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Easy Drawings Of Animals Step By Step For Kids

Drawing animals is a skill that many kids love to practice over and over again. Drawing animals is often seen as a basic skill, which is why children are often taught how to do it at a young age. Drawing isn’t all about sketching though it’s also an opportunity for some creativity! You can draw something you think is cute or something you want to remember. Here are some easy drawings of animals step by step for kids-now let the fun begin!

Easy drawings of animals step by step for kids

1. Draw a circle for the head

2. Add an oval shape for the body

3. Draw two circles on either side of the head to make ears

4. Add one line at the bottom to make a tail and another line under that to make legs (you can use your imagination!)

5. Color in your drawing with crayons, markers, or paint!

6. Try different types of animals like cats, dogs, horses, cows, pigs…the possibilities are endless!


6 Tips for Drawing Animals for Kids

Drawing animals can be difficult, but don’t give up! To make drawing easier for kids, here are six simple tips!

– Draw your animal accurately. Be sure to draw the individual parts separately first before you combine them together.

– Experiment with different shapes and doodles so that your drawings don’t look too serious or boring

– Draw from a reference photo if possible. This is particularly helpful when it’s an unusual type of animal or if you want to capture its expression

– Try copying existing drawings of the same animal as a starting point. You will quickly become more confident in drawing this kind of thing ̵1; plus it’ll look better because they have been done professionally by someone who understands how light affects this type of image!

– Don’t get hung up on details. Many people think you have to draw every hair on a lion’s mane but this is not true

– Use the shapes and lines in the background to help form your animal, particularly if it’s one that doesn’t stand out such as an insect or reptile. This might seem a little weird, but it will help you get the shapes right.

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