19 Conditions For Reopening US Afghan Supply Line, A Popular View

Posted by Web Editor on Oct 11th, 2010

19 Conditions For Reopening US Afghan Supply Line, A Popular View

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This is an email that has been doing the rounds in the Pakistani blogosphere. It’s a well articulated indicator of the Pakistani public mood on the partial blocking of NATO supply route.


SPECIAL REPORT | Monday, 11 October 2010.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The US media is trying to make it sound like the border closure for US and NATO supplies is just because of the US attack on Pakistani soldiers. But the reality is that there is a long list of problems that have been going for a long time and the helicopter attack was just the last straw. 

Pakistan should not open the border just because the Americans apologize and promise not to repeat helicopter attacks any more. We need to make sure they give us guarantees to stop doing a long list of things that they’re doing against Pakistan. In return we allow their soldiers to escape from Afghanistan alive.

The long list goes something like this: 


  1. They need to give a timetable to get out of Afghanistan. Pakistan will never see any peace while they’re there.
  2. They need to stop arming the BLA.
  3. They need to stop arming the TTP.
  4. They need to stop the drone attacks.
  5. They need to pull out private terrorists groups like Blackwater from Pakistan.
  6. They need to rid Afghanistan of Indians.
  7. They need to stop the media demonization campaign against Pakistan.
  8. They need to stop their officials from constantly threatening Pakistan.
  9. They need to stop the suicide bombings and other terrorism in Pakistan.
  10.  They need to stop assassinations inside Pakistan and pull out their kill-teams.
  11. They need to repatriate Dr. Afia Siddiqui.
  12. They need to stop meddling in Pakistan’s internal affairs, especially politics.
  13. They need to stop trying to buy Pakistani media.
  14. They need to stop supporting NGOs working to subvert Pakistan.
  15. They need to apologize for threatening to bomb Pakistan.
  16. They need to stop spreading global fear and alarm about Pakistan.
  17. They need to stop mistreating and humiliating Pakistanis in America.
  18. They need to stop demonizing Islam.
  19. They need to pay compensation to Pakistan for the massive losses to the economy that are 10-20 times more than the money they’ve given us so far.


Once all the conditions are met then we could open the border and allow them to escape from Afghanistan.

If Pakistan’s rulers open the borders and America continues with its aggression as if it’s business as usual then the rulers, both civilian and military, will lose all credibility in the eyes of Pakistanis and the world. Even the Americans will treat them like slaves.


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1 Response for “19 Conditions For Reopening US Afghan Supply Line, A Popular View”

  1. Tariq says:

    The borders already opened, as i said in my other comment, it was only a steamvalve for pakistanis. What we need is a change to this ridiculous setup, we have been quiet for too long giving these 10% partners of the west to get away with rules that benefit the foreign crusader and holy cow follower.
    Democracy and freedom is the backdoor through which western capitalist economies
    sneak in to make a killing, that is the style of this predator, it has camoflauge, and has insider assistance. The only answer is to establish watertight sincere ruling and economic systems, and this means Islamic Systems, proof of such was in Islamic Spain.
    Any other system is doomed to fail as they will always be easily undermined and infiltrated

    I wish AQ would analyse and add the correct solution, to life, Islam. It is certainly not capitaist democracy whatever guise that takes


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