‘New’ Muslim League: 21 Gun Salute To Pakistan’s Old And Tired Politicians

Posted by Harriss Khan on Nov 2nd, 2010

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  • The old lot uniting again to produce the sequel to the same flop movie which they have been producing since day one
  • Out of 180 million Pakistanis, 25 are playing musical chairs with this great nation


All of them deserve 21 gun salutes for being in their late 60s and 70s with hardly any level of energy left in them but still obsessed with the self-exaggerated notion that they are the only ones who can lead this brave nation out of crises.


HARRISS KHAN | Tuesday | 2 November 2010


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Leadership has to be a blend of mental stamina and zeal. If we search for leaders from history who led their people out of despondency and into glory, one striking commonality to all of them is that they were passionate about their causes and mature enough to transform them into reality.

Adolf Hitler says, ‘There are two types of people in politics: political philosophers and practical politicians. Former the marathon runners of history and latter the brow of a dying hero.”

Millions of Pakistanis saw old, dejected, time-tested and failed politicians or ‘leaders’ a few days ago trying to create yet another Muslim League named, Muttahida Muslim League, MML, under the chairmanship of Syed Ali Mardan Shah, known as Pir Sahib Pagara. Not surprisingly they repeated the same rhetoric as they have been doing throughout their lives, namely, ‘Let’s join hands to steer Pakistan out of crises and bring prosperity to our motherland.’

If one does the anatomy of each one of the upbeat leading members of MML, a horrifying conclusion pops up. And that is: They’re all in to save their political careers. It’s a marriage of convenience.

They all have been clinging to prominent posts in Pakistan throughout our 63 years of Independence and hardly have they come up with anything workable in the fields of domestic politics, economy, foreign and defense policy.

All of them deserve 21 gun salutes for being in their late 60s and 70s with hardly any level of energy left in them but still having the obsession with the self-exaggerated notion that they are the only ones who can lead this brave nation out of crises. Reading their minds, I can’t help but compare them to former U.S president Ronald Reagan. When Reagan became the president at the age of 71, he said, ‘Life starts after 70.’  But we know what Reagan did to the US.

One wonders who is responsible for the mess we are in at this critical juncture of time. If not them, then who? The youth of Pakistan, which comprises 70% of the population, is bewildered as there is no one to answer the aforementioned question. They see this League as the old lot uniting again to produce the sequel to the same flop movie which they have been producing since day one.

If these prominent figures were so serious about Pakistan then they should have unleashed some new faces [not their sons and daughters, please] and said, “Here are some of the new guns who would be leading from the front, and we would support them with our experience.”

It’s so strange that out of 180 million people we come across only 25 politicians who play musical chairs with one another and befool the ordinary people like us again and again. Why?

We see them every day, sitting with some ‘TV pseudo intellectuals’, where they utter such disjointed thoughts that one can hardly hold back laughter.

Are we short of upright, inspiring and level-head-over-the-shoulder type of lot?  Or such compatriots of ours have given up? Sigh!

To sum it up, Pakistani nationalists have to come forward to apply breaks to this lot that enters into marriages of convenience when it suits them and parts ways when their pity personal interests collide.

Pakistan Paindabad.


Mr. Harriss Ali Khan is a columnist for He hails from Nowshera, Khyber-Pukhtoonkuwa Province. See his biography on the right sidebar of this page. Reach him at

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7 Responses for “‘New’ Muslim League: 21 Gun Salute To Pakistan’s Old And Tired Politicians”

  1. shahab mazhar qureshi says:

    Leaders for 21 gun salute.
    They have not done it in a day , look at the efforts they put in. They have given us
    a system that lets them survive. Messed up with the election system that makes
    them win. Hired goons in the govt to provide rigging facilities. Put in efforts
    to keep education in a mess. Taken over industries and agriculture to control so that
    we eat bare minimum. Tax the common man to misery . They have agencies , police
    and a lot to beat up the comman man if he complains. They have in connivance
    hired america to send drones after our citizens. The lot sitting in the govt are their
    brothers in crime and need to be treated with the lot . Only Remedy is for the
    young generation to move forward and provide street justice to the culprits, and their
    associates in army judiciary civilian govt officials that help the lot.. The so called
    new judicial system has not grown to provide relief inspite of best national efforts..
    Revolution is the only way out for this nation.

  2. Sarhandi says:

    To be honest most of their elders were not even in the True Muslim league which disintigrated soon after 1947. But then Pakistani people can not expect change without a French Revolution type Revolution.

  3. abdulazizansari says:

    These ore the one, each and every one of them who utilized their efforts and potential to create present national chaos. These are brazen heart goons, who toiled only to make sure that nation remains ignorant of present day necessities like Education, Industry, Jobs. so as to remain unaware of loot of their class, and their hierarchical rule over masses..
    They did everything to bring down national infrastructure just for smooth and unobstructed sailing of their nefarious ends. They deserved to be tied down to tanks and be dragged on the streets as history had seen in Iraq with King Faisal, Noori AsSaeed and Prince Abdullah on 14th July 1958. Some of these old timers might have been sincere and not as corrupted as rest, but for sure the were on the wrong side and and collaborated with all time corrupt for their petty gains. The best our young generation can do is simply to ignore their and their clan’s existence. These power hungry people live on publicity, If nation ignore their existence it, itself would make them contemplating death.
    Best is that our youth do not waste their energy giving a damn thought of reprisal or punishment, and use their potential on education and acquiring talents to help themselves and the Nation. We all wait for potential leadership which was suppressed by these crooks.

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  5. Tariq says:

    Who is responsible ? well its no so much who, more like whos values ?
    If you talk to these old fogies, they are all the same, they have a colonial mentality, an inferiority complex with the british ( and US), and hence jump to work with them as puppets blowing their own trumpets. They have no clue who the real enemy is, and less still how the world works. They cannot see past their own brown noses. They only represent themselves, did they ever do otherwise ?
    ** This failed system will never be workable, as it is the control-system of the enemy . **
    We need to rid ourselves of the western client system, and replace it with islamic Systems.
    For Pakistan we would immediately close all US bases, kick out all US military and private army, and we would leave the UN and world kufr banking system. We would deploy nukes to aim at enemies. The thousands of skilled muslims globally would volunteer to work with State, and we would cooperate with the new emerging powers like Brazil and China on our own terms, and work for re-unification of Muslim lands.
    Within 10 years inshallah pakistan would be transformed. The system would fit the peoples values, and would produce next generation of dynamic Islamic people

  6. Abbasi says:

    Just a month before the next ‘Elections’ all the presently known politican and the ones who might be ambitious in future politics, should be dumped on an isolated island and forgotten, for a period of one month. It would be the test of their wisdom to survive.
    Any loud-mouth who failed to manage his survival, would not be worthy to lead the nation and would be a national liability no more!
    At least the remaining few ninkumpoofs would than appreciate the value of their golden cage and life of luxury – in comparison to the ground realities.

  7. Shuja R. Khan says:


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