Indian Genocide In Kashmir, In Pictures

Posted by Web Editor on Nov 6th, 2010

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If this can’t break your heart, then you’re an Indian politician or an Indian general, or one of hundreds of Indian journalists in the mainstream media who self-censor news about the genocide underway in Kashmir by their country’s armed forces, more than 700,000 of them concentrated in a small piece of land. And yet see the courage of an unarmed people who fight everyday this conspiracy of silence. Their actions shake the foundations of the Indian government in New Delhi every day. 



These underage innocent boys were killed by Indians during peaceful protests this summer by the entire Kashmiri population. 
Did you hear or see any NGO working for child protection raise these forgotten deaths? Don’t our children count?



Baramulla, Indian-occupied Kashmir | mourners carry the body of nine-year-old Tariq Ahmed


Can you imagine these kids being involved in ‘terrorism’?

Do our children have human rights? Where are they? 


Women are worst hit in Kashmir. Up to 800,000 Indian soldiers have verbal orders to rape as a weapon of war.
Today, Kashmir is the world’s biggest case of state-sponsored rapes by an organized military.


So many cowards after a single journalist.

Where are the defenders of freedom of speech?


The benevolent Indian democracy, touted as the world’s largest, seen here in action here.


 Indian paramilitary soldiers beat a Kashmiri civilian during a protest in Srinagar, India, Wednesday, June 30, 2010. Authorities brought new areas under curfew in the Indian portion of Kashmir on Wednesday to control the worst street violence in a year, triggered by the killing of 11 people allegedly by government forces over the past two weeks. (AP Photo)


LOYALTY THAT CAN’T BE BOUGHT: Kashmiri women risk their lives carrying Pakistan’s flag in front of Indian occupation soldiers.



A young Kashmiri woman brutalized by Indians for participating in a peaceful protest against the occupation.


Mass murder of Kashmiris by the Indian army. Mass graves similar to those in Saddam's Iraq and Milosevic's Bosnia are discovered regularly by locals in different parts of Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Beating and brutalizing unarmed Kashmiris is a tactic meant to instill fear in them so they won't come out and challenge Indian occupation soldiers.

Indian terror in Kashmir hidden from the world's eye by a carefully-constructed image of India as an ideal democracy.

Indian terror in Kashmir hidden from the world's eye by a carefully-constructed image of India as an ideal democracy.

Indian soldiers first kill protesting Kashmiris and then prevent their relatives from joining their funerals. An old tactic used by Indian occupation soldiers in Kashmir.

Indian soldiers first kill protesting Kashmiris and then prevent their relatives from joining their funerals. An old tactic used by Indian occupation soldiers in Kashmir. Policemen detain a Kashmiri, who is allegedly not a protestor but strayed out in the streets, during a protest in Srinagar, India, Tuesday, June 24, 2008. Police said hundreds of Kashmiris held anti-India demonstrations, protesting the killing of one local resident in police firing and the allotment of forest land to a Hindu shrine in the Indian portion of Kashmir. (AP Photo/Dar Yasin)


2009: A young innocent Kashmiri student, aged 22, shot dead at point blank range by the draconian Indian Central Reserve Police Force.

2009: A young innocent Kashmiri student, aged 22, shot dead at point blank range by the draconian Indian Central Reserve Police Force.

 The voice of Indian occupied Kashmir ... Indian rulers and those who abet them will be held accountable for their crimes against humanity in Kashmir over six decades. The conflict has created revenge in the hearts of millions in Kashmir and Pakistan. This genie India can't suppress.

Every peace loving citizen of the world should forward this page, highlight it on campuses, rights demos and writings.

Don’t let the voice of the brave people of Kashmir go silent.


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12 Responses for “Indian Genocide In Kashmir, In Pictures”

  1. ALi says:

    Kashmir Baney ga Pakistan InshaAllah.
    we are waiting the time when Gazwa-e-hind will come and Pakistan will putt its flag over the Dehli fort. InshaAllah

  2. John Bijou says:

    these images and others like it in many other parts of the world eg Palestine, chechniya etc and Kashmir are forever burnt into our retinas and long term memories !!

    There will be a day or reckoning by God !!! Someone will pay for these atrocities ….we’ll make sure of it !!!

  3. Sarhandi says:

    No one is Super Power over Muslims. What though is Super Power over Muslims is the Traitor element within each and every Muslim Country. Muslims are about 1/5th of World’s population they own 50% of World’s wealth and yet the 4 million Jew occupiers of Palestine earn 3 times more then 1.5 billion Muslims earn per anum. Why ? Because the traitors in Muslim Countries, keep their money in Jews’ Banks, They give miltary basses to Kafirs in their countries and they allow kafirs to wage war on Muslim Countires from their lands. All because, apart from two or three conties, have leadership which feels one with the Kufar then the countires they rule. Lanet on them and on the parents who gave them birth.
    Until we rise up and remove this fiolth from amongest ourselves we not free Kashmir, Palestine,Chichnya, Daghistan,Tataristan , Crimea etc etc.

    • Tariq says:

      yes agree, its a question of understanding the problem correctly.
      Its a question of why does this happen ? with what are we judging ?
      When you judge with western way of life, this dictates selfish benefit, no absolute truths, darwinism, survival of the fittest, that is why injustice occurs.
      True some individuals are not like this, but they will always be drowned out by the system. Iraq is proof.

      When you realise the wests global setup is a pyramid system,with them at the top, ruling according to this benefit, then you realise why.

      However, when we realise Islamic System, then you realise justice is only a case of uniting under the banner of la illah ha illallah in all aspects of life, personal worship, as well as collective systems.

  4. Tariq says:

    2 Billion muslims with oil and resources, and cow worshippers do this to our children ?

    All our media should have this relentless jihad, it should be on the table before anything else. The west only listen to benefit, we will make it their benefit when we unify muslims under Islam, and prevent their economic compass form wrecking muslim lives.

    I told you India was a terrorist State, sponsored by their zionist-western criminals.
    The Islamic Khaleefah will never stand by and let this go unoticed. He will liberate Kashmiri people from this and allow the muslims independence from Hindustan, and re-unify them.

    No amount of pictures and truth will ever change the evil hindustan occupation on its own, the solution to this is Islamic military, economic and media force.

    If you want to help Kashmir and Palestine, and all Muslims, establish and work with Khilafah, ultimately you know its the answer so why wait ?

  5. Fayyaz Shah says:

    Ask Murdock and the Gang they are the only subcontractors of information including Media, The Indian Media has a been successfully blinded as all attention is on Bollywood which is an extension of the Jewish dominant Hollywood, the rest is Rock and Roll Democracy. If I were the UN Secretary General I would have declared India the Largest Hippocracy on Earth.

  6. Abbasi says:

    Why our ”Free and Fair’ media do not print this material. Perhaps it would wake up the otherwise blind Fat-Cats alias politicians. There is a limit to everything and that includes ignorance.

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  8. Umar says:

    Kashmir cause was more hurt by Musharraf who you love a lot. What’s your take on this?

    • Thanks Umar. I don’t ‘love’ Musharraf. I supported his government because people like me were hoping and working toward seeing him do good things. While he was in power, I wrote in newspaper columns and said several times on my TV show on the state-run channel that my support and that of young Pakistanis for Mr. Musharraf was not a personality cult. It is about Pakistan and who can do good for the homeland. He failed miserably in doing that and wasted precious nine years of our nation’s time.

      I recognize that his Kashmir policy, starting in 2004, was a blunder. I used to say that openly on the state channel and write it in my newspaper columns. I do give him the credit that not once did he or members of the goverment try to stop me from criticizing his Kashmir policy thrust.

      I should also say thank God Mr. Musharraf’s backchannel diplomacy with India over Kashmir didn’t succeed. The Indians were taking him for a ride just as they did with Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif before him.

      Pakistan needs to stick to the basic right of the Kashmiris to self-determination under UNSC resolutions. Period. Even if it takes a 100 years, India will leave Kashmir. We just need to stand out ground and not go for half measures.

      • Fayyaz Shah says:

        Its always the hope for the Greater Pakistan that everybody promises which makes us think maybe this is the right one, Mush came in with a promise to bring change but the seat of Power as usual took him beyond cloud nine (the sub acha cloud). I guess we are only left with hope………….and that is the 3rd Party the rest of Pakistan!!

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