Pakistanis Are Tough, Win Gold Medal In Tough Military Patrolling

Posted by Web Editor on Oct 19th, 2010

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At an event organized by the British Army for world militaries to compete in toughness, with 750 soldiers participating worldwide, Pakistani soldiers bagged the Gold Medal for being the toughest soldiers capable of patrolling in the most difficult conditions.

During the marches, the teams had to complete challenges including observation and reconnaissance of enemy forces, cold-river crossings in full kit without access to boats, first-aid and defensive shooting under attack.

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36 Responses for “Pakistanis Are Tough, Win Gold Medal In Tough Military Patrolling”

  1. Awais Saeed says:

    We are really proud of our Pakistani Army. We have the most talented army. May Allah keep their courage always high. Zindabad

  2. naveed says:

    i realy proud on this activity of pak army

  3. anjum dar says:

    Yeh Ghazi yeh tairay purasrar bundaiy
    Jinhain too nay bakhsha hai zauq-e-khudaee
    Do neem in kee thoker say sehra o durya
    Simat ker paharr in kee haibut say raee !

  4. Vickorpio says:

    Men at their Best (Pak Army)

  5. Waqar says:

    Two Thumbs Up to Pak Army

  6. Akram says:

    Ho Halka-e-Yaran tu Baresham ki terhan nerm
    Razm-e-Haq-o-batil ho tu FOLAAD ha, Momin

  7. sadaf manal says:

    I love u pakistan army……I salute u twice
    pak army zindabad

  8. Anwar Rahim says:

    It is heartening to see Pakistan Army in their professional pursuits in a befiiting way. Weldone, keep it up.

  9. Tariq says:

    pakistan army have proved that they are toughest soldiers for their own pakistani people.

  10. Aisha says:

    well done, really feel proud.

  11. Dawoodi Morkas says:

    These are the men in uniform who make great strides world wide.
    These Pakistani Soldiers.
    Same is the case with every Pakistani citizen.
    Only they do this out of thier country.
    In their own country they are lazy bunch of rotten flesh.

  12. RAMZAN says:

    well done…Pakistan Zindabad

  13. Major S Naveed abbas (Retd) says:

    We pray from our heart that our forces always have highest spirits with Allah’s Blessing.
    We all Pakistanis are proud of you. Pakistan Army Zindabad.

  14. Arshad Khan says:

    Well Done.

    Allah ho Akbar

    Pakistan Zindabad

  15. lt col Talha saeed says:

    Alhamdolilah ….Today our young generation have proved their worth,earned honour and pride for themselves ,their families. Pakistan Army and above all for PAKISTAN.
    I congratulate their parents ,their instructors and the COAS for instilling professionalism and pride in his command of the armed forces.
    May Allah Almighty continue shower blessings on to our Country & Nation and give strength to our sons to bring more laurels for the Nation. Ameen

  16. AbdulQadir says:

    Brother !! you are pride of our Nation ..Well Done. !!! Pakistan Zindabad ..Pakistan Paindabad

  17. Asad Ahmed says:

    Rulers/generals (read corrupt) of Pakistan,please read this.

  18. Muhammad Akram Abbasi says:

    Well done our great Jawans. You have made us proud.

  19. Ahmed says:

    Great news for all the pakistanis. I hope these pakistani soldiers remain loyal and committed to their country, ideology and professionalism in the future too. And i pray that none of them follow the footsteps of Gen Musharraf in the upcoming future. Amen. God bless Pakistan and Pakistanis. Amen

  20. Khayyam says:

    Mashallah! This proves the Pakistan army is the best fighting force around!! Three cheers for the Paks!

  21. Brig khalid rashid lodhi(Retd) says:

    Hats off to our great sons for bringing good name and respect to the Country as well as Pakistan Army.Allah bless you the younger generation you have lot of potential.We are proud of you.Hard work perseverence and professional competence always pays off.,Very well done ,keep it up and bring more laurels to Country,Army as well as your families

  22. Arif Ghaffar says:

    Pakistan Army recruits and trains only the best of the best. The award is a testimony to their aquired skills and professional expertise. May they hold their ground, and rise to even graeter glories. Aameen.
    Well done Pakistan Army. You have done us proud. Long live Pakistan!

  23. amir aleem says:

    Pakistan Zindabad…Well Done mates …we are once again humbled by our valiant SONS….

  24. Col. R A Shiraz says:

    Batil say dabne walay aey aasman nahin hum
    sau bar kar chuka hai tu imtehan hamara
    Allama Iqbal

  25. Rashid Mahmood says:

    Alhamdolillah.. they are best……..MUBARAK HO PAKISTANI SOLDIERS >>> but we others also have to be better in other fields………………only we need to put system and LAW and Order..!………whats Indian’s number in this competition.?

    ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ P A K I S T A N Z I N D A B A A D ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

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  27. Tariq says:

    Today the british announced defense cuts, and a former uk military planner commented , yes the defense of the air space is not only from foreign air attacks, but also immigrants on planes entering the uk.
    He would also have added dr zakir naik barred form entering uk, cyber attacks, drugs, etc

    Compare that to Gen Kayani who has looked the other way whilst hundreds of US private army bombers were simply waved through pakistani airports, aka blackwater / Xe services.
    Does this deserve a gold medal ?

  28. hasan qureshi says:

    Alhamdolillah, another achievement proving the Pakistan Army’s World leading training and the grit, determination and professionalism displayed by our men, from officer to jawan.

    We have shown our mettle by going to enemy territory and then beating them.

    Congratulations to the soldiers involved, you have made Pakistan proud.

  29. Web Editor says:

    Dear Mr. Tariq []

    Please participate constructively and offer reasonable arguments to support your viewpoint instead of hurling abuses. It doesn’t look good, it’s tasteless and it gives a wrong impression about all of us Pakistanis.

    We’ve been following your recent comments and most of them fall into this category that I just described.

    You are using a fake email address, which is also unethical. Please use your real email address, say whatever you want but please do this in a responsible language that would strengthen your case and not weaken it.

    In this particular post, please understand that the point of the report is not that we have received a medal from England. We are very critical of the policies of the British government here. The point is that Pakistan competed against several major armies — India, US, Australia, UK, Israel — and yet Pakistanis managed to beat them in a test of physical toughness. So the point is not that the medal is from England. The point is what we did. Try to see the difference and understand it.

    Please post your next comment using your real email address.


    Gulpari Nazish Mehsud
    Web Editor
    Islamabad, Pakistan.

  30. Tariq says:

    I asked you to quote me your false allegation of “hurling abuses” but you hid behind your delete button.

  31. Tariq says:

    Dear web editor, i see you still enjoying cutting out most of my comment again for no good reason, other than so your military can do no wrong ?
    … well done.
    If you really had any element of truth you would let this fake discussion debate the matter honestly, and not resort to publically slandering me, and giving me a false bad name. Kindly remove your comment if you have any respect

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