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Dvija Jee: New Indian Political Science – Lesson#01

Dvija Jee delves into the Indian mind and, in a few words, explains how India’s rise as a superpower beats all examples from history.

Remembering 1984: A Killer Of Sikhs Is Today A Minister In India

These days Sikhs worldwide mark the 26th anniversary of the day when Indian politicians organized genocide against Sikhs across India. Indians pulled down Sikhs from buses and hauled them from homes, offices and streets. Some of them were beaten to death, others were burned alive. Few escaped. Amnesty International has marked the occasion this year in its India 2010 report. But the mainstream American-British media continues to enforce a blackout on Indian crimes because Washington and London need India as a proxy in Asia.

Speech In Urdu By Kashmir Freedom Leader

Kashmiri freedom leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani raises the slogan of Free Kashmir in the heart of Indian capital, where Indian officials invited him to seek ways to end the anti-India liberation movement in the Indian-occupied territory.

China’s Ambassador To Pakistan: Asia Needs A New Security Concept

China’s ambassador to Islamabad calls for a new security regime in Asia and pledges ‘unselfish and unconditional’ support to Pakistan on the eve of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to Beijing. Equally important is Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s announcement today of a proposal to Pakistan to establish a permanent mechanism for structured dialogue between Pakistan and China. The paper released by Ambassador Liu Jian in Islamabad, and published by Project For Pakistan In 21st Century, dwells at length on China’s policy outlook on Pakistan, the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea, and border disputes in Asia.

A Stunner: Guangzhou Asian Games 2010

The ceremony was a stunner, living up to the high standards of organizing international events that China has become synonymous with.

Obama’s Idol, Gandhi, Was An Anti-African Racist, Endorsed Jewish Genocide

Western media has romanticized Gandhi, and other cultures followed blindly. To this day, South Africans won’t allow Indians to erect a statue of Gandhi in Durban. Research by Time magazine, Nobel Peace Committee and US Congress confirms India’s founding hero, and US President Barrack Obama’s idol, supported anti-African apartheid and extermination of Jews. His wife died of a preventable disease because his religious extremism stopped him from using ‘western’ penicillin.

Is Xi China’s New President?

With the coming change of guard in Beijing, this is the time for Islamabad to reorient its relationship with its most enduring ally.

‘Kashmir For Boeing’, Says India’s Arundhati Roy In New York Times

Forget the Obama-Singh hug, here is the truth about the biggest two-way blackmail in world diplomacy in recent history: Kashmir for Boeing.

India Creating ‘Anti-Pakistan’ Afghanistan: Musharraf

India Creating ‘Anti-Pakistan’ Afghanistan: Musharraf

United States equally responsible, not just Pakistan, former president Musharraf tells a think-tank audience in New York.

McGandhi? India Now Closer To McDonald’s Than To Mahatma Gandhi

Today, Gandhi’s nation is teeming with Hindu extremist groups and the state is armed to the teeth with latest weapons, while most Indians remain poor. Gandhi admirers forget that he was assassinated by the Indians themselves.

Did President Obama Take Superpower India For A Ride? The Sixth Biggest Arms Deal In U.S. History

Did President Obama Take Superpower India For A Ride? The Sixth Biggest Arms Deal In U.S. History

Did President Obama visit India because he loves Gandhi and wants to help India become a superpower? Or was it because US arms manufacturers used Obama – and India – to clinch the sixth biggest arms deal in US history?

Reko Diq Gold Mine Is Gone Again?

Reko Diq Gold Mine Is Gone Again?

… and if so, for how much and whose palms were greased? Most Pakistanis missed a newspaper advertisement over the weekend that indicates that Pakistan’s elected rulers have no qualms conducting deals away from public scrutiny worth billions—even when there are public complaints about it.

Saffron Media: India’s TV Channels Helped Hindu Extremists Physically Attack Arundhati Roy

A prominent Indian journalist and rights advocate accuses Indian media of calling Roy a ‘traitor’ and sending outdoor broadcasting vans to Roy’s residence ahead of the Hindu mob, thereby becoming an accessory to a criminal attack.

China’s President Hugs A Fallen Portuguese Cavalryman, Charms Europe

A small gesture by the Chinese president in the heart of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, won him the admiration of people throughout Europe. Mr. Hu was inspecting the guard of honor when a cavalryman of the Portuguese National Republican Guard fell of the horse. Mr. Hu left his protocol and leaped to see if the man was needed help.

Dvija Jee: How India Stopped Obama From Raising Kashmir

Once again, wily Indian officials succeed in stopping Mr. Obama from raising the Kashmir dispute with Pakistan. But how did they do it? Here is a sarcastic and satirical take from our own resident expert on Indian affairs: Dvija Jee.