Holbrooke’s Pakistani Orphans

Posted by Ahmed Quraishi on Dec 18th, 2010

Holbrooke’s Pakistani Orphans

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Holbrooke’s Pakistani Orphans

There is mourning in Pakistan over Mr. Holbrooke, the man who groomed Washington’s stooges in Islamabad and Kabul. Mr. Zardari beat them all by awarding the deceased Pakistan’s highest civilian honor. In Pakistani history, Mr. Holbrooke is definitely not a hero.

AHMED QURAISHI | Saturday | 18 December 2010

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Senior US diplomat Richard Holbrooke was key to maintaining United States intrusive meddling in Pakistani politics. His role in Pakistan was sharply different to his commendable effort in the Balkans where he helped bring peace to Bosnia. In Pakistan, he was assigned to protect a corrupt pro-US political system in Islamabad while pushing US interests even when they harmed Pakistan.

The biggest part of his brief was to provide the highest level of support to the corrupt and incompetent government of President Asif Ali Zardari and keep his coalition allies ANP and MQM in line.

Holbrooke articulated his real assignment in a rare statement during a Congressional briefing in May 2009 when Mr. Zardari’s government was floundering in Pakistan amid rumors the military might overthrow him for incompetence.

“Our goal,” Holbrooke told US Congress, “must be unambiguously to support and help stabilize a democratic Pakistan headed by its elected president, Asif Ali Zardari.”

“We have the highest strategic interests in supporting this government,” he said.

Mr. Holbrooke was instrumental in helping the pro-US Pakistani government survive the machinations of its political rivals and of the powerful Pakistani military. When Mr. Zardari felt he wanted to tell Washington things he couldn’t discuss openly in his Presidential Palace because others would be around, Ambassador Holbrooke helped him break diplomatic protocol, not to mention the rules of business of the Government of Pakistan, and swing by Dubai to secretly meet the Pakistani president, in a meeting that was kept secret from Pakistan Foreign Office and the media. The only other person allowed in the meeting was Mr. Zardari’s Washington envoy, a known US embed.

Holbrooke sustained the Zardari government by engaging its opponents. He was helped by the equally intrusive Anne W. Patterson, US envoy in Islamabad. She was active in covering Mr. Zardari’s flanks in the time she spent here before finally leaving last month.

Thanks to Holbrooke and Patterson, and a number of other junior US diplomats working for them, Pakistani political parties established direct party-to-foreign-government contacts, with each Pakistani political party conducting its own private foreign policy with Washington. The Pakistani ‘Government’ almost ceased to exist. This was a continuation of the intrusive policies of the Bush administration in Pakistan.

So intrusive was Mr. Holbrooke, and so strong his reputation as a kingmaker in Pakistani politics, that former premier Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif drove for four hours to meet Mr. Holbrooke inside the US embassy in May 2009, in what some Pakistani media reports said was a US embassy ‘summon’ for Mr. Sharif.

With this level of deep involvement in local Pakistani politics, no wonder Pakistani politicians were panicked when they heard the US diplomat was on his deathbed.

Telephone calls started flying from Islamabad, and Kabul, to Washington DC. Topping the list of the panicked was President Zardari. He telephoned Mrs. Holbrooke and ordered his Washington representative to visit him in hospital.

And then something really stunning happened. On Thursday, three days after Mr. Holbrooke’s demise, President Zardari decided to award Pakistan’s highest civilian award, the Crescent of Pakistan, to the deceased. The move was objectionable to most Pakistanis. Mr. Holbrooke became the third or fourth US administration official to receive this award in less than three years, without deserving it in any shape or form. Obviously there is something very disturbing about a political stooge squandering Pakistan’s highest awards on his international sponsors.

There are other, less famous orphans that Mr. Holbrooke leaves behind in Pakistan. Academics and journalists who were secretly recruited to work for the US embassy and US government as Washington expanded its illegal presence inside Pakistan. Some of them worked from DC, others from Islamabad and other Pakistani cities. I am tempted to reveal their names but that’s a juicy story for some other time.

Most obituaries talked about Mr. Holbrooke’s efforts to ‘bring peace’ to the region. These were exaggerations. His last words, ‘You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan’, contradict with the fact that he was a key player in prolonging the war by helping Washington’s proxies stay in power in Kabul and Islamabad and faithfully execute US policies. Mr. Holbrooke also played a role in pushing the Pakistani government to allow more covert US agents into Pakistan this year. This doesn’t sound like a man working to end the war. It appears that, in this case, Mr. Holbrooke’s sense of loyalty to his country and government, and his sense of self-importance, prevailed over his sense of doing what is right.

He was doing a good job of promoting US interests and sustaining US proxy regimes in Islamabad and Kabul. If that’s a virtue, Mr. Holbrooke did a great job indeed. Skeptics like me are greatly impressed by Ambassador Holbrooke’s service to his nation. Only if our stooges could learn something from that.

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4 Responses for “Holbrooke’s Pakistani Orphans”

  1. Imran Khalid says:

    It is Ahmed Quraishi who sounds like the biggest political orphan here

    Does he forget that Zardari and ppp are not stooges of anyone but of the majority will of this country?
    Can Mr. Ahmed Quraishi claim that it is he who represents the majority will of his country?

    He says that Holbrooke had a commendable role in the Balkans where “where he helped bring peace to Bosnia” but not here because here he supports people that are not liked by Mr. Quraishi

    So his article actually boils down to his like/dislike

    To manipulate with big powers involved in this region for the benefit of your own country is not stooge-ism. Let him always remember that the ppp is not and has never been a political orphan. It will become an orphan only if the majority votes of the people of Pakistan leave it.

    Let him remember that ppp is not a pml-q and Zardari or Gilani are no shaukat aziz or musharraf, who when they do not have power and the ‘aasheerbaad’ of army or big powers are lost in the wilderness of airwaves.

  2. Zulfiqar says:

    Hi and Salam Ahmed Quraishi

    Hope you are fine.

    I wanted to share with you about a important matter,relating to

    our Indus valley civilization script.It will be a long post but worth

    it.Its implications could be much bigger.

    As you know that script of Indus valley civilization has not

    been deciphered yet.It was always little puzzling for me why it was

    so,until i started researching about this subject some time ago.Some

    research I myself have done and some i have collected from some useful


    Now apparently there has been few attempts to decipher the

    script,but if one digs deeper into this matter,very soon reality

    becomes clear that except one,there have never been any honest real

    attempts at decipherment at all! Just pieces of fraud!

    In my research i found two different groups both with their own

    biases involved working on this project,And needless to say that truth

    and honest research is least of their concerns.And sadly in Pakistan we

    always keep on waiting that some foreigner will come and do our job for


    Western group is headed by a certain so called “Indologist”

    Michael Witzel,who says that Indus script is not a script at all and is

    nonlinguistic or maybe just logo graphic or pictogram.Whole crux of his

    argument being brevity of the inscriptions or other similar superficial

    objections despite the fact that proto-literate phase of Sumerian and
    Egyptian writing in the 32nd to 31st centuries BC,like Narmer

    Palette itself is a good example of what is already a writing system

    even if the texts are on average shorter than the Indus texts.
    But if one penetrates through their agenda to see that does

    Witzel offer as the alternative theory?
    According to Witzel, the Harappans were a Para-Munda people.It

    was they who produced the great cities and the seals of the Indus

    civilization, neither Aryans nor Dravidian’s who were both intruders

    from Central Asia!How does Witzel know all this? Has he produced any

    decipherment of the Indus seals? No, he hasn’t dared to. Has he found

    any ancient Munda records of this type? They are no ancient Munda

    records of any type. Are his conclusions based upon skeletal remains?

    No, it all based on his philology.

    Now reality is that As aboriginal people, the Mundas now living

    in northeast india have no written records or recorded history. Where

    they came from and what they spoke in the Harappan era is quite

    speculative. Such problems don’t bother Witzel. His philology can

    reconstruct unrecorded languages over a period of five thousand years

    and can override what geology or archeology might otherwise indicate.

    With his Munda Harappa, Witzel has the Dravidians entering into Sindh

    from Iran about the same period as he has the Vedic Aryans coming into

    the Panjab from Afghanistan (c. 1500 BCE).

    Out of 4 oldest world civilizations (Indus,Egypt.Mesopotamia

    and China)only one was Indo European,would not it make perfect sense

    that oldest language also belongs to the oldest civilization.How

    difficult is that to understand?

    But In the Witzel world it was the aborigines that produced the

    great civilization of ancient India and both the Aryans and Dravidian

    were later uncivilized immigrants from Central Asia who conquered them,

    stole their culture,and replaced their languages! He has the Dravidian

    supplanting the Harappan people in Sindh just as the Aryans supplanted

    them in Panjab. From there he has the Dravidian migrate south, while

    the Aryans mainly went east, both remarkably preserving their own

    languages and becoming the dominant peoples of their areas, though

    originally just small groups of illiterate nomadic migrants! Not

    content with one Aryan invasion/migration, Witzel requires a second

    Dravidian invasion/migration to go along with it!

    It must be quite clear to you by now that how bogus his

    theories are.He is just a Misinforming agent.

    Whereas reality is that Munda was not even committed to writing

    until the 19th century some 5000 years after Indus civilization!

    Other group is Indian-centric.Its most prominent member being

    Iravatham mahadevan and few others likes of him who spend all their

    energies in proving proto-Dravidian roots of the Harappan language and

    South Indian Dravidian languages.After failing in Their miserable

    attempts at doing so mahadevan says”I have no illusions that I will

    decipher the Indusscript, nor do I have any regret.”Strange isn`t it?

    Why does he not have any regret? Because he certainly would have

    realized that not script has no direct dravidian link. But he will

    never actually say it.

    N.S. Rajaram was the other indian “scholar” who in his

    “decipherment” of the script even gets the direction of the script


    Prof S. R. Rao is the other one who says that he has deciphered

    the text but chooses to “keep quite” about it.

    Infact subtract few sites in the border region with pakistan

    and coastal areas of Gujrat and most of india was living in stone age

    till 1000BC.Whereas indus valley peak phase was well before this period

    probably between (3100-1900).But they have totally hijacked our history

    and yet we do nothing about it!

    Then there is Finish scholar Asko parpola who while apparently

    refuses witzel,s nonlinguistic arguments has at the same time

    presented his own proto-Dravidian assumptions about Indus script.Later

    he himself discarded it when asked about his first approach, he himself

    says that

    “i have given up the earlier reports as they were written in

    the first
    flush of enthusiasm, premature and incautious.”

    But Not too long ago he received award from Tamil nadu

    government for his “great work” on Indus valley script!How can be any

    degree of objectivity expected from such people.

    Now to any casual observer Parpola is apparently opposing

    witzel,s arguments but in reality He is also presenting his own silly

    and demonstrably false theory of
    dravidian/indus connection.But maybe They both simply don,t

    want indus text to be deciphered because of CONTENTS it holds as i

    think I will show later in this text.

    Lets first see the validity of dravidian connection.I have done

    some research on this subject. The Harappans,who are being tried to be

    shown as the original Dravidian speakers,were a literate people. There

    are some four thousand examples of their writing from sites like

    Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, Lothal, Kalibangan and others, as well as dozens

    in West Asia. Yet, the earliest examples of South Indian (or Dravidian)

    writing use a version of the Brahmi script, which originated in North

    India. This leaves us in the extraordinary situation where the

    migrating Harappans took their language but not the script that they

    had themselves invented. And they waited more than a thousand years to

    begin their writing, borrowing from a North Indian script for the

    purpose.Further, S. India remained Neolithic down to the beginnings of

    the historical period, when a rapid shift to the Iron Age and to state

    formation took place, due to trade influences with the north and

    overseas.All of this is well represented by the earliest Tamil

    The one vital question that is not addressed by them is that

    how the Dravidian linguistic theory based on prevalent languages could

    be applied to a civilization that lived 4500 years ago. It is known

    that the earliest language among the Dravidian group of languages is

    Tamil that has an corpus of literary works that could be dated at the

    most not earlier than first century BC.based on Roman contacts. My

    research says that None of the early written records like Tamil

    (Brahmi) inscriptions found so far, could be dated earlier than 2nd

    century BC. The latter already shows indisputable mixture of Prakrit

    language integrated into Tamil. That leaves hardly two or three Tamil

    words, like Chola, Pandya, found in the Asokan inscriptions that could

    be securely dated to 3rd century BC not to speak of 1000 BC or the

    beginning of the Harappan age 3000 BC?

    Which of the Dravidian language, Central Dravidian, or North

    Dravidian group, is dated securely to have existed in pre-Christian

    era? The existence of Dravidian language before say 3rd-4th centuries

    BC is purely based on conjectural inference. How a language, the

    existence of which is not known by any verifiable means for over three

    thousand years except in hypothesis, could be accepted as the language

    of Harappans?In this respect, the testimony of the place-names may

    beuseful.In the Hindi belt and most of Panjab, there is no evidence of

    a Dravidian substratum in the toponyms.There is no reason to assume

    aDravidian presence in North.

    And this is what Ahmad hasan dani had to say on this topic few

    years ago

    “This is generally believed by those who are now working,

    people like Asko Parpola, Professor Mahadevan, and the Russians

    Professors who have worked on this subject. They have all been working

    on the assumption that the language of the Indus people was Dravidian,

    that the people who build the Indus Civilization are Dravidian. But

    unfortunately I, as well as my friend Prof. B.B. Lal in India, have not
    been able to agree with this.
    Today the Dravidians are living in South India and we always

    say if
    they were the builders of the Indus Civilization and if they

    migrated from here because of some reason or the other, then something

    of that civilization they should carry into the south except just the

    language. But so far we have not been able to find any trace of the

    Indus Civilization in the whole of South India. It is there is Gujarat,

    it is there in Malabar, but not in the area where Dravidian is spoken

    Not a single evidence has been found.
    Recently when Asko Parpola came about three months ago to

    Pakistan, he
    said no Professor, what about Gujarat? Certainly in Gujarat we

    have got
    the Indus Civilization, right about to the mouth of the

    Narmada, right up to the mouth of the Tanti we have got this

    civilization. There is one more place on the Narmada we have got the

    Indus civilization, but not south of it. He said that this shows that

    people have been there. I
    said even then I will not agree.”

    Now both dravidian and Munda theories being proven false,it

    leaves only one option,that indus script is the original indo-aryan

    language.There should be no question of it not being linguist.Very

    Recent research has shown that there were maritime contacts between

    indus and gulf states as far back as 7000BC,
    See, It,s little down in

    the page as one of many links,

    Now indus people had such close contacts with even Mesopotemaia

    and Egypt for thousands of years who both knew writing,why could they

    not have created their own script?And how can anyone truly carry out

    trade activities while being totally illiterate and for such a long

    time too.

    And if indus people were such”slow learners”how could they have

    created such a massive civilization over such a long time,bigger than

    the combined area and population of mesopotemia and egypt.

    On the other hand Aryan invasion theory should also be

    revisited,it was always a mythology but never proven.
    There is simply no Archaeological,Genetic,linguistics,and

    historical evidence found so far necessary for the forced uprooting of

    such a vast civilization.And if there was only “peaceful migrations”

    from outside,should not have migrants got assimilated in the dominant

    prevailing culture rather than totally displacing them,also consider

    the fact that historically South Asia has always been more populous

    than central asia.So they could not have overwhelm them by numbers

    And how could they have given south asia their own language

    when central asia itself was living in stone age even around as late as

    2000 BC!Are we supposed to think that Such a great urban civilization

    like indus could not have produced a language of its own whereas those

    wandering stone age nomads did!Infact all this muddle only starts to
    make sense when you realize,that even if there was a

    could not have been from central Asia into South asia,but on

    the one
    hand from indus valley towards East Punjab or Ganga and Jamna

    region,andfrom the westren side ,Gandhara towards central Asia and

    Europe.But certainly more research needs to be done in this direction.

    There is simply no genetic evidence ,Oxford geneticist Stephen

    Oppenheimer,focusing on the M17 or the so-called ‘Caucasoid’

    politically correct for ‘Aryan’ genetic marker,

    “South Asia is logically the ultimate origin of M17 and his

    ancestors; and sure enough we find highest rates and greatest diversity

    of the M17 line in Pakistan, India and eastern Iran, and low rates in

    the Caucasus. M17 is not only more diverse in South Asia than in

    Central Asia, but diversity characterizes its presence in isolated

    tribal groups in the south, thus undermining any theory of M17 as a

    marker of a ‘male Aryan invasion’ of India.

    One age estimate for the origin of this line in south asia is

    as much as 51,000 years. All this suggests that M17 could have found

    his way initially from Pakistan, through Kashmir,then via Central Asia

    and Russia, before finally coming to Europe.”

    It was a German nationalist Max Mullar who invented this

    myth.He spoke not only of a definite Aryan language and its

    descendants, but also of a corresponding ‘Aryan race’.
    The Aryan theory, which began life as a linguistic theory soon

    a biological form. Scholars, mostly linguists, began to talk

    about not just Aryan languages, but also an Aryan race. The

    Indo-European hypothesis and its offshoot of the Aryan invasion (or

    migration) theory came to dominate this discourse for over a century.

    Mullar later repudiated the racial aspect of the Aryan theory

    insisting that it was entirely linguistic. So founder of the theory

    himself repudiated it.

    All this means that the ‘Aryan problem’ is a non-problem–

    little more than an aberration of historiography. It has been kept

    alive by a school of historians with careers and reputations at stake.

    I think Indus valley script can very much be deciphered.It is

    our neglect to the history of our own region Which stops it from being

    sorted out.I don,t think even any Pakistani has even attempted to do


    Here was this one rare honest Indian scholar Madhusudan mishra

    who is M.A.,Ph.D.(Patna University,Patna),also has a Diploma in Applied

    Linguistics.He wrote few books on this subject and has a website.Books

    were written actually few years ago,I think he Shortly died after

    writing these books.I have read him and every time he seems to make

    more sense.I will give you some important extracts,rest you can see for is his link for example,

    This is what he has to say,Its bit technical,but i can tell you

    after years of studying this subject,that he makes perfect sense.

    “The graphic form of the Indus texts says that it is none of

    the historical languages. It has only syllables as words, and all

    syllables end with vowels. It has practically no grammar. It is a

    language of the isolating type, the first stage in the development of a

    language. But
    two or three consonants making constant pairs show that by the

    time of the introduction of writing, it had moved towards the

    agglutinative stage. Because we do not know any earlier form of the

    modern agglutinative Dravidian, we cannot also say that it is some

    proto-Dravidian.Sanskrit is the last stage of the language which began
    with the language of the Indus inscriptions having monosyllabic

    words and no grammar. The grammar began to appear at the agglutinative

    stage which is only at the initial stage in the inscriptions.All the

    basic signs of the Indus script ,except a few, have been recognized.

    All the phonemes of the Sanskrit language, except a few, have been

    identified with the Indus signs. The reading based on this

    identification proves that Sanskrit is genealogically related with the

    Indus language through its isolating, agglutinative and inflexional

    stages, because the Indus clauses and phrases peep through the wornout

    and decayed Vedic vocables. The language of the Indus inscriptions is

    at the isolating stage with its move towards the agglutinative stage,

    evidently clear by the emergence of at least two or three affix

    elements. The agglutinative stage of Indus has virtually gone

    unrecorded. The prime stage of the inflexional Indus may be said to

    represent the Indoeuropean, the declining form of which is represented

    by the early vedic language. The other cognate languages, though having

    the original bases, have added their own suffixes, apart from their own

    innovations.The same language was reaching the agglutinative stage,when

    suddenly its speakers disintegrated due to some tragic event. The

    western branch under the favorable conditions of nature,reached the

    inflexional stage in the ‘land of Soma plants. A group among them had

    shortly earlier marched towards Central Asia on their way to
    Europe.They were the Greeks, Romans, Teutons, Slavs, etc..

    The Eastern and Southern branch of the agglutinative

    Indus,under the
    unfavourable conditions of the hot sun and hilly forests,limped

    at the same stage for a very long time.
    The Indus Valley is the original home of the Aryans or


    Now here are some of his Extracted texts,and once you read them

    you start to exactly understand why some people want indus script

    proven non linguist,

    “From the highest head the heaven rolled forth.”

    “From the empty space a ball emerged”.

    “In the highest empty-space there was a big-bang.”

    In the empty space the time pervaded

    The time turns around.

    In the dwellings the light turns round.

    From the womb (of a woman) gems come out.

    The heat may give intelligence; the moon gives pleasure.

    The heavenly bodies move.

    The put-on-fire (decocted) chemical liquid had produced (= used


    produce) gems.

    From the water the life may come; know! see!

    The knowledge shines; know; see.

    Let evil die; let comfort be there.

    If the sun in bright, the rain is in plenty.

    A child (tana) resembles a plant (vana).

    The beauty (or eye) gives joy.

    One says: the heat causes storm.

    Truly said, the bright sun nourishes the plant.

    from the dwelling the foetus comes out.

    The embryo rolled forth.

    The evil perishes; the good comes out.

    In the body of the creature (Na) the wind (va) revolves (Tha)

    The wealth causes arrogance

    In fear there is love.

    The movement is advancement.

    Protect the truth.

    Now here we have big bang theory described 5000 years before

    modern science! It is just amazing.And I can tell you his methodology

    is pretty can consult any linguist.

    Some people think that even if this script was ever

    deciphered,it would not contain much useful information anyway because

    of its brief inscriptions,but how wrong they are!

    And these are only few of the texts,who knows how many secrets

    lie there in the ruins.

    And he also deciphered these texts in a very unassuming kind of it was not he was trying to create some scientific text or

    anything like that,but he merely interpreted
    them as he saw the text.And despite the fact that the results

    he got
    might have gone against some of his beliefs as a hindu.

    And here are some very mysterious text which might give us some

    clue about downfall,

    “A fiery catastrophe WILL take place; do run away!”

    “The time was passing slowly. Suddenly, there was a terrible


    God forbid the evil. There was a fiery accident and a blow of


    “In the foggy sky there was light, because the stars were

    shining. As a

    sound was produced, the lightning cloud flying around moved


    Know it well. For a long time, the report goes on, the sun was



    from the interior all men should ran away.”

    Here is what he said further,

    ” The Vedic mythology is the Indus real history.Sarasvati was

    just a river; she was made the goddess
    of learning. The officials of the Indus society were human

    beings; they
    were treated as gods in the Vedic Society.The word Dravida

    means’the country of the hot sun’and Arya means ‘noble’. But both these

    words were conceived racially and put in opposition to each other.

    Later, they also began to refer to the south Indian and north Indian

    languages respectively.

    When the Indus inscriptions began to speak,all these

    speculations are gradually vanishing. But, surprisingly, there is a

    great indignation and uproar against this emerging truth among the

    people who gave us false history and the non-existent IE language.”

    If you want to read more about this subject you can also read

    in this book,it,s quite old but still as valid,
    Ancient India means Indus valley here,you can download it in

    Html or PDF Ancient India =Indus valley

    I think Indus region being the home of real Aryans of the

    History makes perfect sense because like Europe in the colonial period

    it had a demographic surplus and a technological edge over its

    neighbors.Emigrations which were probably small by Indus standards but

    sizable for the less populated countries to Indus’s northwest. Since

    these emigrants, increasingly mingled with the populations they

    encountered along the way, retained their technological edge vis-a-vis

    every next population to its west (esp. in the use of horse and

    chariot), the expansion in western direction continued until the

    Atlantic Ocean stopped it. Processes of elite dominance led to the

    linguistic assimilation of ever more westerly populations.After

    crossing the mountains of Afghanistan, emigrants could move from one

    riverine plain into the next: Oxus and Jaxartes, Wolga, Dniepr,

    Dniestr, Don, Danube, and into the European plain stretching from

    Poland to Holland.
    Urheimat claim for the origin of indoeuropean languages is

    solely based on the diversity of the languages found there.But it has

    not got much evidence going in its favor.Semitic is also suspected to

    spring from a common ancestor with IE.

    All these facts clearly point to Indus valley civilization

    Being the starting point of civilization and language in the Indo

    European region.Now if this fact is conclusively proven,In the context

    of the recent situation It can make all those western nations look like

    utter fools!
    Because they fought 2 world wars just to decide who were the

    real Aryans,But it was none of them but Pakistanis who they all now

    allege to be a terrorist state.It will be a handy and timely dose of

    humility for them but well deserved.

    If we start to Research from these lines We can certainly be

    able to get a fairly good idea of ancient history of this whole region.

    On another note This can radically change how people even

    outside Pakistan view it.and our perception can change from one of

    “terrorism” to some one who brought civilization to the world.This can

    not only create our soft image but might help us in getting research

    teams and tourist from outside.

    But i can tell you one thing if we kept on waiting that someone

    else from outside will write correct version of history for us It will

    NEVER happen.To the best of my knowledge there is not a single

    professor or lecturer of Sanskrit in Pakistan.And this needs to

    change.Greatest ever master of Sanskrit language Panini was actually

    born in Pakistani region.

    We were the real indus civilization inheritors and our history

    has been distorted beyond measure.

    I have tried to contact even some Pakistani historian and

    archaeologists.But they just dont seem interested!I think they are

    absolutely alien to the idea of original research.
    What kind of culture we live in now.

    Just to give you an idea how important these findings can be,if

    only one inscription about BIG BANG can be proven to be right,which i

    am sure it is….. whole Ideology(including “theory” of Evolution)

    behind the existence of western civilisation can be brought to its

    knees,Why? Because obviously Harrapans having no access to all these

    latest fancy scientific gadgets were still able to tell about beginning

    of Universe and life thousands of years before modern science.They

    could have done so only through their spiritual yogic powers(And there

    have been many statues unearthed from ruins which show people in yogic

    positions) .They achieved such a state of perfection and knowledge by

    their spirituality alone,which west has only been able to reach now

    despite all their modernism and materialism,but only after paying the

    cost of their soul.

    For a start we need to at least decipher the text .And I think

    a media person like you is in a important position to spread this

    knowledge and grow awareness among people about such a important

    matter.For example you can highlight this matter in your websites or

    any of your upcoming Newspaper column or TV shows,that we need to own

    our history but for starters we at least need to decipher Indus text,it

    is very much possible,using the same methodology as Madhusudan Mishra

    did.And that will prove to be a massive day and turn around in the

    history of this country.TRUST ME

  3. Abbasi says:

    Certain persons are born to lick boots professionally and instinctively. There is no shortage of such sick people in Pakistan. By the end of last centuary, if there was Muslim genocide, one has to look at the UN track record, whence the General Secretary Kofi Annan officially admitted that in July 1995 alone, thousands and thousands Bosnian Muslims were systematically gunned down in and around Srebrenica, Potocari, Creska Valley, Kravica and other 235 small towns and villages. That was officially admitted Genocide by the UN (as UN failed in their declared assurance) to protect the “Safe Haven” of Srebrenica.
    “We cannot tolerate another Iran in Europe” that was the declaration by George Bush who appointed one ‘Richard Holbrooke’ to create conditions whereby 83% Muslim majority would not dream of a Muslim state.
    This ‘Richard Holbrooke’ was active to make the wish of George Bush some true and also seen in many videos on many killing fields, with the Christian Serb Army (Gang) leaders: Ratko Maladic and Radovan Karadzic, who objected to be arrested in (2008) and plead in Hague’s Criminal Court for Yugoslavia that whatever he did, it was on the specific assurances of Richard Holbrook, that nothing will happen to him and he should get on with the plan (Genocide of Muslims).
    I simply wish that our proverbial village idiot leaders should stop learning to count the money, come out of their well and try to keep informed as to how the zionist Satans are working for the destruction of Pakistan. May Allah help Pakistanis and rid them of Boot-lickers!

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