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Indian Government Pulled Own Foreign Minister’s Leg

A nexus of Indian government, military, intelligence and Hindu extremist and terror groups is violently opposed to peace in Pakistan and Kashmir

Time For Pakistan To Exit War On Terror

Already, since 9/11 Pakistan has suffered losses of over $ 43 billion. Even more critical, it has lost 3000 civilians, and 2,550 security personnel as well as over 7000 citizens injured. And no one has tallied up the costs to the environment and the social structures of the country.

Pakistan Concedes To US, Again

Pakistan Concedes To US, Again

Pakistanis received a humiliating reminder today of how weak their nuclear-armed nation has become after eight years of a debilitating and unfair partnership with the United States in Afghanistan.

In US: A Second Successful Bomb You Didn’t Hear About

America’s apologists in Pakistan and PR experts working for the US State Department and US Embassy in Islamabad are now inundating Pakistani newspapers with fake letters and planted articles spinning Mrs. Clinton’s disastrous threat of war against Pakistan. Apart from the serious question marks on US intelligence performance in the case of the Times Square terror attempt, it has been clearly established that the US government launched an orchestrated media campaign against Pakistan to exploit the incident for political and strategic gains. Here is the story of another failed car bomb, but this time a real car bomb and not the Mickey-Mouse-clock-and-firecracker version in New York City. This one was parked in front of a Mosque in Florida. Since it involves domestic American extremists and terrorists, you didn’t hear about it in the media. Or did you?

How India Ridicules Pakistan’s Water Concerns

An independent South Africa water expert who worked in New Delhi is surprised to see the Indian media systematically ridicule Pakistani water concerns. He was even more surprised to see the media in Pakistan, a country often derided for having military governments, provide full coverage to Indian views on Pakistan’s water crisis while Indians fail to show a similar magnanimity.

Ahmed Quraishi: India’s Covert War In Afghanistan

Ahmed Quraishi got the last word on Aljazeeras Inside Story to calmly mention some facts about what the ‘other India’ is doing in Afghanistan, in a show where a former director of Indian Military Intelligence and an American think-tank type from Washington spent time demonizing Pakistan. Aljazeera’s anchor Imran Jardah was neutral. He admitted the [...]

Hindu Al-Qaeda: India’s New ‘Terror Central’

Here is the hottest Indian story, neatly concealed under the well constructed –and expensive- veneer of ‘Incredible India’ advertisements on international television news channels: The rise of Asia’s new Terror Central.

CIA Drones: The Game Is Falling Apart

CIA Drones: The Game Is Falling Apart

Ever wonder why American drones attacking Pakistan from Afghanistan are operated by CIA and not the U.S. military? Because the game has reached a dead end. CIA assets and agents inside Pakistani territory, like Baitullah Mehsud, have been beaten by the Pakistani military and are on the retreat, begging for a ceasefire. Seeing its assets vanish, CIA is flying drones to eliminate tribal leaders loyal to Pakistan. Our Foreign Office has admitted for the first time that Pak-American ties are at their worst. The U.S. war against Pakistan has already been launched, without declaration.

To India From Pakistan, A Sense Of Betrayal

[This is an op-ed that Times of India solicited after the tragic attacks on Indian railway stations in Mumbai on July 11, 2007 and then declined publication]
Thanks to a few insensitive and hawkish Indian voices, the meticulous work of three years of people-to-people contacts between the two nations is in the process of being systematically [...]