Cynthia McKinney: Haqqani Blocked Me From Sharing Info On Dr. Aafia With Pakistan Government

Posted by Ahmed Quraishi on Sep 25th, 2010

Cynthia McKinney: Haqqani Blocked Me From Sharing Info On Dr. Aafia With Pakistan Government

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 Cynthia McKinney elected to US Congress in 2004

If he can grant visas to Blackwater types, why not me? She questions


Saturday, 25 September 2010.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney says she was coming to Pakistan with information to share with the Government that could have helped avert the sentencing of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui but she was stopped by the Pakistani embassy in Washington from proceeding to Pakistan.

This was Ms. McKinney’s first reaction to reports that Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington Mr. Husain Haqqani denied her visa to Pakistan. The information is part of a wider list of allegations against Mr. Haqqani on his role in the trial of Dr. Aafia.

Here’s my brief interview with her:


QURAISHI: What is your reaction to the sentencing of Dr. Aafia?

MCKINNEY: What an incredible sentence for Dr. Aafia!  What an incredible reflection of “justice” in the United States.  The United States territory was stolen from indigenous people who were then eliminated by genocide.  Africans were stolen from their homeland and transported to the U.S. and enslaved for centuries.  Anyone who is surprised by incidents of injustice in the United States is someone who is not aware of U.S. history.

I wanted to come to Pakistan to share new information with the Pakistani Government and public that might have prevented Dr. Aafia from receiving this 86-year sentence in the United States. 


QURAISHI: Pakistani ambassador Husain Haqqani has declined to grant you a visa to Pakistan. British journalist Yvonne Ridley has reminded him in her latest column of how he’d been issuing visas to Blackwater and other DoD private security contractors over the past 2 years. What is your reaction to you being denied a visa to visit Pakistan? What did you plan to do in Pakistan?

MCKINNEY: I was both shocked and saddened by Ambassador Haqqani’s decision to deny my visa request.  I love the Pakistani people who have opened their hearts to me over the years.  Pakistani-Americans are counted among my dearest friends and supporters.  So to be denied the opportunity to visit Pakistan was extremely heart-wrenching for me. 

I have read with great interest that people whose intentions are to do Pakistan harm have been granted visas by the Pakistani Embassy in the United States; I contrast that situation with what happened to me.  I do not hold Pakistanis responsible for this disappointment and I do hope that in the future, the Pakistani government will overrule the decision of Ambassador Haqqani.  My heart remains full of warmth for Pakistanis and I will continue to press the citizens of the United States to vote for peace candidates who will implement policies of peace, both for Pakistan and the United States and for all countries around the world.


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10 Responses for “Cynthia McKinney: Haqqani Blocked Me From Sharing Info On Dr. Aafia With Pakistan Government”

  1. saleem sehgal says:

    When has Pakistani visa, ever, stopped any US Govt. to come to Pakistan? Is this a joke Ahmed Quraishi or what? And if Cynthia was really sincere and felt something for Dr. Siddiqui, who had stopped her to share her ‘truth’ to American media? Who?

    Putting blame on Haqqani or Pakistani visa, is the lamest excuse I’ve heard ever!. And I’m disappointed by someone as intelligent as Ahmed Quraishi to publish such kind of lies.

    • Hasan Nizamani says:

      Lame? ROFL, dude, do you think if the information was to make public she will personally go to Pakistan? It must be something secretive to share only with the government.

      And yes, even USA people need visa or some acceptance from the Pakistani government to visit Pakistan.

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  3. nuzhat says:

    Isn,t the disclosure comming too late, early public disclosure could have resulted in better results overall

  4. SANA HAMEED says:

    Is there anybody to tell that how much share has been got by Mr.Haqqani and Mr.Zardari from the case of Dr.Afia,same like Musharraf who earned Dollars with the killing by each citizen………………….yet indeed an unending source of income with great shame on the Pure Land..

  5. ABBASI says:

    Good old days of sanity and common sense have long gone, when children were amused by the silly displays of circus clown. In our ‘modren world, the clowns have taken over the entire show. One does not have to have either sanity or intelligence to be empowered of decisions. Furthermore, at times and for silly political reasons, any such clown has to obey the whims of other and bigger clown!

  6. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney says:

    more 9/11 scam
    the tide is turning
    expose the real criminals
    Proud of Cynthia McKinney.

  7. Aleem says:

    To me Haqqani, by virtue of his deeds and acts, does seem to me to be a sold-out agent of Blackwater/CIA. All he has been doing for the last over 2 years has been derogatory to the interest of Pakistan and Pakistanis in USA. It needs to be researched if he has any direct or indirect relationship either with ‘Mir Jafar’ or, ‘Mir Sadiq.’ A vast majority of Overseas Pakistanis in USA/Canada dislike him because of his shallow and utterly selfish mentality which has always been against the interest of Pakistan and its people. Most of Pakistani Americans consider him as anti-Pakistan. He is doing and do anything and/or everything to win American Citizenship. I would like to suggest that in line with his actions, he be known by the nick name ‘Batlani’ (from ‘Batil’) henceforth. He cannot be a ‘Haqqani’, based on the ground realities of his actions which are far, far away from being related with ‘Haq.’ ….. So Mr. ‘Batlani’…”Huay tum dost jiske dushman uska aasmaN kyouN ho?”

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  9. mohammad says:

    i do not know whether its right or wrong but have sure belief with great shame that these political minded people can do any thing for benefit of their own, they only want to fill their pockets irrespective the value of their citizens who are dying due to lot of core issues.

    please pray in front of Allah (SWT) for getting rid of these corrupt group of people and forgive us on our sins.

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