ‘90s when there was a plan of a possible strike on Pakistan’s nukes.”

Will ‘PakMil’ Recognize The Real Foe?

How can we have information and intelligence-sharing with a country that has systematically done and continues to do a hatchet job on our premier intelligence agency and Pakistan military? It is time for Pakistan to sever its links and cooperation with the US.

Leaks Destroy America’s Case Against ISI

Leaks Destroy America’s Case Against ISI

Since late 2006, United States government, military, intelligence and media have been orchestrating regular attacks against Pakistan, creating a false alarm about its nuclear capability and portraying its premier spy agency, the ISI, as a threat to world peace. Here is a chance for Pakistan to use these documents to argue its own case more confidently.

Time For Pakistan To Exit War On Terror

Already, since 9/11 Pakistan has suffered losses of over $ 43 billion. Even more critical, it has lost 3000 civilians, and 2,550 security personnel as well as over 7000 citizens injured. And no one has tallied up the costs to the environment and the social structures of the country.

Demonizing Pakistan

Demonizing Pakistan

Ironically, in an effort to demonise Pakistan and Pakistanis, they have also conveniently forgotten that none of the 9/11 terrorists were Pakistani or had lived in Pakistan. But such sensitive details are lost on a US Administration that effectively is following the Bush policies on Pakistan.

US-Pakistan: Too Many Coincidences

Saudi Arabia, (most 9/11 hijackers), Jordan (Maj. Nidal, Jordanian), Niger (Abdulmutallab), or Afghanistan (Zazi’s origin) were not threatened. Why Pakistan, America? Americans turning against Pakistan again, the arrest of a Pakistani spy on the eve of renewed Pak-India dialogue, the Times Square bomb a day after reports suggested an Israeli-executed false flag operation on US soil, the role of an Israeli-American citizen in linking the NY scare to Pakistan, and how the US media resurrected Baitullah Mehsud from the dead, are all these coincidences? Maybe it is true after all that CIA did airlift TTP terrorists from Waziristan on the eve of Pakistani military operation.

The Faisal Shahzad Puzzle: Why Is Pakistan’s Civil-Military Leadership Silent?

Why did our Ambassador to Washington maintain a strange silence in the immediate aftermath instead of seeking access to Faisal Shahzad? Why did Foreign Minister Qureshi link Shahzad to drone attacks and accept Pakistan’s guilt without evidence? Why Pakistan’s civilian and military leaderships are not questioning the US intent?

Some Of My Best Friends Are Pakistanis

SAN DIEGO, US–Pakistani-Americans need to increase their involvement in American society and politics. Call up your local schools and churches, invite your neighbors to your home, all that good stuff, support Pakistani-American and other Muslim candidates for public office; insist on meetings with existing officeholders, especially hose you consider hostile to Muslims or Pakistan; and support and expand the lobbying work of Pakistani groups. Get in the American public’s face, as fellow Americans, and help us all begin having a more honest conversation about Pakistan