Who Funded This Somali Terrorist Wannabe? Hello Fox News?

Posted by Rizwan Rizzi Elahi on Dec 9th, 2010

Who Funded This Somali Terrorist Wannabe? Hello Fox News?

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Who Funded This Somali Terrorist Wannabe? Hello Fox News?


Al Qaeda is not the only one using kids for terror acts. Others are doing it too.


RIZWAN ‘RIZZI’ ELAHI | Wednesday | 8 December 2010 | Columnists


CALIFORNIA, US—Recently, a nineteen-year-old Somali-American was accused of having the intention to blow up a Christmas-related gathering in Portland, Oregon. Cases like this one show there are people out there who have the potential to commit such acts.

Rizwan 'Rizzi' Elahi, columnist

Rizwan 'Rizzi' Elahi, columnist

Question is: Why is it that most of these would-be terrorists or suicide bombers emerging these days are Muslim teenagers or young adults?

These individuals are sometimes trained to believe what they are doing is a true call for Jihad.  

The question is: Who is calling these kids to Jihad?

Jihad is an inner struggle to stand up for peace and what is right. Jihad is to stand up for justice, for the oppressed, for the hungry, and for the poor. Also, if a call for collective Jihad is made by people in authority, then not just one teenager but a whole wave of people will step up and nobody would be able to stop them.

However, nowadays, outside forces are using this passion for Islam for their own gains and twisted goals or evil hidden agendas.

Who are these people? They target young people, because they know these kids have the Islamic passion and can be emotionally charged up quickly. Or is it the FBI targeting young Muslims because the FBI is paranoid and wants to get kids emotionally charged to get them before they get Americans? Or may be some interest groups or governments hiring corrupted mullahs to brainwash kids to do such acts?

All of these possibilities exist but get overlooked. One thing is for sure, however. How can a kid like this 19-year-old be funded in the United States, a country where Muslims are now watched 24/7? An individual his age obviously cannot do everything by himself alone. Did anyone bring this question up? Hello Fox News? Who funds these kids?

Of course, it is easy to just blame FBI, or Mossad, or CIA but at the end of the day, outside forces like these are only effective when Muslims are vulnerable and weak. 


Mr. Elahi is a columnist for He is a Pakistani American living in California. He is the CEO of . He has a passion to contribute back to Pakistan, the homeland and the people, anyway he can. Reach him at


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3 Responses for “Who Funded This Somali Terrorist Wannabe? Hello Fox News?”

  1. asad khan says:

    Thankyou for sending me these mails, they are very informative and a job well done by Ahmed Qureshi and his team..PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.As long as we have Sons like Ahmed Qureshi who are die hard Patriots, we are in safe hands..INSHALLAH.God Bless you all.



  3. Ijaz Rana says:

    No sane person would ever deny the facts. However, the fabricated ones are difficult to digest.
    Fox News is the most biased channel in USA. We need to ask them ” who is funding them to air this kind of propaganda ? ”
    Rizwan is absolutely right is explaining the meanings of Jihad.
    Unfortunately people, who have vested & invested interests against Muslims, talk just out of context & give their own meanings & views on certain matters ALL relating to Muslims.
    Muslims should be ready to counter this kind of media trial against them.
    Journalism is a great profession & should be used impartially as such, not letting it down for self interests.
    Best Regards.

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