Dvija Jee: How India Stopped Obama From Raising Kashmir

Posted by Web Editor on Nov 7th, 2010

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How India Stopped Obama From Raising Kashmir

How India Stopped Obama From Raising Kashmir


Indian politicians, military officials, businessmen, journalists, civili society activists and even intellectuals [except one decent humanist Indian lady named Arundhati Roy] pride themselves on how they block their guests/hosts from raising the international dispute over Kashmir.

And so was the case during US President Barrack Obama’s visit. Dvija Jee and others like him stopped Mr. Obama and his high-powered delegation from raising this issue.

How India did it? Dvija Jee gives us this unique insight.


Dvija Jee is has joined as a commentator. He mocks India’s policy options and superpower ambitions in the region. His character replicates a prototype Indian politician known for using Hinduism, a religion of peace, for racist, political, territorial and religious ends. Almost all of India’s immediate neighbors are disturbed by Dvija Jee and see him as hegemonic, overbearing. Dvija Jee is a source of conflict and tension with China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. Thanks to his intransigence, Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint and thousands of innocent Kashmiri women have been raped by him as a means to stop Kashmiris from seeking an end to Indian occupation.

Dvija Jee knows he needs to mend his ways. He was thinking about it when Uncle Sam whispered to him, ‘You could be a superpower’. Since then, Dvija Jee has been flying way above his league. He knows if he left Kashmir now, hundreds of thousands of stories of state-sponsored rapes, torture and mass graves will emerge. It’ll even put Slobodan Milosevic to shame.  Who will save Dvija Jee then?


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3 Responses for “Dvija Jee: How India Stopped Obama From Raising Kashmir”

  1. Rikky Choudhary(India) says:

    LOL Indian friend,its Pakistani using Indian name thats all.
    You know what we get in return of that $10bn .
    1: Technology transfer.
    2: Our firms like ISRO is out of USA black list.
    3. We get more access to USA market and reduction on trade barrier.
    4. More USA money in Indian market and Indian money in USA market
    5 .UNSC permanent seat endorsement and one more thing USA has already introduced a bill in there parliament to support India in UNSC.
    6. World,s only superpower declare India a world power.
    7. America’s backing for India in NSG for permanent member is a sign of growing trust.

    And you know in that $10bn we are also buying Jet engine from USA that to with TOT.
    And lot more….
    But what pakistan get from USA in their decades of relationship.
    Stop writing craps,it will make you happy for some time but will not change the reality. ….Have Fun…

  2. world citizen says:

    In a way I am sorry to see AQ doing cartoon crap, he was a good political analyst. I used to like reading his articles during the Musharaff era. But since he came in touch with Zaid Hamid he has lost all his shine and ingenuity. It become very phony now he almost sounds less like the fiery journalist and more like a conspiracy theorist.

    • Thanks world citizen. I don’t do ‘cartoon crap’. I might look multi-talented by I’m not. Cartoons are not my specialty. Trust me when I tell you this is the good work of an Indian friend who lives in Mumbai, of all places. I hope he decides one day to publicly use his real name and identity. But until then, you can follow his work here.

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