India’s New Army Chief Has China In Sight

Posted by Web Editor on Apr 7th, 2010

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India’s New Army Chief Has China In Sight


·         A variety of sex scandals, financial scams and land frauds in Indian army welcome General Singh

·         Land scams like Sukna issue await Singh n Issue of Uniformed female sex workers in India army’s Kashmir establishment set to test Singh’s nerves

·         Inability of Indian Army’s Armour and Artillery to fight in the night tops issues facing new Indian Army Chief

·         Plans to mess with China via Afghanistan appears to be on top of Singh’s war doctrine

·         General Singh finding it hard to re-unite Indian army that he did divide during cold war with General Kapoor

·         Global acknowledgment of Pak army’s capabilities to tackle challenges demoralizes new Indian Army Chief




Over the past few months, the Indian army was divided in two: half supporting former army chief Gen. Kapoor, and the other half supporting Gen. Singh, in charge of the eastern command who succeeded this month in dislodging the army chief.  Now Gen. Singh’s first task is to reunite a divided army.  But that’s not all.  This in-depth look also shows Gen. Singh comes with other interesting plans.


From Christina Palmer and Ajay Mehta

The Daily Mail of Pakistan

Tuesday, 7 April 2010.




NEW DELHI—Gen V K Singh, the senior most infantry officer of the Indian army took over as the country’s 26th Army Chief after winning the notorious ‘War of the Generals’ with General Deepak Kapoor on Thursday with a variety of spicy scandals, juicy scams, serious disciplinary, administrative as well as technical issues waiting to test his nerves, reveal the findings of a The Daily Mail investigation.

Fifty-nine-year-old Singh, who took over from arch rival Gen Deepak Kapoor, who retired from service, has become the 26th chief and will stay at the helm of the 1.13 million personnel-strong ‘night blind’ Army of India for a period exceeding two years.

General Singh, who was earlier known as the Fort Williams’ Boss as he was head of the Eastern Command, emerged victorious in the notorious War of Generals in Indian Army that he started off with his arch rival General Deepak Kapoor, a year back over certain personal and professional issues. During the War of Generals, General Singh managed to divide the Indian army top brass into two factions which subsequently resulted into the division of the entire Indian army into two camps that were know as the Kapoor camp and Singh camp. The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that the tough most task for General Singh would be re-unite the Indian army at least at the top leadership level but it appears to be an uphill task as he has souring ties with at least 5 important Corps Commanders and some even senior generals in the staff side. The Daily Mail’s finding further reveals that the top Generals that were in the Kapoor camp are still at odds with Singh and are stuck to the Kapoor’s policies and war doctrine. Highly credible sources at the Indian Army headquarters informed The Daily Mail that there was no warmth and excitement amongst the Command and Staff top brass over the arrival of General Singh at the helm of the affairs as many were of the view that General Singh had polluted the atmosphere of the institution through his dirty games during his cold war with General Kapoor. “He ensured insulting punishments for some very senior Generals who could have been punished with rather mild censures. Then he ran a campaign with own Chief General Kapoor with the help of Military Intelligence Chief General Loomba and leaked many secrets of Kapoor to press and politicians and now MI Chief General Loomba, who is his personal friend is busy in round the clock monitoring and scanning of those senior generals who were considered to be close to General Kapoor. Everybody is feeling suffocated”, said Brigadier Sharma while talking to The Daily Mail (of course the name has been changed for the safety of the source).      

The Daily Mail’s findings further reveal that General Singh’s other biggest challenge is to implement his war plans of messing with China via Afghanistan but with the current state of affairs in the direction of Indian Army’s ability to fight in the night with the night vision problems of Armour and Artillery vehicles, he is reported be to be concentrating more on intelligence operations from Afghanistan via Xinjiang province of China.

The Daily Mail’s investigations disclose that other major challenge for General Singh is going to be the elimination of night blindness from Indian army’s Armour and Artillery wings which is not possible to happen in his 2-years tenure, making him chew his butts regarding implementation of his war plans and other strategies. 

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that the most complicated task for General Singh would be to handle the issue of deployment of female sex workers in the disguise of women soldiers in held Kashmir. It remains a fact that General Kapoor’s experiment of deploying sex workers as female battalion in India controlled Kashmir last year, backfired earlier this year as many of the 172 female sex workers that were deployed in Kashmir region as a female battalion to minimize the suicide ration of the male Indian soldier who in this practice out of sexual frustration, not only started spreading sex related diseases but also went pregnant due to no concept of safe sex  amongst the soldiers of Indian Army and the Indian government, as a response to SOS from General Kapoor, purchased 1085 condom vending machines for Indian army to be installed at different units in Kashmir’s border areas. The Daily Mail’s sources say that General Singh was not in favour of this experiment of General Kapoor but now he finds himself helpless in this direction as Indian government and Indian media had already glorified this experiment, considering it to be a part of women empowerment by Indian government.  General Singh is very much perturbed by this challenge.

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that there are at least 3 land and financial scam in the Indian army that are to be taken care of by General Singh while in at least of these scams, Singh aides are reported to be deeply involved.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that Pakistan Army’s global appreciation and acknowledgment for its tremendous abilities to handle the challenges after the successful operations against militants and terrorists in Swat and Tribal areas of Pakistan has caused enough worry to General Singh.  


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