Enough US Abuse, Pak Army’s Nationalist Position Is Welcome

Posted by Web Editor on Sep 2nd, 2010

Enough US Abuse, Pak Army’s Nationalist Position Is Welcome

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… but when will we reciprocate in kind?

  • Two anti-Pakistan Danish journalists were allowed entry into Pakistan this week
  • A visiting US scholar secretly slipped into Balochistan and was deported but Husain Haqqani granted him a visa again
  • It is high time the military realized that the US is no ally but a hostile state that has need of Pakistan and its military right now


Thursday, 2 September 2010.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—After being abused willingly by the US on many occasions post-9/11 on the pretext of security, like so many other segments of the Pakistani state and its leadership, the Pakistan military finally chose to refuse such treatment henceforth – and high time too. That is why one welcomes the stance the Pakistan military delegation took when it was subjected to inappropriate behaviour by US security officials at Dulles International Airport – merely because some passenger found their conversation “suspicious”. The delegation simply cancelled its meeting with CENTCOM and returned home. Of course, the usual apologies were offered by the US Defence Department, but what use are these once Pakistanis have been insulted? Whatever the official position, Pakistanis are being singled out for abuse in the US. After all, this was an official delegation going for an official visit so where was the official protocol that we turn out every time any US official visits Pakistan?

Meanwhile, what do we do with US nationals travelling to and residing in Pakistan? We give them visas on demand and in haste; and allow them to ride roughshod over all our laws, including injuring and killing Pakistani citizens on the roads. We also provide them with extra access to bypass our normal security procedures when they travel, as witnessed by many Pakistani travellers at our airports. Were we to report every US citizen as “suspicious” at our airports, it would provide a good lesson to the Americans in terms of reciprocity – that is if our authorities would ever find the guts to take a nationalist position.

It is high time the military realised that the US is no ally but a hostile state that has need of Pakistan and especially its military right now. But to pander to US goals is debilitating for our own national security and regardless of the personal equation between our COAS and the US military leadership, there is a need to distance ourselves from the US and its increasingly questionable agenda in this region – especially the underlying nexus it has with India.

Nor is it just US citizens who are given privileges not enjoyed by Pakistanis in these countries. We have just had an official Danish delegation arrive with two journalists who were deported from Pakistan earlier for suspicious activities and were blacklisted from ever entering Pakistan again. But under pressure from the Danish government, the Pakistani authorities undermined their own laws and actions and allowed these two controversial figures to enter the country again. This is a repeat of the case of an American journalist posing as a scholar who was deported for suspicious activities in Balochistan and then given a visa to visit Pakistan again. No wonder foreigners feel they can abuse our laws and decisions at will just as their governments and nationals mistreat and abuse our nationals as they please. In this context, the military delegation’s actions must be appreciated; but what is more important is when will reciprocate in kind?

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2 Responses for “Enough US Abuse, Pak Army’s Nationalist Position Is Welcome”

  1. xeshu says:

    Quite simply, the only terrorist organization is the american government. It elgently masks its self cosmetically through religious organizations which carry out the attacks on behalf of the american foreign policy. The only wars started in the 20th and the 21st century was by this state. The only nuclear bomb explosion was done by this state. So you tell me who is the real enemy and who is the real terrorist?

    For those who say there have been countless religious wars throughout history, well lets get their facts straight: Those religious wars ARE NOTHING compared to the millions of innocent civilians died and continue to die through genocide and economic foreplay through sanctions administered and carried out by these so-called pure-and-free western governments.

  2. fakus999 says:

    this is absolutely a willingly and intentional behavioral demonstration of US official policy to continue to abuse Pakistani national regardless of their status.Salute to Pak military official for choosing not to continue.This is the time that we should audaciously and aggressively speak to American that look ‘”you American can no longer hood wink Pakistanis’by heavy made up of face with cosmetic.”American now must know that this only but dying super power is most exposed to Pakistanis than to any other nation in the world.The so called American dream is no more dream for majority of Pakistanis,America is no more regarded as a land of opportunity, a land of justice,a land of respect.They must know for their own benefit that all this envy shit of Pakistani for USA is due to their evil deeds and exposed designed against the Pakistani state and it’s people.India is our congenital enemy,USA has taken over as enemy of all enemy. There’s a total unanimity in all quarters of our society that US is a sole culprit and responsible for all the mess that we are facing today.From the American created mujahideen to al-qaeda and from Talibans to extremist terrorists presently challenging Pakistan state are all produce of USA and it’s western allies.These assertion are not based on simple imagination of USA as evil doer.They bare based on ground realities,on continued betrayal by the American.Hood winking can no more work for American interest here.Now people of Pakistan can see the heavily made up cosmetic face of America in the reflection of mirror.American ought to know that by creating Pakistani’s monster phobia in American public,the true monstrosity of USA and it’s killing of millions of human being on the pretext of home land security is one day or the other answerable and accountable to the people of America.After all each American hand is stained with the blood of millions of innocent Iraqis and Afghans and of course thousands of Pakistani as well for supporting American aggression.I can go on and on there’s no end to our genuine list of complaints against a monster under the guise of
    friend.Too much is too much,now is the time for reciprocity in kind.They must be treated in the same manner as they treat us.Because they are known globally as war adventurer,human right violator,supporter of global terrorism,an occupation force, murderer of millions of Muslims,and a threat to global peace and security.with all these traits in the blood chemistry of an extremely abnormal mental American leadership,the rest of the civilized nation are obligated to take serious note of this American abnormality.
    If not checked at the right time the prize of this negligence would be devastating for the entire civilized world.The real threat of this abnormal mental disorder is that intensity of this abnormality might lead them to use another nuclear bomb on humanity,without any provocation.

    To be continued…


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