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Dvija Jee: How India Stopped Obama From Raising Kashmir

Once again, wily Indian officials succeed in stopping Mr. Obama from raising the Kashmir dispute with Pakistan. But how did they do it? Here is a sarcastic and satirical take from our own resident expert on Indian affairs: Dvija Jee.

Indian Genocide In Kashmir, In Pictures

If this can’t break your heart, then you’re an Indian politician or an Indian general, or one of hundreds of Indian journalists in the mainstream media who self-censor news about the genocide underway in Kashmir by their country’s armed forces, more than 700,000 of them concentrated in a small piece of land. And yet see the courage of an unarmed people who fight everyday this conspiracy of silence. Their actions shake the foundations of the Indian government in New Delhi every day.

China Plans Fifth Nuclear Reactor For Pakistan

China Plans Fifth Nuclear Reactor For Pakistan

Ignoring unwarranted US meddling, China and Pakistan are going ahead with a fifth nuclear reactor for civilian uses in Pakistan. Discussions are underway for a breakthrough: a one-gigawatt nuclear reactor. The Sino-Pak civil nuclear cooperation will go a long way in resolving Pakistan’s acute energy shortfall, thereby helping stabilize Pakistan economically and politically.

Dvija Jee On Obama’s Visit To India

Dvija Jee joins us to provide his exclusive perspective on India’s policy options and superpower ambitions. Today, he debutes with President Obama’s visit to India.

$260 Billion Gold Mines Going For A Song, Behind Closed Doors

This is a scandal 500 times bigger than Pakistan Steel. What were the top foreign executives doing in Islamabad? Why foreign companies are being given a generous 75% share? The Supreme Court of Pakistan must intervene before the deal is sealed, although Balochistan chief minister says Pakistan’s interest will be protected.

A Defensive Pakistani Posture For US Threats, A New Study Recommends

A Defensive Pakistani Posture For US Threats, A New Study Recommends

A new study released by Project For Pakistan In 21st Century in Islamabad advises the Pakistani government and military to adopt a ‘calm and defensive’ posture in dealing with US military threats against the country. The report reveals that the United States is using two words in its approach toward Pakistan: ‘Fragmentation’ and ‘Mistrust. The cover of the study uses the expression ‘Divide Your Enemy’ to reflect Washington’s current Pakistan policy. Project Pakistan 21, as the think tank is known, is an independent policy research institute based in Islamabad.

‘New’ Muslim League: 21 Gun Salute To Pakistan’s Old And Tired Politicians

All of them deserve 21 gun salutes for being in their late 60s and 70s with hardly any level of energy left in them but still obsessed with the self-exaggerated notion that they are the only ones who can lead this brave nation out of crises. What happened to us? Can’t we produce new faces?

If Arundhati Roy Is Jailed Or Killed

A Hindu extremist political party has attacked the house of renowned Indian novelist Arundhati Roy. Her crime? Speaking up for the rights of the people of Kashmir who are facing the wrath of a million-man army. India is risking a lot by letting its extremists harass this Indian lady.

A Visit To India, A Lollypop To Pakistan

A Visit To India, A Lollypop To Pakistan

What part of ‘Kabul-Delhi-but-not-Islamabad’ that Pakistani officials don’t understand? You can visit India every quarter, Mr. Obama, but coming next door without dropping by is an insult. Period. $64 billion in Pakistanis losses, 5000 dead and a generation of Pakistani children orphaned by America’s war. Pakistani officials visiting Washington without talking about this do not represent the views of the Pakistani nation.

4500 People Worldwide Petition Obama To Intervene In Kashmir

Obama in New Delhi can say six things: Stop military action against civilians in Kashmir, withdraw soldiers from towns and villages, dismantle bunkers, watch towers and barricades, release prisoners, end shoot-at-sight orders, and restore basic rights of Kashmiris to move and assemble.

25 More Years Of Failed Pakistani Politics?

25 More Years Of Failed Pakistani Politics?

If Pakistani politicians fail to build consensus, will they agree then on the need to step aside, spare us their chaotic politics, and let the rest of us force changes into the system to allow new thinking and new faces?

Seeing Kashmir Without Indian Glasses

See this slideshow prepared by Foreign Policy magazine. It doesn’t roundly condemn Indian atrocities, not yet at least. But considering the past, it is three-steps forward for the Am-Brit media, and hopefully the beginning of a trend that might help introduce the American people to unchecked Indian atrocities.

A Pakistani Journalist’s Humiliating Experience In Washington

Why should the US government respect us when we undersell ourselves?

THE GUARDIAN: Arundhati Roy And Kashmir’s Struggle For Justice

The Guardian newspaper of Britian publishes this insightful report about Indian state terrorism in occupied Kashmir. It is probably the first report of its kind on what India is exactly doing in the occupied region. It is also a sign of how the Am-Brit media, which long shielded Indian from negative media exposure, is beginning to see through India’s Iron Curtain over Kashmir.

Indian Extremists Endangering The Life Of Arundhati Roy Over Kashmir Remarks

She is a minority Christian defending minority Kashmiris. This has infuriated Hindu zealots. But now mainstream India media is inflaming passions against her, creating an air of intimidation and fear. This is dangerous in a religious boiling pot like India. World opinion must ask India to stop the lynching cabal and hold it responsible for her safety.