Indian Soldier Walks Naked In New Delhi To Protest Indian Army Excesses

Posted by Web Editor on Oct 29th, 2010

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His government's $30 billion spent on weapons are not enough to give Indian soldier Ashok Kumar and his family social security.

His government's $30 billion spent on weapons are not enough to give Indian soldier Ashok Kumar and his family social security.


He wanted to attract enough attention to meet Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi. Unfortunate that India is spending $30 billion on hyper militarization but can’t take care of its human resource.


SPECIAL REPORT  | Friday, 29 October 2010 | The Daily Mail


NEW DELHI – He is no soldier of fortune. Ashok Kumar says he only wants what is his due. The ex-Border Security Force constable alleged that he was ill-treated by his department and was expelled on medical grounds. Kumar claims that he is fit and ready for his job.

So, on Wednesday afternoon the soldier and his young kids marched naked through the heart of the Indian capital as a mark of protest. Ashok wanted to meet Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi but the cops detained him while he was walking nude on the Rajpath.

Ashok is from Sahvada village in Nangloi area of Delhi. “We detained him as soon as we received information (…) we are interrogating him regarding the incident,” a police officer was quoted as saying by the Indian media. Ashok threatened that if he doesn’t get his job back, he would commit suicide, as he has no money left to take care of his family. His interrogation was on till late evening at the Parliament Street police station.

BSF officials refused to comment on the issue saying they didn’t have any information about Ashok’s termination from the force. “We don’t know too many details about this incident. We will investigate the matter,” said Vijay Singh, PRO BSF.

The BSF, which protests India’s borders with several countries, has been beset by scandals recently. Last year, a female-only unit raised from poor villages of the northwest and the northeast sparked a controversy when reports indicated it would be posted in Indian-occupied Kashmir to help reduce the high rate of suicide incidents in Indian Army units posted there for long tours of duty. Some Indian media reports suggested the unit was raised to provide sexual incentive to army units serving in difficult regions for extended periods of time.

India is spending $30 billion on weapons acquisitions from the United States, Russia and other countries to bolster its quest for superpower status.

Critics say the militarization drive comes at the expense of India’s poor, the largest anywhere in the world.


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11 Responses for “Indian Soldier Walks Naked In New Delhi To Protest Indian Army Excesses”

  1. M.Ali says:

    Shoaib A. Khan Pakistan does not need the people like you in this country and we are sick of your type always criticizing Pakistan, if you really want to defend India why don’t you leave this country and join the BSF this way you will have the inner satisfaction of serving India.

  2. Shoaib A Khan says:

    Salaam to All, i dont know why and what are you trying to expose through this article…….bhaai why dont we look at our own country with the shit of corruption, lawlessness, poor and dual level of education…height of inflation…and poor class and rich class differentiation……oo mere bhaai ab bus ker jao…i dont know why you guyz call your self paknationalist while you constantly overlooked the real problems of Pakistan…..i know k aap log is k baad mujh per bhi ghaddari k ilzaam lagadenge :P …. but i feel k hum sub log ghalat track per jarhe hen…… why dont we strive for the betterness of our own own own issues and problems …… i pray to ALMIGHTY ALLAH k hum sub neik musalman (molvi nhee) bun jayen aur SACHHAY RASOOL (S.A.W.W) k deen ko apni masjidon se nikaal ker apni zindgi…apne gher tk le ayen.. AAMEEN

    • Dear Shoaib,

      We are deeply focused on Pakistani issues. I think you’re new here and, as usual, talk before checking the facts. Most of our work here is focused on Pakistani domestic affairs. But some of us here are also focused on our foreign policy issues. And India’s massive militarization at $30 billion in a short time is a threat to the Indian people themselves and to us as well because we know it is directed at us.

      While focusing on our affairs, some of us also devote time to see what’s going on around us. So, my advice is: Do your bit and let us do ours.

      • Shoaib A Khan says:

        ok dear i’ll try to take your advice seriously….lekin as usual ali bhai ne mujh per ghaddari ka ilzaam to laga hi dia :P

  3. Chanmakhna says:

    India having a population of 1.15 billion doesn’t find it a crime to fire a few thousand or even a few million people to facilitate life for the rest. They are constantly applying this dogmatism on innocent Kashmiris. But the time has come where Indian soldiers are accepting Islam or repelling from this unjust murdering. Very soon Kashmir will be an independent estate.

  4. Ishfaq says:

    If the great Pakistani media instead of following Bolywood erotic glamour biz. would uncover the real truth about the largest democracy, the pathetic Pakistani elite would weep what they are envying, the “DA-MAOCK-RAY-CY”.

  5. Tariq says:

    Yes, capitalism does not worship truth, only money. Millions of muslim deaths were / are not worth a western $. So we have a choice, either you play their game better than them, despite their unfair dealing, or we play our own game ie Islamic System, a game that fits our nature,and our beliefs, and is the truth

  6. I feel sad for this family. I pray that his problems are over. The other day on CNN I saw a charity at work in India to feed hungry in India. The sadest thing that this CNN clip included was that an old man was eating ” Human Waste” lying in a rubish dump.
    Does India not see that the only thing West is intrested is to make money from selling arms. David Cameroon is no friend of India. Apart from every thing else how can he? He is a Jew and as a Jew it isnormal for vhim to belives that all non Jews are linfact animals. And same goes for the Zionist agent Obama. Kashmir is a simple problem to solve. Solve it and Pakistan and India both will prosper. We can progress and not become laughing stock of the world. I plead with Indian leadership to finish this discorde amongest us as this discorde in the past was the reason that we are in poverty while those in Europe who lived in wooden houses and ate rubbish are today living in stone houses and thowing food away. Yes it was the old India which prospered not only UK but whole of Europe.

  7. He just marched half nude,still not worst then those who committed and are committing collective suicide including innocent children sheer out of hunger,while our alleit ruling class remains unconcerned and un moved.

  8. Abbasi says:

    Does it not reflect the nudity of Indian suppression in Kashmir. So, if the Indians are naked in Kashmir, why not some one has to ring the bell in Delhi?

  9. Raja Mujtaba says:

    Still the world will not believe. Its the game of money. All powers look at Indian money and not their atrocities. David Cameroon is a point in case, Obama is on the same trail.

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