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Dvija Jee: New Indian Political Science – Lesson#01

Posted by Web Editor on Nov 15th, 2010

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New Indian Political Science, Lesson#01

New Indian Political Science, Lesson#01: Shortcut To 'Superpowdom'


DVIJA JEE | Monday | 15 November 2010


While government officials in Washington and London are busy pushing India to become a certified new Anglo-Saxon ‘slave-soldier’ in Asia, political scientists at Harvard and Oxford are watching another development: the addition of a new chapter in political science. It is being written by India.

During the good old days, everyone knew that a superpower emerged, grew, blossomed and made its presence felt.  Alexander the Great challenged and usurped power. Genghis Khan conquered. So did David and Solomon, Richard the Lion Heart, the magnificent Saladin, Mohamed the Conqueror and Chairman Mao.

The last of the great conquerors, Napoleon and Hitler, used brute force. Japan and China emerged in the same basic way that powerful nations did and do throughout history.

In India’s case, it’s Politics 9.0, or Call-Center 101. A new concept in emerging national power. It goes something like this:

Spend your billions in buying rusty Russian aircraft carriers and subs, Israeli reconnaissance equipment, American sponsorship and shoulders, and airtime on CNN for ‘Incredible India’ adverts. Hide the fact that you are home to 21st century’s first two genocides [against Christians, summer 2008; tally: approx. 600 dead; and fall 2002, against Muslims, tally: 2000 burned alive]. [By the way, Sikhs these days are commemorating the 1984 genocide against Sikhs across Indian cities]. While at it, ignore that you are also home to the world’s biggest systematic gang-rape of women [in Kashmir] by an organized army.

It’s ‘Ape America’ superpower. There are film industries everywhere in the world. But only the Indians call theirs ‘Bollywood’ after America’s Hollywood.

Never mind that you have the world’s largest pool of poverty and disease waiting for those billions on weapons to come its way.

But that doesn’t matter. Let’s all sing, shake our booties and do ‘synchronized-dance’. India is a superpower, riding Am-Brit shoulders, preparing to take on China.


Dvija Jee is has joined PakNationalists.com as a commentator. He mocks India’s policy options and superpower ambitions in the region. His character replicates a prototype Indian politician known for using Hinduism, a religion of peace, for racist, political, territorial and religious ends. Almost all of India’s immediate neighbors are disturbed by Dvija Jee and see him as hegemonic, overbearing. Dvija Jee is a source of conflict and tension with China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. Thanks to his intransigence, Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint and thousands of innocent Kashmiri women have been raped by him as a means to stop Kashmiris from seeking an end to Indian occupation.

Dvija Jee knows he needs to mend his ways. He was thinking about it when Uncle Sam whispered to him, ‘You could be a superpower’. Since then, Dvija Jee has been flying way above his league. He knows if he left Kashmir now, hundreds of thousands of stories of state-sponsored rapes, torture and mass graves will emerge. It’ll even put Slobodan Milosevic to shame.  Who will save Dvija Jee then?