Mr. Zardari, Your Friend Sarkozy Is Bashing Pakistan

Posted by Ahmed Quraishi on Dec 9th, 2010

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Mr. Zardari, Your Friend Sarkozy Is Bashing Pakistan


President Zardari risked his political career by insisting to visit his French buddy when Pakistanis were drowning in floods. Now, can he leash his Pakistan-bashing friend, please?



AHMED QURAISHI | Thursday | 9 December 2010


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—It is becoming easy to fool India and grab some of its money. If you are a world leader, this is what you should do:

Announce you’re coming to New Delhi for a ‘landmark’ three- or four-day visit, hurl a few curses at Pakistan while you’re on Indian soil and then sit back and watch India dole out your share of some of the billions of dollars that India is saving for military armor that it won’t spend on ending poverty, the world’s largest.

That’s what British prime minister and the US president did. The latest one to follow this line is Nikolas Sarkozy, the French president. He dashed this week to the Indian capital, spent four days cursing Pakistan, and then begged the Indians to give French companies a few deals. Cameron and Obama left with the booty. But not Sarkozy. This time around the Indians smelled a rat when the French president announced he’s coming for another ‘landmark’ visit.  ‘Na babu, not again!’ This is how an Indian website quoted Indian foreign office officials whining about Mr. Sarkozy’s trip. Another ‘landmark’ visit to India means New Delhi will have to dish out money to reward the latest foreign leader to bash Pakistan on Indian soil.

Sarkozy was sent off with an Indian promise it would ‘consider’ buying two nuclear reactors worth a little over nine billion dollars, and some change thrown in to generate favorable headlines for the Frenchman and his celebrity wife as they returned home on Tuesday.

French president’s insulting remarks about Pakistan were astonishingly ignored in Islamabad. Almost no coverage whatsoever in the entire Pakistani media. This says a lot about France’s weight in the region. It also says a lot about how Pakistan-bashing has become business as usual for the Pakistani ruling elite.

What drew my attention was his visit to a memorial in Mumbai for 18 Indian policemen killed in the Mumbai attack in 2008.

I remembered some 61 innocent Pakistanis who perished on Indian soil in 2007. That’s triple the number of Indian policemen and more than a third of Mumbai attack victims. They believed in India’s peace pledges and traveled to that country on a train called ‘friendship’, or Samjhota Express. It was blown up inside India. Three Indian military intelligence officers and a Hindu terrorist organization were arrested for executing the attack. They wanted to create an opportunity to blame Pakistan’s ISI and Kashmiri freedom groups, hoping the pressure would force Pakistan into concessions during peace talks.

Today, everyone visits the memorial of 18 Indian policemen but no one remembers 61 Pakistanis burned alive in India.

The reason is that Pakistan’s pro-American ruling elite has sold Pakistan cheap into someone else’s war in exchange for US dollars. A former army chief General Musharraf did this first and now a pro-US Zardari government along with almost the entire Pakistani political elite, from Nawaz Sharif down to the rest of them, is doing the same thing to win the favor of the US embassy here.

Sarkozy is President Zardari’s buddy. They allegedly raked in a few millions from kickbacks on a submarine deal back in the early 1990s.  In July, when half of Pakistan was under water in epic flooding, Mr. Zardari refused to cut short his visit to France because, in his words, the visit was important for Pakistani diplomacy. But despite Mr. Zardari’s robust diplomacy Mr. Sarkozy has condemned Pakistan on Indian soil and there isn’t even as much as a whisper from Mr. Zardari’s government. So much for diplomacy.

Pakistan’s ruling elite, civilian and military, is incapable to tell other countries not to make Pakistan-bashing a ritual for anyone visiting India. Interestingly, all those slamming Pakistan are our government’s and our military’s allies in Afghanistan.


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8 Responses for “Mr. Zardari, Your Friend Sarkozy Is Bashing Pakistan”

  1. Abbasi says:

    I feel sorry for any stooge who could feel comfortable , never mind laughing his empty head off, in the company of a typical zionist like Sarkozy. Now I have started to save all my pennies and when it would be £1 Million, I will experiment by way of offering that money to a true Muslim and see if would shake hand with Sarkozy, surely it would be ‘Death Before Honour’.
    Please Sir, can we raise the standard of Pakistani baggers?

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  3. Abulkhair Sarhandi says:

    Sarkozy is a Jew so is his Foreign minister, British Prime Minister is Jew so is Prime Minister in Waiting Milliband and USA is Zionist state so how do you expect them not to be Pakistan Bashing. It makes me proud that our Great Nation is so powerful that inspite of “keray ke tatoose” sitting in Seat of Government these worthless Westren rulers are soiling their under wears because of the power of ordinary people of our fatherland.
    Worthless Westren Leaders is true discription because the legless British Prime Minister along with his Pet Dog Cleg have no majority in the Parliament so unless they bark like Street Dogs on Pakistan and try to whip up public against Pakistan no one is going to notice these sons of bankers as any kind of public figures. Sarkozi the Jew friend of Zardari is being investigated for frauds in league with Zardari and is not poular at all in France so again he has to cash in Islamophobia and bark like a street dog on Pakistan. Particularly now that Zardari who received 900 million $s in kickbacks in Submarian Deal which “shaheed” Mrs Zardari arranged which bought them Louis XIV’s (5 September 1638 – 1 September 1715), known as the Sun King (French: le Roi Soleil) Palace. Now one can immagine hove much in debt of Sarkozy this upstrart of Nawabshah must who made it possible through his connections to reah to such status. Thus Zardari and gang have no choice but to keep their lips as sealed as their backsides. Apart from that they were all selected in USA Embassey in Islamabad by Pakistani generals and Zionist USA officials.
    Yes these foreign heads of state make their statements in Delhi not because they care about our so called leaders because they know the Power of Pakistani Nation. It gives them popularity at home,it pleases Hindostanis who in return easily part with their money and in their view it demoralises Pakistani people.

  4. Tariq says:

    ” We have no permanent friends, only benefit, benefit, benefit ”
    Sarkozy focused his massive state machinery into demonsing Islam, and legislating banning of the muslim veil, thats how important he made the muslim minority citizens.
    Meanwhile slimy AZ could not even raise an eyebrow. What shameful leaders we have.

  5. Irfan Hussein says:

    The question to ask is why are these leaders flocking to India? To get deals with the government and companies, who have money to spend.

    Why can’t Pakistan make these same deals? Becuase we are poor. We are a begger country and nobody wants to do business with a beggar country. We are owned by three countries– US, China and Saudi Arabia.

    And dear Ahmed bhai, your remark about India’s poverty rings, well, hollow given that we spend more on our millitary than we do on development. Or haven’t you seen Pakistan’s rankings in the various development indexes recently?

    Our failure is internal. We have not live up to the ideals of our founder. So instead of complaining about Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama visiting India.

    • Pakwarrior says:

      Irfan sahab I am guessing that you are a Muslim because your name implies such thing although I cannot confirm unless you tell me that. Look bro…our Prophet Muhammad ur RasulAllah (SAW)…was he rich? If you say he wasn’t you are lying! When he married Hazret Khadija (RA) she had vast amount of wealth and she was rich!!! So our Rasul (SAW) became rich as well!!! Now your next question should be what was found in his 1 bedroom house when he passed away from this world? HE DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO EAT FOR A WEEK! YET HE HAD 9 SWORDS, 2 SETS OF ARMOURS, BOW AND HUNDREDS OF ARROWS WHICH WERE FOUND FROM HIS OWN BEDROOM!!! Are you suggesting that we leave his way of life and adopt the one imposed on us by the demonic and ever so detested Godless western civilization? If so….get the hell out of my Pakistan.

  6. M.A.K. says:

    Dear All

    In front of an audience made up of Hindian Hawks, Zionist Jewish Rabbis and Hindu Fundamentalists in Mumbai, Hindia, the French whore Sarkozy insults Pakistan and Pakistanis by accusing Pakistan of running “terror havens”. This is an affront and an insult to Pakistan and Pakistani soldiers. More Pakistani soldiers have laid down their lives to bail out these Western whores than all of NATO and USA deaths put together.

    This insult is unpardonable. Pakistan should snap diplomatic relations with France by calling back the Pakistani ambassador from France and throwing out their ambassador to Pakistan; GOOD RIDDANCE! What I found more disturbing is that our press and media did not even mention this verbal diahaoeria excreted by the French whore Sarkozy. And why is the Mullah so quiet, the Mullah who is baying for Asia Bibi’s blood.

    Don’t Pakistanis ever follow the news. Are we so engrossed in Hindian Bollywood pig-swill that we are totally oblivious to what is happening around us? All Pakistanis, our press-media, our patriots and the mullahs should be baying for French blood right now. Nothing short of an absolute unconditional apology by the French should work now. This pig-swill by Sarkozy should be considered a French war imposed on Pakistan.

    Would somebody please tell this Sarkozy whore to re-read his history textbook and find out who started “terrorism” in this region? Who created, trained, armed, funded, aided and abetted the Mukti Bahini in East Pakistan, the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka and the “Mujahideen” (read Taliban) in Afghanistan?

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