Publisher Of WikiLeaks On India: ‘Any Inconvenience To Indians Is Regretted’

Posted by Web Editor on Dec 11th, 2010

Publisher Of WikiLeaks On India: ‘Any Inconvenience To Indians Is Regretted’

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Publisher Of WikiLeaks On India: ‘Any Inconvenience To Indians Is Regretted’


The Daily Mail’s story was dubbed ‘fake’ by The Guardian, which denies there is anything that embarrasses India in leaked US diplomatic cables. A couple of Pakistani newspaper prematurely ‘admitted’ it’s a hoax and one newspaper offered its own conspiracy theory, ‘It’s the work of agencies.’  Here is the editor of the newspaper explaining his side of the story.


MAKHDOOM BABAR | Saturday | 11 December 2010 | Daily Mail Of Pakistan


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—On December 7, 2010 The Daily Mail received dispatches from its correspondence stationed in several world capitals. These dispatches were about leaked US diplomatic cables on India, Israel and Afghanistan.

A meeting of the editorial board was held and a few questions were ‘given’ to the reporters filing the reports for the satisfaction of the editors and to verify the sources after which it was decided to publish the detailed report that appeared in the newspaper on Wednesday, December 8, 2010.

Since the news was very juicy and attractive it was re-produced by a local credible news agency as well, the very same day. The news agency is a subscriber of The Daily Mail and the Daily Mail is a subscriber of the same agency.

However, someone at the releasing desk of the news agency, somehow or the other, forgot to give credit to The Daily Mail. The next morning, and due to the authenticity of the report, all the major papers of the country carried the same report on the front pages as the lead story, without realising that the same was published by The Daily Mail a day before as a lead story. On the other side, when the Indians came out of the shock of The Daily Mail’s report, they got another shock that a few Pakistani newspapers, which are actually projecting India’s agenda and are brothers in arms with the Indian media and Indian intelligence agencies, had also published the same story.

It appears that the first reactions of the Indians that suspected the media organisation was the proverbial Shakespearean ‘You too Brutus’? Now, here the particular newspapers, after realising that the story had already been published 24 hours ago by The Daily Mail and was reproduced to hundred websites with credit to The Daily Mail, took a somersault and in a double bid to appear Indian and to ‘down’ the rival newspaper The Daily Mail, took a somersault and termed the story as fake whereas, they were not supposed to publish anything without checks and verifications as was done at The Daily Mail.

Just in a bid to down and scandalise an emerging media rival they didn’t hesitate losing the nation’s pride as well as key professional esteem. In their bid to be embedded with the Indians and to make a failed attempt to embarrass a rival media organization, the shameless publishers went on to apologise for publishing something against India. The effect is enough to alarm everyone in Pakistan as to where our top media organisations get dictations from and also as to where they are told about what to print and what not to print.

The Daily Mail stands by its report, as before publishing the report it had made all verifications and still has the same trust in its reporters, who have never earned a denial in the last nine years. The Daily Mail also takes pride in the fact that none of its reports have ever been contradicted within Pakistan or for that matter any where in the world. As a matter of fact, the Indian media has in fact, been endorsing the investigative reports of The Daily Mail about India.

The Daily Mail also takes pride of having 28 reporters spread all over India who write under pen names, as they work in local Indian media organizations, under their original names.

The Daily Mail also takes pride that its WikiLeaks report of India has not been contradicted by the US government nor has it been contradicted by WikiLeaks too — in the first place.

The Guardian and others are trying to behave like the proverbial devil’s advocate and are constantly trying to rescue India while they have left no stone unturned to damage Muslims and their allies in the world.

The Daily Mail also states quite vociferously that neither any Indian news organization, nor any Pakistani organization, has challenged the leaks of WikiLeaks — when 80 percent leaks were made against Pakistan and the Muslim world, compared to just a few leaks about India and Israel which have perturbed a British — not an Indian, Pakistani or Israeli newspaper.

The Daily Mail is of the firm opinion that the practice that has been exercised by a few media organisations of Pakistan: to apologise to India and to seek a source from the news agency has clearly exposed crystal clear about who is who and what is what when it comes to appeasing Indian and Jewish stakeholders.

The Daily Mail is of the firm belief that the readers are not that innocent nor are the Indians.

The Indians after getting it insured that their brothers in Pakistan will apologise have now started pretending as if they have been milk-washed.

The Daily Mail asks whether it is really true that in the last 10 years, no American official or diplomat did not send one single cable to Washington against India or the Indian government’s policies? This is only possible if the Americans are considered the goofiest nation of the world and their ‘officials’ are regarded as completely deaf and dumb.

The Daily Mail also argues if it is not true that the Americans have enough evidence of involvement in Pakistan? Is it not true that the Indians have failed to give any concrete evidence of involvement in 26/11 attacks?

Is it not true that Indian dossier on 26/11, based on Ajmal Kasab’s confessional statement, is not a fairy tale and also, is it not true that Assange has not sold selective WikiLeaks to different media organisations of the world of which The Daily Mail is also one purchaser? The Daily Mail claims that it has all the proofs and evidence of whatever it has published, regarding India and is ready to provide the same to any forum any time it is required by the law.

So far as the security of the sources and the staff is concerned, The Daily Mail will never abandon its staff and its sources. We challenge everyone including the ‘sweet’ Indian media to prove us wrong. If they have enough water somewhere in their body organs they are welcome to be our guests.

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