Did President Zardari Approve Increased Drone Attacks In The Last Strategic Dialogue?

Posted by Harriss Khan on Oct 22nd, 2010

Did President Zardari Approve Increased Drone Attacks In The Last Strategic Dialogue?

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Was the green light given to CIA during the last round? Can our Foreign Minister Qureshi tell us if President Zardari gave the green light for CIA to kill innocent Paksitanis? Who in Islamabad is responsible for the deaths of innocent and patriotic Pakistanis in our tribal belt?


BY HARRISS KHAN | Thursday, 21 October 2010.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The Pakistani delegation headed by our very own foreign minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Hussain Qureshi is in session with the U.S delegation in Washington for the third round of the strategic dialogue, headed by secretary of state Hillary Rodham. The word strategic is enthralling but the moment a sane person comes to know about the outcome of these US-PAK strategic dialogues they instantly say, ‘It’s just a discourse between U.S and Pakistan for no better outcome.’

The recently published book, Obama’s Wars, is full of taunts against Pakistan, portraying it as a tainted ally. Not to mention a report by a Washington think tank accusing Pakistan of diverting flood money to its nuclear program. And the Obama administration report to Congress stating Pakistan is not doing enough against Al-Qaeda and Taliban. All of this leaves a bad taste in the mouth just before starting a strategic dialogue and clearly shows that U.S is pressurizing Pakistan by this rhetoric and storming up a public perception that Pakistan is the reason why America is losing Afghanistan.

Will our very own foreign minister ever tell us what Pakistan got out of this strategic dialogue? What Pakistan gained and lost? 

These are million-dollar questions in the minds of 180 million people of Pakistan thrown at out rulers but with no answers in the offing. After the second round of strategic talks in Islamabad, the suppressed and sandwiched Pakistanis saw increased drone attacks. Did the U.S get a go-ahead during that round of talks? Or is Bob Woodward right when he states in his book that President Zardari told a former CIA director, “Collateral damage worries you Americans. It does not worry me”?

Who will clear this haze and let the nation know about the man who is responsible for deaths of the innocent and patriot people of FATA?

Our sovereignty is challenged almost every day. Back in 2008 at Gora Pai in the Mohmand tribal region of Pakistan, 11 soldiers of Pakistan Army lost their lives due to coalition forces’ indiscriminate firing. Later, American officials called it a “regrettable incident.” Our government did nothing in retaliation. Late last month NATO helicopters crossed in Kurram Agency and killed three of our soldiers again and this time came a befitting response from Pakistan fully endorsed by the ordinary public to choke ISAF supply lines. At this critical juncture, the whole nation is asking one question: Why are the US and ISAF forces killing its own ally? Will this grave issue be taken up in the ongoing strategic dialogue?

Afghanistan has become a quagmire for the US and its allies and just for face-saving Pakistan is being pulled in slowly to be blamed for the failures in Afghanistan. One must remember the days when U.S forces were badly hurt in Vietnam and “operation creep” was launched to bomb Laos and Cambodia to shift the blame on them.

Pakistan foreign policy experts have very few moves left on the chess board of “strategic dialogue.”


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4 Responses for “Did President Zardari Approve Increased Drone Attacks In The Last Strategic Dialogue?”

  1. Aleem Qureshi says:

    Only a fool would believe that Zardari did not accept, approve or even propose increase in drone attacks to his benefactor (US establishment). This is an absolute fact that he is friend of himself and no one else, be it the country itself, its armed forces, its judiciary, its media or its people. Through his actions (not words, announcements, or claims in black & white) he has publicly and flagrantly proved that he is the ENEMY of the Pakistani People (98% of whom are those below the subsistence level, poors, lower middle-class and the middle class). By looking at the people around him (his company of convicts, criminals, crooks, cheaters, conspirators, counterfeitors, shameless liars and opportunists ) even a lay man has no difficulty in recognising his real identity. People mostly wonder to the extent of dis-belief at mum-keeping of our army chief, particularly in stances when the very sovereignty of our country is openly violated by the American Drones and Nato forces.

  2. Proud Pakistani says:

    @Kashif May I ask you what the bloody army is doing? Isn’t it their constitutional and moral obligation to protect Pakistan from all enemies whether foreign or domestic? The beleaguered people of Pakistan are paying through hard earned money to feed and clothe our soldiers and they can’t even shoot down a crappy drone? This parliament is a fake one delivered to us through the NRO brokered none other than our men in uniform. The real strings are being pulled from the GHQ. If you see Blackwater swarming the streets of Pakistan and causing mayhem with their false flag suicide bombings, then it’s due to a clandestine agreement with our military establishment. Both our so-called democrats and the establishment are in cahoots with each other. It’s us, the ordinary mortals who have developed a habit of looking stupid. The day the people of Pakistan come out on to the streets in protest against drone attacks in the shape of a long march, I tell you, no power on earth can stop from taking destiny from our hands. But that’s just wishful thinking. Nobody gives a damn about drone attacks. Fear the day when these drone attacks extend their sphere of attacks into Bharia Town, DHA and the likes.

  3. Abbasi says:

    Any increase in Drone attacks need no permission of the President, as it would not make any difference either way if he permits these attacks or not. The Yankees enjoy full support of the (PPP) i.e. Petty Paid Puppits. Perhaps these clowns do not even inform as to what is happening inside the Pakistan borders.

  4. Kashif Jafri says:

    What our Parliament is doing,if we switch on television there is pathetic conversation going on every news channel about democracy. As per NY Times average wealth of members of Parliament is 800m US $. They are looting & each member is protector of other. We are facing severe foreign debt situation which is now climbing up to 56bnUS$ from 40bn US $ Feb,2008. We are depending on US we are begging world to help us but our leadership including opposition parties are not participating in restructuring of Pakistan Economy. As we will depend on foreign ad / grant / donations more Drone attacks will be on Pakistan.

    Our media is also part of conspiracy theory , when ever drone attack killed innocent Pakistanis they break news like this ” US Drone attack on _____ area killed ____ terrorist”.How they become know that every killed man or woman in drone attack is terrorist.

    In short we are loosing our credibility / respect / honor and we are very apologies with our next generation that we had chosen these corrupt politicians for PAKISTAN.

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