Quraishi: Only One NATO Supply Line Closed, Partial Message

Posted by Ahmed Quraishi on Oct 11th, 2010

Quraishi: Only One NATO Supply Line Closed, Partial Message

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Only a few hours after Islamabad closed NATO supplies into Afghanistan, political commentator and senior research fellow at Project For Pakistan In 21st Century, Ahmed Quraishi, explains on Russia’s RTTV how this is a partial ban and a partial message. Only one of two major crossings were closed and no one from the Pakistani government or military actually came out to say, ‘Yes, we closed the route because they killed three of our soldiers.’  The Pakistani message is clear but not total, for the time being.

1 Response for “Quraishi: Only One NATO Supply Line Closed, Partial Message”

  1. Tariq says:

    This is not a message to the US, that is a pathetic claim, It is merely a steam valve for the Pakistanis !
    How can anyone seriously think AZ types are sincere for Islam and Pakistan, they are not, they have stashed their crusader commision $ abroad, and are only ACTING for the west.

    What we have is a long line of puppets on an inside job mission to shape pakistan to the US designs. They are both in cahoots, they are both on a crusade, they will never change their spots. It is both of them partners against us. The AZ types are only the brown faces to show the people.

    What this demonstrates how the real muslim pakistanis have been duped again, these crusaders and their sidekiclk puppets walk a tighrope, trying to fool us they are onside, This pathetic little stunt does not fool me, they are, and always have been on the neo-con US side.

    Their inability to represent pakistanis, is only maquerading as incompetance, it is really a deliberate ploy to get away with it.

    o I wish AQ would stop analysing


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