Pakistani Soldiers Inside India In 1965

Posted by Web Editor on Sep 8th, 2010

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Beset by internal and external challenges, Pakistanis marked the 45th anniversary of the 6 September 1965 war with India, which is a bright moment in Pakistani military history. In this war, India tried to invade and capture land from its smaller western neighbor. Pakistanis surprised skeptics. The war saw the largest tank battle since WWII and one of the best air-combat performances in the 20th century, with Pakistani fighter jets shaking the Soviet-built Indian air fleet. While Pakistani soldiers crossed deep inside Indian territory, they also suffered more losses as a result. China moved units from its formidable People’s Liberation Army to the border with Pakistan, in a sign that sent shivers across New Delhi. And Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Indonesia and other nations indirectly joined the war in support of Pakistan. The Americans, the longtime Pakistani allies, ditched Pakistan, as usual.