How ODA 574 Installed Karzai, And Afghan Democracy

Posted by Ahmed Quraishi on Aug 30th, 2009

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Afghan democracy is the work of US army’s special forces unit, led by Major Jason Amerine.  This is a fake, imposed democracy.  It will not last.




Sunday, 30 August 2009.



ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The Afghan election is not about George Washington, Cromwell or the French Revolution.  It is more about Major Jason Amerine and his battle-hardened covert operations boys who introduced Hamid Karzai to the world, along with fake, warlord-backed, drug-money-financed Afghan democracy that will never work.


For the people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, whose historical emperors ruled a large swath of Central and South Asia, they would never accept a ruler installed by an occupation force.  The setup in Kabul is there as long as the Americans are in Kabul with the coalition of the unwilling, NATO.  The only other country that is keen to sustain the Afghan mess is India, for reasons that have to do with Pakistan than anything else.


Hamid Karzai was brought to power seven years ago by US special forces unit ODA 574. 


His rival, Abdullah Abdullah, is worse.  He was a smalltime PR person working for the northern alliance force, a proxy militia created by the Indians and Iranians, with Russian backing.


Maj. Amerine with Karzai and Bush.  He can tell you Karzai was installed by the US, underlining the fact that Afghanistan is a US colony and not a nation exercising its free will.


Remember the breaking news on CNN and BBC on Nov. 2, 2001 when the two Am-Brit channels aired a planted news story about a heroic Hamid Karzai entering Afghanistan with fighters from his tribe to liberate Kabul from Taliban government?


It was a drama orchestrated to legitimize the US- and UK-installed pawn in Kabul.


You can see here a private picture taken by someone from ODA 574.  It shows what Karzai was actually doing on the ground about the same time that the American and British media was glorifying Karzai’s solo attempt at ‘liberating’ Afghanistan.


On September 11, 2001, US Army’s lead special forces unit, ODA 574, was in Kazakhstan reportedly training the Kazakh army.  Three days later, its members were secretly entering Afghanistan, one month before the formal launch of the American-British invasion of Afghanistan.  ODA 574 entered Afghan territory even before the United Nations granted Washington the right to wage war in response to 9/11.


ODA 574 does not operate as part of the US military on the ground.  Its job is to infiltrate other countries, carry out sabotage and generally help break the target from the inside.  This includes assassinating political or religious leaders, destroying power plants, or sparking ethnic or sectarian clashes. 


In a way, what the unit was doing in this picture above was a dry run for all the mess introduced to the region in the following years, in Pakistan, in Iran, and in China’s Xinjiang.  Pakistanis are almost convinced that the miraculous and sudden rise of the so-called Pakistani Taliban to spread terror inside Pakistan had everything to do with support from covert elements inside Afghanistan, possibly a setup similar to ODA 574.


There is little doubt also that US-controlled Afghanistan is being used by both Americans and Indians to stir trouble in China’s Xinjiang.


Russia and Iran are paying the price for helping the Americans use their assets, the Northern Alliance, to occupy Afghanistan.  In Russia, the fronts in Ingushetia and Chechnya have suddenly warmed up recently with mysterious attacks on vital installations.  Payback time, Putin.


According to information available in the public domain, members of ODA 574 are equipped with training for unconventional warfare, special communications systems and backed by combat controllers.


The unit helped glorify Hamid Karzai, who until then was nothing more than a fixer hired by American oil interests to court the Taliban government in Kabul.  Karzai worked for Zalmay Khalilzad, who worked for people close to Dick Cheney and the Bush family, who were in bed with oil giants.


Washington used the Indian-Iranian-Russian backed Northern Alliance against Kabul. But after the occupation, Washington wanted to see its own puppet in power.  Karzai was ‘lionized’ so that he could stand up to the Northern Alliance in the negotiations to form a post-Taliban government.  Needless to say, the Am-Brit media pumped so much hot air into Karzai’s image that everyone else had to concede the presidency to America’s nominee. 


This is, of course, my version of the story.  The version of the US army is slightly different.  The US military does not deny that ODA 574 was there on the ground in Afghanistan helping Karzai.  The US military simply constructs a myth around the help extended by ODA 574 to Afghan ‘freedom fighters’ led by Hamid Karzai to topple an oppressive regime in Kabul.  The American version also defines ODA 574’s mission as that to bolster democracy in pursuance of the ideals of America’s founding fathers.  In short, the usual American foreign policy doublespeak. 


The worst part of this story is that the American people, who are a fine people, are spoon-fed government planted lies 24/7 through CNN and Fox News.  A majority of the Americans don’t know what their government and their military have done to Afghanistan, empowering thugs and drug pushers and using the occupied nation to destabilize neighboring countries. 


If Afghanistan were America’s war of independence, the government in Kabul today would be the equivalent of General George Howe of Britain defeating George Washington and appointing a British puppet as chief executive in White House.  


Conclusion:  The elections in Afghanistan were a success.  A triumph for freedom.  Ahem. 


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