Afghanistan’s Jeffersonian Puppet Doll: Abdulla Abdulla

Posted by Web Editor on Nov 22nd, 2010

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He really thinks he’s the future leader and writes off Pakistan as a has-been. Can he escape the fate of other puppets: Karmal, Amin and Najibullah? A Pakistani diplomat’s account of meeting Abdullah Abdullah at an international conference in Morocco.


ZAFAR HILALY | Monday | 22 November 2010


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Enjoying Pakistan’s humiliation at the conference was Abdullah Abdullah who believes he would have been the President of Afghanistan but for a million or so votes that Karzai stole.

Attired in his four piece (matching socks) Brioni suit, Abdullah Abdullah was the toast of the conference even earning a ‘peace prize’ from the sponsors for, in their words, ‘agreeing to stand down in favor of Karzai and thereby giving a fillip to peace’.  Former Pakistani foreign minister Khursheed Kasuri, who was also present, seemed for once to have been sartorially upstaged by his former Afghan counterpart.

I was about to ask Abdullah how allowing a rigged election to proceed unchallenged was the right thing to do but then thought better of it. After all one cannot adopt politics as a profession and remain honest. And Abdullah is desperately trying to construct a political career for himself.

However, I did engage Abdullah in a conversation about how he could as ‘a private citizen’ work to improve relations with Pakistan. Abdullah took a long time to explain why he was no longer ‘a private citizen’ but rather the ‘leader of the Afghan Opposition’. As I looked at him with what must have been ill-concealed surprise, wondering when he had been so designated by the Taliban, Abdullah read my mind as he responded, ‘Of course, I am the accepted leader of the legal parliamentary opposition’. Anyway, it turned out that he had no interest in engaging with Pakistan. Pakistan, Abdullah said, ‘was now worse off than Afghanistan’ just as he had warned meaning, thereby, that in his view it was far too late for any fence-mending with Pakistan.

It is remarkable what a metamorphosis superpower patronage brings about in third world, or is it third rate leaders? Babrak Karmal, Hafizullah Amin and Najibullah became communists because their king-mentors, the Soviet leaders, were atheists. Abdullah Abdullah’s current Jeffersonian posture owes its provenance to his democracy-loving American overlords.

Let’s hope that in return for his servility he does not end up hanging upside down from a Kabul traffic-light like Najibullah. Mr. Brioni would be most upset.


Adapted from a longer op-ed by the author, titled, One More Conference, published by The News International. Mr. Hilaly is a former Ambassador of Pakistan. Reach him at


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3 Responses for “Afghanistan’s Jeffersonian Puppet Doll: Abdulla Abdulla”

  1. obaid (london) says:

    dr abdullah abdullah is the head of the opposition in afghanistan and leads the national coalition for hope and change in afghanistan. he is an established personality not only in afghanistan but internationally. his election campaign in the 2009 presidential election was historical and national. he travelled to almost parts of afghanistan and was welcomed with the overwhelming support of the people of afghanistan. the fact about the results of the presidential elections are well known to the international community and the afghan people. even after the fraud tainted elections dr abdullah supported peace in the democratic process and acted in the national interest of afghanistan. bravo dr sahib.

    as the writer of this article is a pakistani diplomat so we the afghan people fully understand teh motives of the pakistani diplomat using abusive and irresponsible words about a national leader of afghanistan. pakistanis are not happy that why dr abdullah accepted the election outcome and supported the peace process. he could have arranged demonstrations against the election results but dr abdullah knew that afghanistan is still not ready for a peacefull demonstration and it may turn violent. he strongly instructed his supporters to remain silent, peaceful and concentrate on the parliamentary elections. dr abdullah abdulah is a hero of afghanistan and pakistans role in afghanistan is an evils role.

  2. Adnan Arshad Mansoori says:

    Anwar Rahim & Others —– This is humble request to you all Muslim Members — Read the Holy Quran Para No.7, 9 & 17 along-with Certified & Authentic Ahadees of Muslim Sharif as well as Sahih Bukhari — on the subject of Stubborn Attitude of Non-Believers with Muslims & the respective Methodology to TACKLE them.

    Specially to TESTIFIED — Not to those Make Deal — who have already TESTED once.

    This is Subject to — Must Read & Understand the above cited in that particular language therein you see mostly — Your DREAMS regarding to Understand the same from all Angles.

    *Tum = The West
    *Zindagi Kay Asbaq = Lessons of Life

    *Tum Hum Muslims Ko Kiya *Zindagi Kay Asbaq Sikhlao Gay-
    Khud Pehlay Sambhal Jao Nahee Tu – Monh Kay Bul Gir — Jao Gay-
    Aaj Gur Hum Quran-o-Sunnah Ko Apna Lein – Kahien Nazar Na Aao Gay-

    Further it is STATED — as I still Remember Ahmad Rasheed & others Used to Make fun of Rtd. Gen. Hameed Gul’s STANCE which was as followed:

    “Americans & NATO are residents of Paradise of Fools — Taliban are UNITED under the Command of Mullah Omar- He will NEVER Negotiate with Americans until Last Soldier of American & NATO Leave the Territory of Afghanistan.”

    I am amazed — How much true was this Retired General namely Hameed Gul.

    *Magar Much = Crocodile
    *Mut Bahao Aansoo = Unnecessary Shedding of Tears
    *American Pittho = Ahmad Rasheed who is Declared American Presence Lover at South Asia.

    *American Pittho Mut Machao – Mazid Aur Koee FUSS-
    Maan-Lo Kay — Aakhir Mein Raih Jata Hay — Sirf SUCH-
    *Mut Bahao Aansoo – Jaisay Ro-Raha Ho — *Magar Much-

  3. Anwar Rahim says:

    I would request PakNationalists to produce an analysis concering present scenario in Afghanistan and likely scenario post likely pull out of Invading forces in Afghanistan. Please also comment on the news that Americans would pull out of Afghanistan in 1914 and after handing over the security responsibilities to Afghan National forces, would stay in Afghanistan for longer time to supervise the security concerns.


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