Where Are The Leaders?

Posted by Harriss Khan on Oct 18th, 2010

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Discredited. Uninspiring. Unreliable.


By HARRISS KHAN | Monday, 18 October 2010 | The News International


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—“My countrymen, Pakistan is passing through tumultuous times and we as a nation have to columnist Harriss Khanrifice”. This sentence was the starter of late Gen. Zia’s speech which I used to listen to when I was a kid during late 1980s. Then I grew up and saw the same rhetoric being uttered by our young Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and then by the not-so-innocent Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. When I entered university to enjoy the rush of adrenaline (for all the stories I heard about university life), I would see Gen. Musharraff uttering the same rhetoric.

That sentence lingers on very much in 2010.

If you do extensive historical readings about Pakistan and travel every inch of it, you can reach a fair conclusion that there is a ‘hand of God’ in the affairs of Pakistan. These so-called established leaders have always made us afraid of the grave situation we are confronted with by using the aforementioned sentence in the opening of their speech. 180 million Pakistanis resolve is time tested and their endurance is guaranteed. We were down under in 1971 when East-Pakistan was plucked from Jinnah’s envisioned Pakistan, remember Russian treaty with India in august 1971 emboldened Indra Gandhi to attack Pakistan openly in November 1971 and then the end is a known fact to all of us. The same bleeding and weak Pakistan went for all out support in late 70’s, when even western support was not in sight, to their Afghan brethren and made Russia bleed profusely. Resultantly Russian empire diminished from the world map and we took our revenge from at least one party which was involved in dismantling Pakistan back in 1971, the other can enjoy the breathing space for the time being.

During the same conflict in 1980s we became a nuclear power. The musical chair of democratic governments and the Pressler amendment by the US Congress kept Pakistan under pressure but Pakistan went on undeterred. Pakistan took out its crowned jewels from the basement in 1998 and fired its indigenous Ghauri missile in the sky and later exploded its nuclear devices at Chaghi under the cloud of an imminent threat of aggression and daunting external aggression of India. The resolve of the people continued to grow stronger. Gen. Musharraff era is very fresh in our minds and we solely know how his policies suffered a total miscarriage. The last leg of this epoch included the deadly wave of terror blasts in 2007-9 with bombs going off almost in all the cities of Pakistan, the Swat operation and later the Waziristan operation. Then came in the historical floods.

During all these times there was not a moment when our president or prime minister gave a statement in print or electronic media telling Pakistanis the following:

“I, as the leader of Pakistan, will deliver and stand firm on strong foundations. I will see beyond my nose and would steer the nation out of this rough patch. My countrymen, I know about your invaluable resolve and faith which in the end will be the factor on which I would count on. Insha ALLAH we will surmount this crisis. Pakistan Paindabad.”

Frankly, if you listen to Pakistani politicians, they will try to convince you that Pakistan has been in ICU since 1947. This is not true. They have always told us we are passing through a crucial phase and that superpowers can’t ignore Pakistan due to its strategic position. Next you know, Pakistan faces foreign interference in our internal and external matters.

This is the excuse our leaders use to save their skin and cover their own short comings, i.e. their inability to deliver in demanding times.

For us Pakistanis, it is our enduring faith that Pakistan is here to stay. It is going nowhere but forward, Insha ALLAH. We shall refute and debunk the writings and speeches of self-styled ‘Pakistan experts’, local and foreign, who spread confusion on Pakistan’s future.

Today, I resolve that, by my actions and deeds, I will work to help our decision makers identify the best that is in the interest of our homeland.


Mr. Harriss Ali Khan is a columnist for He hails from Nowshera, Khyber-Pukhtoonkuwa Province. As a young Pakistani leader, he recently returned from an official tour of the NATO headquarters in Brussels. He holds a Masters in Business Administration. In 2007, seeing the tumultuous times the nation was going through, he decided to work through the media to raise the voice for Pakistan. Currently, he is a television journalist for Khyber News TV, Islamabad. Reach him at


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1 Response for “Where Are The Leaders?”

  1. Tariq says:

    This is a passionate speech, but it is missing the vital root of the issue.
    We have to ask, how did we accept to produce such treacherous leadership ?
    How did we come to follow foreign agenda ?

    The answer is the system setup itself is at fault, we have been duped into accepting so called democracy that is inherrantly rigged to elect nasty dynasties.
    Secondly we have complied with the western foreign policy and international setup which is also rigged in favour of the zionist west.

    To make matters worse these rulers partner with foreign nations to exploit the people.
    They get away with cheating the peoples trust, by carefully adopting some outward (fake) signs of sincerity. And then when the people have been conned, they will resume.

    Another reason is the zionist-west actually singles out targetting muslims and Islam.
    If a true sincere pakistani did somehow come to power, that person is regime changed.
    They acheive this through the puppets implementing the western policy of exploitation and containment.. The western structural institutions world bank, un etc are used to make these rules.

    The only way to break free of this evil system is to establish Islamic system, and islamic ruling, after all sovereignty belongs to Allah(swt)

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