India’s IT Supremacy Exposed: Indian Spy Website Still Down Two Weeks After Pakistani Attack

Posted by Web Editor on Dec 16th, 2010

India’s IT Supremacy Exposed: Indian Spy Website Still Down Two Weeks After Pakistani Attack

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India’s IT Supremacy Exposed: Indian Spy Website Still Down Two Weeks After Pakistani Attack

This is deeply embarrassing for India’s IT experts who are unable to undo the work of Pakistani hackers after so much time has lapsed. Indian intelligence agencies are also reassessing Pakistani cyber warfare capabilities which were unknown before.

SPECIAL REPORT | Thursday | 16 December 2010

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Computer experts have so far failed to untangle the web cast by a group of hackers from Pakistan on India’s premier investigating agency CBI’s internet space resulting in a ‘dead’ website which is not working even after 10 days of the cyber attack.

The hackers have made a mockery of the country’s cyber security by infiltrating into the CBI website, supposed to be one of the most secured sites. The CBI is connected to the command centre of world police organization – Interpol – 24/7.

The website of the agency which collapsed after being attacked by hackers identifying themselves as “Pakistani Cyber Army” on the night of 2 December is still not operational, causing major embarrassment to the CBI.

The Pakistani attack was in response to an unprovoked Indian cyber attack last month that targeted 40 Government of Pakistan websites. Pakistani IT experts believe the unprovoked Indian attack was the work of Indian intelligence.

Pakistan Cyber Army, a group of nationalist young Pakistanis guarding the nation's victual frontiers

Pakistan Cyber Army, a group of nationalist young Pakistanis guarding the nation's victual frontiers

The homepage of the CBI website had a message from the ‘Pakistani Cyber Army’ warning the Indian Cyber Army not to attack their websites.

The experts of the CBI and National Informatics Centre who are trying to bring back the website to normal are finding the job too complicated because of the professionalism of the Pakistani hackers.  

The experts are also looking at any possible worms or programming codes that might have infested the systems of the agency and which may make them vulnerable to being tracked by hackers again.

The Pakistani Cyber Army has also warned that it would carry out “mass defacement” of other websites if India attacked Pakistani cyber infrastructure again.

‘Evaluating Pakistani capabilities’

The quality and professionalism of the Pakistani counterattack has stunned India’s IT experts. The Pakistani attack is embarrassing for Indian IT experts. Indian programmers are renowned internationally and often sought by companies such as Google as cheap and professional labor. But they have failed to restore CBI’s website two weeks after the attack.

CBI’s own cyber security experts are reassessing Pakistani IT capabilities. Of special interest is whether CBI’s website was penetrated by hackers associated with Pakistani military or intelligence agencies, and whether the Government of Pakistan has launched an unannounced cyber monitoring program with capabilities to attack other countries. Indian officials are also interested to know if this attack signifies that Pakistan is actually developing cyber penetration capabilities that were not previously known.

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  1. Pakwarrior says:

    Shouldn’t it be the pedestal of the world’s wonder? Of how India shows off how better it is in everything than everybody else but fails miserably at the MOST SIMPLEST tasks by its people? I mean c’mon yaar what can be more moronic and unrealistic than a Indian? Oh perhaps maybe a Jew but definitely an Indian will top the list of legendary tales of moronic idiocracy….I mean just look at what these people are doing! Squandering about trying to defame Pakistanis at all cost but Allah (SWT) is a better player and He has embarrassed them from an unknown mechanism of the turning of recent events…what can be more pleasing than to see these absolute incompetent idiots running around like a bunch of headless chickens? My Pakistani brethren take heart! Believe me, the Indians are only good with making big statements but CAN NOT do anything with regards to making those statements, its like they think that because they can just think it and it will be real, not knowing that saying something and acting upon something are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. My message to the Indians *cough* sorry Indiots…stay clear of our way, we are Pakistanis and we are the most ruthless and pious warriors who have come to do a duty. If you think you can cuss at us and verbally abuse us and THINK that you have won, then you better think again, because we have ruled over you for more than a 1000 years, and we are more than willing to present that example again to the world for another 1000 years, and in that future, you will not be present.

  2. true_blue_pakistani says:

    stay away from indian IT houses. My 12 year old can do better than them.

    • Tariq says:

      I gave them a job to do once, but they were absolutely useless. Never again.
      I used chinese guy, and he really was expert and good value. Now i always try muslims first.

  3. Tariq says:

    indians might use the defacement to learn how it was done…..each time this happens they could eliminate the weak points rendering their systems stronger… but i really i dont know, am no expert perhaps this is not the case.


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