India’s RSS Deadlier Than Al-Qaeda: Indian State Legislator

Posted by Web Editor on Dec 12th, 2010

India’s RSS Deadlier Than Al-Qaeda: Indian State Legislator

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India’s RSS Deadlier Than Al-Qaeda: Indian State Legislator


Two Indian Muslim legislators are being hounded by the Saffron alliance, a codename for India’s rising extremist Hindu groups. One of the legislators quoted WikiLeaks cables to dub the Saffron alliance as deadlier than Al-Qaeda. The other one presented evidence showing two of India’s largest companies – Reliance and Tata –  financially supporting a Hindu terror group.


SHAHID RAZA BURNEY | Friday | 10 December 2010 | ARAB NEWS


NAGPUR, India—The Samajwadi Party legislator Abu Asim Azmi created a furor in a session of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly on Friday when he alleged that according to the WikiLeaks disclosure the Hindu militant organization Rashtriya Sevak Sangh (RSS) was a thousand times more dangerous than the Al-Qaeda.

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This remark by Azmi drew strong protests from legislators representing Hindu extremist groups Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Shiv Sena (SS) and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). An agitated Azmi had to leave the house in huff stating he was being interrupted and not being allowed to put forth his point of views on the issue in the Assembly.

“It has been exposed in the WikiLeaks as to how a thousand times more dangerous is the RSS than the Al Qaeda. Therefore I demand that strong and stern action must be taken against the RSS,” Azmi told the Assembly.

Responding to Azmi, NJP firebrand legislator Devendra Phadnavis said: “Azmi by tabling an irrelevant issue was misguiding the Assembly.”

Other BJP legislators supported Phadnavis allegation against Azmi.

Azmi complained to the Assembly deputy speaker Vasant Purke who told Azmi although the issue raised by him was irrelevant, but still he was accepting the issue raised by Azmi as part of general interest. But the Shiv Sena and BJP legislators continued raising slogans against Azmi, forcing him to walk out of the Assembly in protest against the saffron alliance legislators.

Congress legislator from Mumbai Baba Siddiqui also created a stir in the house when he alleged that Shiv Sena working President Uddhav Thackeray was receiving money from two Mumbai-based industrial houses, based on the intercepted phone recordings between Tata Group spokeswoman Shalani and Public Relations Corporate chief Nira Radia.

Siddiqui made the allegations against Uddhav of accepting money from the two industrial houses – Reliance and Tata Group of Companies. Since Siddiqui made this allegation in English, the Sena legislators failed to grasp the allegations as there was no protest from them. However, BJP legislator Phadnavis responded to Siddiqui and stated that there was no connection of Uddhav with the tapes.

“It is not proper to connect the discussions on the power problems with the tapes. Therefore Siddiqui should not make false and fabricated allegations against Uddhav,” Phadnavis stated.

The Sena legislator woke up only after Phadnavis responded and protested against the allegations leveled by Siddiqui against their leader. Later Siddiqui handed over the tapes to the Assembly speaker.


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