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Enduring Lessons From Pakistan’s 1965 India War

India is an enemy. United States is an untrustworthy friend. And we better not ditch Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and those who came to our help then.

Pakistani Soldiers Inside India In 1965

Pakistanis surprised skeptics. The war saw the largest tank battle since WWII and one of the best air-combat performances in the 20th century, with Pakistani fighter jets shaking the Soviet-built Indian air fleet. While Pakistani soldiers crossed deep inside Indian territory, they also suffered more losses as a result. China moved units from its formidable People’s Liberation Army to the border with Pakistan, in a sign that sent shivers across New Delhi.

Quetta Attack: The Responsibility Of Jundullah, Afghanistan And The Organizers

Quetta Attack: The Responsibility Of Jundullah, Afghanistan And The Organizers

Iran has seen attacks on Shia mosques by elements claiming to be Sunnis. But there are no Sunni sectarian groups in Iran. The terrorists who have been attacking Iranian targets are based in US-controlled Afghanistan claiming to represent Sunnis. The attacks in Quetta today and in Karachi and Lahore on Wednesday share the same origin as the attacks in Iran: they are masterminded by terrorists who hide on the border with Afghanistan and have links to foreign intelligence agencies based there.

Saudi Flood Aid To Pakistan: First, Largest, Not Politicized

With more than $120 million sent in cash, the first 3-day international telethon to raise funds, and 30 major air relief shipments to land in Pakistan in what is the largest air bridge in support of flood victims, Saudi response was better than any other nation.

Where Are Pakistan’s Millionaire Politicians?

While the world’s rich dole out money to help Pakistan’s flood victims, Pakistan’s filthy rich politicians refuse to budge. See who is paying what.