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Obama Ticks Off Half Of India Over Pakistan

Posted by Web Editor on Nov 6th, 2010

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Typical of its small mindset that contradicts its claims to superpower status, India made Obama’s first day of the visit about Pakistan instead of it being about India. And it flatly lost.


SPECIAL REPORT | Saturday | 6 November 2010


MUMBAI, India—As expected, India television channels had lined up commentators and correspondents for US President Barrack Obama’s speech at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, the scene of a terror attack in 2008.

Typical of the small-minded mindset of the superpower wannabe, Indian pundits were hoping against hope that Obama would ‘rip off Pakistan,’ as one retired Indian ambassador opined on one of the local channels.

For Pakistani observers, watching Indian news beams minutes before Obama’s speech, it was strange to see the Indians working themselves up over the expected Pakistan-bashing. You could almost see them rubbing their hands in delightful anticipation. “They could have shown some maturity by focusing on bilateral US-India ties if they were really treating themselves as a superpower,” commented Ahmed Quraishi, a Pakistani commentator sitting with a group of likeminded analysts at PakNationalists.com’s headquarters in Islamabad.

“By worrying too much about Pakistan, the Indians once again have shown their petty mindset that belies their claims of being a superpower focused only on the big picture,” Quraishi said.

Mr. Obama waxed eloquent about his country ‘standing together’ with India against terrorism. He went out of his way to play up the symbolism, meeting families of Indians killed during the attack and signing the visitors’ book at the hotel.

But Obama steered clear of naming Pakistan, which India blames for the attacks. Pakistan denies the charges and insists there is no evidence linking Pakistan or its government to the attacks. Pakistani analysts say the attack could be a reaction by unknown Kashmiri groups resisting India’s brutal occupation of Kashmir. India tried to implicate a major pro-Kashmir group based in Pakistan in the attack to make it difficult for Islamabad to provide moral and diplomatic support to the indigenous freedom movement in Kashmir.

It was hilarious to watch Indian TV commentators immediately after Obama’s speech. They ignored several significant lines that Obama uttered and focused on what was missing: Pakistan.

Indian TV commentators were up in arms. Not to be outdone, they were joined by Indian politicians. “It was the first address by the US President at a place (Taj Hotel) which saw the biggest terror attack on India. It was a complete disappointment. He had words which were not backed with action and intent,” said BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy.

Other commentators couldn’t believe that Obama would miss this rare opportunity to bash Pakistan when that is what the US media does day and night.

Unwittingly, the Indians made Pakistan the net winner on Obama’s first day in India.


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4 Responses for “Obama Ticks Off Half Of India Over Pakistan”

  1. neel123 says:

    India is paying back in the same coin ………….. however there will be no evidence linking India or its government to any of the attacks within Pakistan.

    In case anyone is identified, Indian position would be that those are non state actors.

    • M.ALI says:

      Obama your Sugar daddy very vocally said that Pakistan is a country with enormous Potential…he never have such a word for India..while he was just praising India in formal words..

      Now the countdown has begun of the whithering of India in itself, because Indian intelligencer has not played any role to establish any minimal ideological struggle to bind India as a nation. Most of the efforts have been spent on bashing Pakistan and Islam.

      In addition there is sue of Bollywood to carry on the same blasphemousness agenda against Muslims Heroes.

  2. Abbasi says:

    At times it is difficult to supress the truth. When the dust settled after the Bombay incident, certain foreign fingers were raised towards Mossad. Perhaps, that could be one of the reasons to shy away and disappoint the hosts.

  3. Mohammed Usama Imtiaz says:

    Not a new thing.. Indians hate to miss a chance of destabilizing Pakistan. Merely due to biased Indian and US media reports, Pakistan has already lost its image worldwide. Indians are losers!!


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