CIA Islamabad Station Chief Sued For Murder And Terrorism

Posted by Web Editor on Dec 15th, 2010

CIA Islamabad Station Chief Sued For Murder And Terrorism

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CIA Islamabad Station Chief Sued For Murder And Terrorism

Pakistanis hope the move marks the first step in bringing to justice CIA officials and their Pakistani collaborators in the murder of thousands of innocent Pakistanis. Jonathan Banks is bunkered inside the fortified US embassy building. But lawyers believe he is not covered by military or diplomatic protection.

| NOTE | Anyone who has good friends inside the US embassy in Islamabad can help us get a photograph for Mr. Jonathan Banks? We’ll be grateful. Please send it to

SPECIAL REPORT | Tuesday | 14 December 2010

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—A Pakistani victim of CIA drones filed a case in Islamabad against CIA station chief Jonathan Banks, who bunkers inside the fortified US embassy building here, accusing him of attempted murder and terrorism.

Islamabad police has received a request to register a case against Banks from Shehzad Akbar, a lawyer for CIA drone victim Karim Khan.

CIA drone attacks on Pakistan are illegal and violate the UN mandate after 9/11 that allowed US military to occupy Afghanistan.

Karim Khan came from one of the few educated families in his district in North Waziristan. In December 2009, CIA drones killed his nephew and brother. Both studied in schools in Islamabad and imparted modern education in this underdeveloped part of the country. In a press conference earlier this month, Khan provided a chilling insight into CIA’s innocent Pakistani victims in the tribal belt. [See Karim Khan vs. CIA]

A group of lawyers and citizen activists are probing the possibility of moving the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister for their role in permitting CIA attacks on Pakistanis. The petition is expected to call on the Pakistani armed forces to play their role in the defense of motherland against illegal attacks by a foreign military force resulting in the murder of Pakistani citizens.

A secret cable from the US embassy in Islamabad, leaked by WikiLeaks website, shows Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani encouraging US officials to continue CIA attacks and pledging he would cover up for CIA in front of Pakistani critics. American journalist Bob Woodward has also quoted President Asif Ali Zardari telling an official US delegation he condoned Pakistani civilian casualties in CIA attacks.

According to international law, CIA station chief in Islamabad and other CIA personnel in the country are not considered part of regular military force and are liable to local Pakistani laws if their actions result in the murder of Pakistani citizens.

An international group, the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (Civic), said in a report last week that nine recent drone strikes in Pakistan had claimed the lives of more than 30 Pakistanis.

The United States has intensified aerial attacks in Pakistan’s tribal regions since US President Barack Obama took office in 2009.

This is while hundreds of Pakistani people have taken to the streets of the capital, Islamabad, to protest the unauthorized US drone attacks on the country’s tribal areas.

The protesters condemn the killing of over two-thousand civilians in non-UN-sanctioned American drone strikes since 2004.

Activists have asked Washington to pay compensation to the families of victims and those who have suffered losses in such attacks.

The United States claims its drones target militant hide-outs near the border with Afghanistan.

According to official figures some 10,000 people have been killed in both Pakistani military operations and US drone strikes since former Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf joined the so-called US-led war on terror following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

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11 Responses for “CIA Islamabad Station Chief Sued For Murder And Terrorism”

  1. f.ahmad says:

    Those who love this country should support all that is being done against all kinds of injustices including trying to get better people to rule over them.

  2. true_blue_pakistani says:

    Well done Karim Khan!

  3. Asif Ali says:

    I think all Pakistanis should sign a Petition to nominate Jonathan Banks for carrying out terrorist activities in Pak.

  4. Abbasi says:

    A murder is as serious as the precious nature of human rights. Regardless as to whoever is the perpretrator or implicit in such crimes, the prosecution should be factual and receprocative, not just a publicity stunt. I pray some NGO’s take serious interest and duly proceed to seek justice, by way of bringing the offending parties to the Court of Law.

  5. Irfan Hussein says:

    First the lawsuit filed by Karim Khan is a cheap publicity stunt, no doubt backed by right-wing elements like this web site. If Mr. Karim Khan lawsuit is a serious, which is not, he would have filed suit against the Pakistan government, the military, its intelligence agencies, Musharraf, etc. They are all culpable. But then anti-Americanism is always a popular thing to do.

    I would like to know what lawyers said that a case can be filed against him? As a CIA station chief, he enjoys diplomatic status, and is immune from any prosecution, criminal or civil. So even if he is summoned by the courts, he doesn have to abide.

    • I have heard Mr.Karim Khan and his lawyer on a TV channel.Mainly,focus of this exercise appeared to be a demand of compensation,having pronounced monetary objectives.It should have been a principaled pursuit without any compromises.Our Government have already compromised the soverignty for aid and personal survival in the government offices.
      Can you widely publicise the title photographs of innocent victims internationally thus showing true face of war on terror and cost being paid by Pakistan and Pakistanis.

    • tariq says:

      as cia member he is immediately guilty, he does not deserve any lawful procedure, Dr Afia Siddique should be exchanged if he doesnt want the people to appy his own methods on him such as waterboarding, hooding, electric shock, bang him up in a gitmo, is that ok for you fake name american “irfan” ?

      • Irfan Hussein says:

        All I can say to you tariq is that you are a fool. If you don’t have anything serious to say, I suggest you crawl back under the rock you came from.

        • tariq says:

          Mr “Irfan” american terrorism supporter should go sit up and beg for more…
          We muslims support the brave man Mr Karim Khan, and this great website.
          In fact the US military, the US government, its cia, are all culpable, and are all war criminals and state terrorists. Fools like Mr “Irfan” are placing themselves with this pack, ….against us. Their days are numbered .

          • Irfan Hussein says:

            And the Pakistan government is not culpable? Have you read the WikiLeaks? The Pakistan government and military supported the drone attacks, gave the Americans the green light. If you are not going to support including them in the lawsuit, then you are part of a propaganda ploy, supported by this website, which state that it’s okay to lie to its readers.

            • Tariq says:

              If there is proof against the pakistan government, they are also responsible. But Mr Khan started this action before the apparent wickileaks, and he had to start somewhere.
              So for Mr Irfan to call that a “cheap publicity stunt” is completely wrong.

              I also hate the pakistan puppet government, but i hate the evil cia even more, i hope both of them will soon be booted out.

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